Coast of Chile sweeping 7-meter wave

July 5, 2013. Coast of Chile sweeping 7-meter wave. Hundreds of kilometers of coastline of Chile overwhelmed the huge waves. Local residents say they see it for the first time.

On the Pacific coast of Chile struck huge waves. Locals say this has never seen.

Local resident: "Yes, we used to be and high waves, but that such a huge, five meters, is — for the first time."

In some places the waves reached a height and seven meters. The reason for the abnormal phenomenon — the tide coupled with strong winds.

In the city of Vina del Mar, about 120 km from the capital of Santiago, the waves swept the pedestrian bridge and flooded the streets. Caused damage to coastal homes and restaurants.

Virginia Reginato, Mayor of Viña del Mar: "Fortunately, the structural damage to the waterfront there, but suffered a wooden footbridge."

And this is — the resort town of Santo Domingo, about 100 km south of Vina del Mar. Here the picture — the same. Fully closed the local port.

In the village of Tolten, almost 700 km from Santyago of coastal homes were evacuated people.

Local resident: "Just imagine what it would now be out in the house. Look at this. This is — crazy. I have never seen. "

Reportedly, at least one of the affected: people knocked down wave.

According to meteorologists, the big waves will continue to fall upon the Chilean coast until Sunday.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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