Commissioned a second multifunction rescue craft project MPSV07 «Rescue Kavdeykin

July 19, 2013 Nevsky Shipyard passed second All-State Commission salvage vessel ice category Arc 5 4 MW project MPSV07 "Lifeguard Kavdeykin" (building number 702).


Customer — PKU "Management of the contracting program of development of sea transport," the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation.

This ship, as well as the lead vessel series "Rescue Karev" today are the biggest and most significant vessels built at the expense of the federal target program for the development of transport system of Russia for 2010-2015.

The third vessel in the series — "Rescue Zaborschikov" is also already on the water, it is expected to surrender at the end of this year. The fourth ship is being built.
The designer — Marine Engineering Bureau.
Court of ice navigation project MPSV07 intended for the following tasks:
• patrol, rescue operation in areas of shipping, fishing, offshore oil and gas fields;
• Provide technical support and assistance in areas hazardous to navigation and production of seafood, service terminal transport operations;
• Search for and assisting ships in distress;
• search, rescue, evacuation and accommodation of people, providing them with medical care;
• Removal from the shallows and reefs damaged vessels, pumping water from flooded compartments;
• emergency towing vessels and facilities to shelter, as well as providing sea towage of vessels and floating objects in the ice and water;
• Provide assistance to vessels and rescue operations in ice and open water;
• assist in extinguishing fires on floating and coastal objects accessible from sea;
• logistic and technical support, including performing underwater diving works at depths up to 60 meters;
• extinguish burning oil on water, oil spill response and oil products (OSR);
• inspection and cleaning of the underwater hull of ships, floating and shore facilities;
• survey of the seabed and damaged objects at depths of up to 1000 m
19-20 March 2013 Nevsky Shipyard (CEO Vladimir Prudyus) in conjunction with the FBI, "State Marine Emergency and Rescue Coordination Service of the Russian Federation" and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Baltic Basin-rescue management" conducted ice trials of multi-functional emergency rescue boat project MPSV07 "Lifeguard Karev" (building number 701).
The tests were carried out in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland at temperatures down to minus 10 ° C.
The purpose of the tests was to confirm compliance with the requirements of the ship contract specifications for the construction of the ship in the design of the ice category Arc 5, as well as ice-covered test in a continuous level ice.
In the tests were checked:
• salability of ice while going ahead;
• Ice Capacity for going astern when moving in the same channel;
• ability of the vessel turns into smooth ice circulation in the nose forward motion;
• salability of ice while going ahead in a cohesive first-year ice.
According to tests, the ship fully complies with the requirements of the Rules of MS according to the ice category Arc 5, as well as consistent with the stated design ice-covered in a solid level ice, as follows:
• at 70% power propulsion motor boat is not moving forward travel at a speed of 3.5 knots in a solid level ice thickness of about 45-50 cm;
• at 40% power propulsion motor boat is not moving backwards at a rate of 3.2 unit in the same channel;
• at 70% power propulsion motor boat is not moving forward travel at speeds up to 9.1 knot in a cohesive first-year ice thickness of 50 cm
To test the possibility of the vessel to turn in a solid level ice was executed maneuver "circulation" at 70% power propulsion motors in the continuous level ice thickness of about 45 cm Circulation performed at WRC-laying at 15 °, the diameter of the circulation was about 450 m
When driving in a cohesive first-year ice floes overcoming joints performed continuously without slowing progress.
Bookmark the lead ship Project MPSV07 "Lifeguard Karev"(Building number 701) was carried out 22.09.09. Launching 23.11.10. Put into operation 25.10.12.
Bookmark second vessel Project MPSV07 "Lifeguard Kavdeykin"(Building number 702) was made 06.04.2010. Launching 29.07.11. Put into operation 19.07.13.
Bookmark third vessel Project MPSV07 "Lifeguard Zaborschikov"(Building number 703) was made 17.05.2010. Launching 22.06.12.
Bookmark fourth ship Project MPSV07 (yard number 704) was made 25.04.2013. The vessel is built.

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