Chinese developer Compare FIGHTERS AND J-15 HORNET

Chinese developer Compare FIGHTERS AND J-15 HORNET
Budding Chinese fighter J-15, which enters the Fleet Air Arm aircraft carrier «Liaoning», according to its technical features and combat abilities close to the South American F/A-18 Hornet. On this, as reported by «Xinhua», said chief designer of Chinese aircraft Shove Cong (Sun Cong). According to him, it is about such fundamental parameters as the bomb load, combat radius and maneuverability. On what specific version F/A-18 talking, Cong did not elaborate. Currently, the U.S. Navy fighters use F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.

«The plane meets the technical standards of the third generation carrier-based fighters, standing armed,» — said Cong. With all this, he noted that the aircraft to be finalized aiming radar and electronic warfare assets. In carrying out combat tasks J-15 is able to cover the area more than a thousand miles radius. According to Flightglobal, also referring to the words Cong, such combat radius will be available after the J-15 engines installed on a Chinese design.

Chinese developer Compare FIGHTERS AND J-15 HORNET

J-15 fighter aircraft made the first flight in 2009, and in November last year performed the first landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier «Liaoning». At the current time on all models of aircraft passing tests set AL-31F engines Russian production. In December 2012 the Ministry of Defense of China claimed that the aircraft have already begun to establish Chinese engines WS-10A.

According to the company Shenyang Liming, developed the WS-10A, one such engine, whose mass is 1.6 tonnes, is capable to develop a thrust of 132 kN, and its thrust is 7.5. For comparison, the AL-31F is capable of delivering a thrust of 123 kN at a mass of 1.57 tonnes. Russian thrust propulsion is 4.77 and 7.87 in the afterburner mode.

It must be emphasized that the alleged technical properties of China WS-10A is questionable. The fact is that before the Chinese companies could not make a reliable engine for jet aircraft. For this reason, the Ministry of Defense of China often buys power plants in Russia. Chinese engines usually feature low TBO and short-lived life to Polga repair.

According to one source, fighter J-15 is a copy of Russian Su-33 carrier-based, and on the other — in a revised version of a deck fighter J-11B (modified copy of the Su-27). Most aircraft takeoff weight of 33 tons is capable of speeds up to 2.7 thousand kilometers per hour and fly at a distance of 3.5 thousand kilometers. Fighter armed with 30-millimeter cannon and resettled 12 suspension points for arming total weight up to 6 tons.

F/A-18E/F fighter maximum takeoff weight of 29.9 tons is capable of speeds up to 1,9 thousand kilometers per hour and do fly a distance of up to 2.3 thousand kilometers. Aircraft combat radius is 722 km. Super Hornet is armed with 20 mm cannon and resettled 11 suspension points for weapons with a total mass of up to eight tons.

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