Completion of the flock Tigers: sverhtehnologichny SBRM

Completion of the "flock Tigers": a high-tech SBRM
Photo by Vitaly Kuzmin.

At first glance, the current exhibition at the Engineering Technologies-2012 is not quite a lot of firsts. I mean, for the first time publicly demonstrated standards. For example, the upgraded T-90ms shown on REA-2011 in Nizhny Tagil, KAMAZ-63968 "Typhoon" was demonstrated in Kazakhstan KADEX-2012. It would seem that there is cause for sadness …

But no! In the middle of the exhibits on display in the open air, it would seem, already familiar patterns, eye of an experienced person immediately catch hold of the unusual modification of an armored car "Tiger." Are on the unusual sight for the "Tiger" assembly with 2 doors on the side, an extraordinary machine gun mount and a wealth of different devices on the roof. A set equipment of the car quite perplexed.
Naturally armored cars "Tiger" has long been known and need no introduction, but this particular "Tiger" was released special. To put it mildly — it really unique, unique in the world is not! A machine called ciya SBRM.

Completion of the "flock Tigers": a high-tech SBRM


SBRM stands for service and combat reconnaissance vehicle designed and NGO "Boom" by order of the Interior Ministry of the Interior Troops reconnaissance units. Development began about three years back, R & D went under the code "saponification". Do not laugh, codes of Russian developments that the Interior Ministry that the MoD always caused frightened — "This is to confuse spies." Assault vehicle "Abaimov-Abanat" and chemical reconnaissance vehicle "Ruin" — both for you?

Requirements given are very strict. Do joke — it was necessary to build the 10-point match and special equipment, and three of the + driver, and placed all of this should be on a highly mobile armored chassis with the protection of not less than third-class GOST.
As we litsezreem, under the chassis perfectly suitable "Tiger", although in a special modification, apparently based on GAZ-233034 SPM-1. Machine went 4-local, respectively, with 4 side doors. Stern doors were left only to service the equipment. Protection, presumably corresponds to the army and police modifications STS SPM-1, and has the protection of third grade GOST-board projection, and in the frontal — 5th grade. Selection of the "Tiger" of course not accidental — this machine has become the standard armored car at the Interior Ministry, and the brand new car is one hundred percent standardized (and it simplifies the logistics) with the standard MTA-1, MTA-2, "Abaimov-Abanat" and P-standing 145BMA on the supply of internal troops.

Completion of the "flock Tigers": a high-tech SBRM

The impressive structure of the equipment.

But the essence of SBRM, of course, in its unique part of the equipment, which will be envied and western armored vehicles. The list was released impressive: a detection unit goals as a compact radar combined with multi-channel optical-electronic systems, all of this is attached to the sliding mast, which in the stowed position retracted into the hulls. In addition to radar and optical: acoustic detector, which determines the position of the arrow by the sound of the shot (so called system of "Antisnayper"). Further increases the ability of intelligence complex UAVs such as "Aileron" with 2 drones, and to them a communication system and a management console. Also, to help spies — a set of compact sensors signaling equipment, which can scatter around the car. Do not get bored and intercept station with the function of bearing radio signal source. And that's not counting of mandatory radio and satellite complex type of GLONASS navigation / GPS.

And yet — blocker explosive devices (jammers electrical protection against roadside bombs with the radio fuse) and stabilized remotely controlled weapon module (DUMV) mnogokalibernym with a machine gun "Kord" with advanced (thermal, thermal channel and laser rangefinder) sighting system. Such sverhtehnologichny machine guns are infrequent visitors to the Russian equipment, and there is a question about the authorship of this device. Most likely, he designed and made by the same NGO "Boom".

And all of this is controlled with 3 computer terminals on board SBRM is transmitted through airborne information management system and shows the navigation computers in real-time. And all of this is fueled by an autonomous diesel power plant, and so the team of scouts do not Machala, in the car and the heater is provided with Kondyukov.

Not tired reading list? This only emphasizes the uniqueness SBRM — on such a small car is assembled set of equipment, which will envy even the well-known manufacturers. And Russia, too — for example the rare BRDM-3 on the basis of 14-ton BTR-80A, with its scanty set of an old outdated equipment looks frankly, with all this significantly outperforms massogabaritah (and means and visibility) — though he has to make allowances for the already honored age. Well, BRDM-2 reconnaissance capabilities compared with SBRM — generally junk.

And do not forget that SBRM may be in the stowed position to clean up the mast intelligence, and in this way the machine will not stand in the middle of the other "Tigers", this is also a plus.

Well, TTX from the developer:
The instrument detection range, km 10
Range of fire, until, 1.5 km
The caliber of weapons, 12.7 mm
Operating time, hours, more than 24
UAV flight duration is more, 60 min
Crew 4

In conclusion, it remains only to add that this machine armed with a tremendous range of complex and expensive devices. So the cost of the machine is expected to grow more than once. But if indeed complex as effective means is required. The era of BRDM-2 with a set of binoculars and a radio command, goes to the past. In place of the "mess" go sverhtehnologichny armored 21st century.

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