Country reports: Evidence Russian man pozhivshego in the United States.


All suspicious activity and shapes, creating the danger and discomfort in the United States, should be immediately exposed, disarmed and punished! "- Is the motto of each indicative of a U.S. citizen.

From early childhood, all U.S. citizens instilled the thought of having an anonymous means of state executive and judicial authorities. In criminal cases vigilance and care, really, are essential. However, when it turns into obsession, it becomes just scared to walk the streets …

In the U.S., I am constantly aware that the sea is hidden eyes and ears watching my every move and word. You do not think that these are my obsessions. No. It's different. Purely American. Signed.

In the U.S., many of the streets is a special road sign with a large eye or silhouette of the thief in a hat, coat and glasses, with an accompanying inscription: "Neighbors Look!" That is, looking to overhear, record and convey!

On every bus in the U.S., and every five kilometers of the American highway is advertising with the inscription: "denunciations received via text or phone 012 all donositeli anonymity is guaranteed!"

Well-trained from the cradle snitches, informers encouraged. Anonymity and security provided to them. The most powerful treatment in schools teaches every American student to denunciations from school, especially to parents, instilling a love of the system, in the sense that it (the system-mother) always help them defend their individual rights, the rights of a free man USA! First grade is hammered down to the smallest details of the model of behavior of all members of the family who has a say, as should be wearing, where to lie, how to take a shower, etc. And on the slightest disagreement with the proposed parental behavior at school American model should immediately tell the "good" teacher, who immediately take appropriate punitive measures.

If in the U.S., we, the parents, not the plot, and the thoughts of anything "normal for Russia" — reading stories to his son lying in a bed, or the desire of the father in the hot bare torso in the garden, or just about his father's request to remove fumes in a nursery or requirement to do lessons — the price paid for levity parent is terrible and urgent. Even a slight scream, and at least once a harsh look at the belt — in the United States should immediately and permanently forget. Otherwise — the termination of parental rights … Thus, the child in the U.S. is quickly into the role of overseer, openly blackmailing the parents.

Not having to fly in a free country, and get enough sips of American liberty, I was immediately showered with the problem. First, in the U.S., we were not allowed to take a two-room apartment on the grounds that the relevant U.S. law — we had to shoot only "three-ruble note."

We had to rent a house in a cheaper place among the Arabs. Our house was packed with alcoholics who walked, shaking and just dreaming about alcohol. But they do not get reported to us, and we are grateful to them for that! ..

Once we came to the all-American incident. We walked the whole family around the city park, enjoying the weather and holidays. Our three year old son, riding a bike, happily dispersed, ahead of us for five yards, and then obediently waiting ahead. Gathered speed once again, he suddenly stopped at the intersection with another footpath, which was about ten meters away from us. My baby hit the brakes of his three-wheeled velosipedika at the wrong time. For purely American coincidentally the place of intersection of two sidewalks, which stopped our hapless young cyclist, ran in a tracksuit and a woman pulled up next to Pass the police. It stretches the American suddenly started screaming dramatically raise your hands up and even jump up, attracting the attention of police. Then he looked back and saw us, she matter-of-factly continued their exercises and ran on. After a couple of seconds we approached the son-cyclist.

— Everybody freeze! Do not move! Wait for further instructions! — Shouted us vigilant police right out the window.

Then he got out and walked leisurely to us. The first thing he asked him to bring all of our documents, not answering questions about the reasons for the declaration. Rewriting all of our data: names, addresses, places of work and the like, in the end — he asked one of the reasons for this:

— Why is your son for twenty minutes is in this park alone?

My fury knew no bounds!

-? What is slander, what twenty minutes? In less than five seconds — I protested.

-?No, the woman said to the first applicant that was "exactly twenty minutes." I wrote it down. Signal that was received from her.

-? You see, twenty minutes — it's just not realistic. The child was always there for us — I insisted.

-? Stop. Stop! — There can be a police officer raised his hand and stopped my excuse.

