Composition rules salads

Composition rules saladsIf you need to quickly prepare a savory and satisfying dish, the perfect option would be, of course, salad. Salads have emerged as dish two thousand years ago. At first, they included only raw greenish leafy vegetables and horticultural grass. All this is seasoned with salt, pepper, honey and vinegar. In the Middle Ages, for example in France, the salad consisted of green onions, garlic, feathers, mint and parsley leaves. Such a salad is often served with meat dishes. Later, French chefs have added to salads and lettuce. Such a salad got the title "French".

From the late 18th century in the salad was call sprouts of all kinds, and later he began to add the asparagus, the freshest cucumbers, artichokes.

At the turn of 18-19 centuries in the salad started to include root vegetables. Evenly become complicated salad dressings. Specifically, during this period there were meat salads, and this food is turned into a separate dish.

The concept of salad highlights two of its relevant features: a cool dish and crumbling.

At present, under the salad is understood no matter what the edible mixture, which is prepared for non-long period of time.

But over the last 100 years there procedures for proper composition of salads, which are and will lower it.

One of the basic requirements for making a salad, a comparable product, in its composition, to taste.

Everyone has his own salad dressing. It is a matter of principle, as an improper filling might just spoil the good of his own composition salad. In this regard, it is always recommended initially postponed the part of salad, which will be conducted experiments with the dressing, and then you can fill all the salad.

A more fundamental point is that at least some salad, especially the green, you need to add salt immediately before serving. Salad, which is composed of delicate vegetables and warm spicy greens, do not salted, seasoned and only the freshest of lemon juice and a little pepper. This is due to the fact that the addition of such salt in salads leads to loss of green juice, it loses its own taste.

Salads, served as an appetizer, may include non-veg ingredients.

Salads, served for the second dish, be sure to include greens, it will not lead to saturation, but only refresh and cause appetite.
Fatty meats require salads, main components of which are apples and garlic, tomatoes and onions, green garlic and dill feathers or else stems of celery.

For fish dishes are excellent salads, in structure which include myagenkie boiled vegetables (potatoes, onions, carrots), seasoned with pepper, horseradish, Limonov juice.

The main advantage of the salad is its richness, because today in the manufacture of salads are often used whole or cut into large pieces of vegetables, herbs, and grated freshest roots. In the manufacture of salad vegetables is also considered a color, that came out colorful and dressed up dish. In addition, these salads are easy to make, severity, naturalness, light dressing or a lack thereof.

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