Corruption — she and corruption in America

Since the beginning of the year under investigation turned over thousands of government employees, state and city agencies, performing illegal services for a fee. By corrupt civil servants, illegal immigrants to apply for residency in the United States, criminal organizations took on the "roof", and the Americans 'purified' biography of criminal episodes were obtained without examination certificates and licenses.

In general, the list of clandestine services provided by some officials, sometimes much more than a list of legal services. The first four months have shown that if you want you can completely solve any problem. The main thing — to know who to call and have the nth sum of money. Let us consider the most common crimes.

Thus, the 38-year-old Michelle Carbajal, an employee of the Department vehicles (Department of Motor Vehicle — DMV) of Fullerton (CA), received last week four years in prison for selling driver-laysensov category CDL. He changed the data in the computer, forged the results of tests and examinations, so that 14 people were present CDL-law. Carbajal took for his services $ 23,700.

In Columbia (South Carolina), a huge scandal erupted around the employees of the Department of Health and Human Services (Department of Health and Human Services) 36-year-old Christopher Layksa who stole the personal data of 228,000 recipients of social benefits. He just copied them from your computer and send itself to the email in order to sell their zakazchiku.Sotrudnitsa Revenue Service (Internal Revenue Service — IRS) 34-year-old Patricia Fontaine from Philadelphia (PA) came under investigation on suspicion of fraud and abuse of office position. She not only received illegal refunds for herself and her boyfriend, but was blackmailing the taxpayers. "If you do not give me $ 400, then I'll put your name in front of a red flag in the database IRS, which means that you will regularly come under audit," — she said.

Dozens of frightened people gave money Fontaine. Among the victims of fraudsters were even those who had turned to her for help in resolving tax problems.

58-year-old Rita Krandvell, the financial chief of Dixon (Illinois), stolen from the budget of $ 30 million. Together with dodgy scams, whose identity is not yet established, it appropriated the money in 2006. Crook took office more than three decades.

Dixon residents can not believe that Krandvell, also known breeding sport horses for the show at the world championships, was capable of such a daring fraud. "This woman was so sweet, — said one of the residents. — She always took care of us, trying to help in word and deed … "

The police, on which the public has high expectations, sometimes prosecuted far more often than expected by most readers of the "RB". Thus, the 34-year-old Frederick slice from Selma (CA) attempted to establish a network of trafficking in marijuana. He planned to get rid of competitors, assign someone else's drug and restart them on sale. Business collapsed at the first stage of training. Slice and two participants (hardened criminals) of the security services arrested.

In the city of Washington (North Carolina) came under investigation Police Sergeant Kevin Dale Owens, who has been in office for 22 years. He defied the 259 federal laws, being central to a complex scheme for the dissemination of potent drugs. For a solid reward Owens showed increased attention to one crime and lost sight of the other.

The police, it should be noted, often appear exactly in drug cases. Each gang, hunted trafficking of heroin, cocaine and marijuana dreams of having his "patron" in the form. More respectable officials such as agents of the Office of Narcotics (Drug Enforcement Administration — DEA) and the Office for the implementation of customs and immigration laws (Immigration and Customs Enforcement — ICE), «recruited" is not small drag gangs and cartels with large multi-billion dollar turnover.

In fact, no major agency of the United States could not remain untainted in the first four months of 2012. Under the court got even members of the Department of Agriculture (Department of Agriculture — USDA), which cranked adventures with meal vouchers.

Needless to say, many civil servants, trades fraud, managed to remain at large. First, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officials draws much less attention than in private business. About scams with Medicare and Medicaid for medical offices, we hear all the time, but about adventures in the Office of Social Security (Social Security Administration — SSA) — suspiciously often. But the fish are known to rot from the head.

In America, there is still no single federal agency that would deal exclusively crimes of civil servants. The above ICE and DEA, for example, often conduct internal investigations of certain incidents. The objectivity of these investigations is highly questionable, since agencies are interested in the preservation of reputation. In addition, any major scandal could lead to layoffs in the manual.

Secondly, civil servants working under the guise of trade unions, used to extend a hand to each other in every difficult situation. As an example, the "friendship" between the police (NYPD) and firefighters (FDNY) in New York. In nine out of ten cases, the police will never write out a ticket for speeding in the current firefighter. The wrestler with the same fire never punish guards, at the site of which there are only expired fire extinguishers. The principle of "one hand washes the" acts in all departments, agencies and offices of America. Somewhere close eye on minor violations, hiding somewhere very large. While private businesses compete with each other and government working together. And therein lies the biggest problem.

Thirdly, the state often gaining a job "just anyone." Today anyone with an American passport and free from crime scenes biography can be arranged in a particular department. Several examinations, testing, interviewing, coaching — and yesterday's unemployed have access to sensitive data. Such criteria as "decency", received very little attention.

It is not surprising that many of the professors who have studied the psychology of corrupt public officials, and offered to introduce a test for potential tendency of officials to break the law. Honesty, responsibility, discipline — these are the three qualities required of any public servant, to identify the presence of which in his employment is not possible. The propensity to crime does not check the person appointed to the important post, and his papers, which in most cases do not cause suspicion …

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