Christians in the UK banned the wearing crosses at work

The European Court of Human Rights will consider a ban British authorities for public wearing of crosses. The lawsuit began to complain of several women who were fired for what they refused to remove a Christian symbol at work. Many believers call it discrimination. Supporters of the ban retort: In Christianity there is no prescription to demonstrate their faith through symbols."In 16 years, I chose a Christian, and it is my belief," — says Shirley Chaplin.

Crucifix Shirley Chaplin brought to the European Court of Human Rights, where she intends to bring to justice the British government. The former nurse is trying to prove his right to wear a chain with a cross in time. The hospital, which is part of the public health system, it is forbidden to do.

"I started working as a nurse since 1987. And never took the cross. But in 2009, the authorities suddenly announced to me that I should take up the cross. I said that these are my beliefs and I'm not going to take it off. Then I was told that if I continue to wear it, I will forbid care for patients, "- says the nurse Chaplin.

Wearing jewelry is indeed prohibited by the instructions for medical personnel. But, according to Shirley Chaplin, this rule is often violated, which usually turn a blind eye.

"I was told it was not safe — says Shirley. — If suddenly someone from patients him take hold, it can thus hurt themselves or me. Then I suggested, let me put a magnetic clasp on a chain. It will soon subside, if someone hooked for it. But this, too, did not agree. They wanted to cross was not at all. "

A chain with a cross like a small thing, but it turned out the resonance. Along with Shirley with the British government will sue three more of her compatriots. All of them claim to be Christians and claim to have suffered for their faith. One of them — the employee of the airline British Airways — for that openly carry his cross, like Shirley Chaplin. The official response of the Government said that the ostentatious wearing of the Cross, "a requirement of faith is not."

"In the case of Shirley Chaplin is seen as the administration of the hospital where she worked, was arguing with her, but at the same time protected the other religious groups. For example, Muslims are allowed to wear the hijab at work or close the hand to the wrist, as demanded by their beliefs, "- said the director of the Christian Legal Centre, Andrea Williams.

Government has come to the aid of the National Society of atheists, who went to Strasbourg, a lawyer, to dispel myths about the persecution of Christians.

"This is not normal when a person declares that he follows his own religious beliefs and begins to violate the laws and rules that apply equally to all. We will speak in court and how hiding behind their faith, some are beginning to infringe upon the rights of sexual minorities. And it is forbidden by law "- promises executive director of the National Society of atheists Portus Keith Wood.

"It seems to me that Christians in this country now have to struggle to be heard. And I hope that after the court in Strasbourg, we did hear "- hopes Shirley Chaplin.

For the UK, where the tolerance of different religious beliefs in itself has become a cult, such proceedings unexpectedly. And frustrating, because the case will be heard in an international court.


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