Costly disasters in 2011

Costly disaster in 2011 Facts

As a result of the many natural disasters in 2011, many countries have suffered huge financial losses. According to data published in the "Yu-Es Hey tudey" Last year was the most expensive in history: the disaster cost at more than a third trillion. More than half can be attributed to damage caused by the earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Japan, which killed nearly 16,000 people.

Even though the number of accidents was relatively small, the cost to the amount of 380 billion broke the record in 2005 with losses of 261 billion. The disaster in Japan is for the most expensive in history. It cost only $ 210 billion.

Floods and landslides in Thailand were worth $ 40 billion, and an earthquake in New Zealand — 16 billion. In the U.S. as a result of storms and tornadoes 15 billion has been spent, and the same due to the hurricane "Irene".

These data were provided by the German reinsurance company Munich Re, which is a leader in the global insurance market. Company representatives noted that the number of such costly disasters is relatively small.

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