-? One such signal — and you will be deprived of parental rights! Point! — Calmly guard snapped.

And then I remembered that in our U.S. residential complex where we rented an apartment, on every corner hung a sign: "Do not permitted to: walking on the grass, ride a bicycle, rollerblading, play ball!" It was the American world. And I, Russian dumbass, it's all quiet … let your child turns out now if you have a U.S. informer seem that it performs a certain de-American debt, lied to us with three boxes, then our dear little son and a tiny home dochurku simply be taken away?

From that moment, in the U.S. I lost peace of mind. Now we have to constantly look back. No, no, not at some nasty bullies. And in the exemplary obaranennyh U.S. citizens. After all, the higher the education at the American, the more rights and freedoms on whistleblowing he has.

Denunciations of the United States can be expected from everyone. Up until your good and caring neighbors. They can topstitch donosik that you have a small front garden in a mess or two centimeters overgrown grass …

Especially love American neighbors to gain the confidence, asking about current or past your home repairs, and immediately after the "exploration" in writing all of this report in conformance with the U.S. administration. Management is it promptly upon denunciation — directs you to their husbands inspectors. Those doing their job perfectly, bite into the goal set before them, rewriting every detail of fresh repair. First, given the all-American fine for nekuplennyh advance permission illegal modernization. And then you give tariffs for the purchase of permits to replace each point. Painting rooms — one, a change of the toilet — another floor — the third. You can buy these "permits" all at once, in the form of a "package" with a favorable discount for you.

Refuse to pay — even better. Through the court you just take home. But here's the most amazing thing in the United States comes next. Power, taken over your home, free of charge will make a full assessment of all your upgrades. Which, of course, immediately raises the market price for your property. This new price immediately adopt and mandate. From this moment on you the rest of your life you will pay an increased annual tax for the stunning, upgraded, new, expensive house!

I was another incident in the United States. I worked with his father in the same office, and we often had to go to work on one machine. My parents lived close to us, so in the morning with a free moment, I'd prefer not to stand at the door, and go towards the car his father, enjoying the morning freshness.

This time everything was as usual — to drive up his father's car picked me up after a short walk. But before I had time for a slam the car door, and suddenly jumped out of the old lady next door, which a moment ago like quite nice greeted me. This old woman now stood in front of our car and blocked the traffic. Her face was skewed horror.

— Do you need help? — I asked.

— No, — said the granny. — It seems that now you need some help! — And she pointed to drive up to our car with a police car sirens.

Immediately from all the houses ran all of our good-natured desirable Good Morning. For some reason they almost in unison shouted the policeman, "This is it, this is it!"

And then like a cork from a bottle in front of all the main jumped a neighbor with a huge red face. He excitedly began to nod policeman pointing at me, "This is exactly it!"

A police officer, as expected, asked us all the documents with him, wrote down the address, place of employment, marital status. Only after making all of my data in your journal, he calmly outlined everything. From his words it appeared that yes, it was really me, and there was no mistake. Besides, I'm from now on, as explained by the police, have needed a lawyer's help.

— Received signals about the stranger-maniac walking around at seven thirty in the morning on this and neighboring streets with this — calmly told me the police.

I immediately looked around herself look: ironed pants, a fresh shirt, a bag with lunch and a padlock on the chest pass in scientific laboratories. I kind of looked like a normal American clerk, and not as a homeless person or a maniac.

— Unfortunately, the signals have been received so much that I would advise you not to go there — summed up the police.

— Why then the sidewalks in the U.S.? — I did not give up.

— Sidewalks in the United States — of course, for them to go — retorted the policeman. But if you walk on them here — your problem could be repeated! — He added.

— What am I now do not walk the streets? — I asked.

— Of course, you can walk. And then the answer for it in court. But I would suggest that you meet with your dad at the door of your porch. Closed!

Little did I know that in the U.S. there are "hidden" areas of regulation pedestrians. If they all go to one side, and for some reason you go to the other — it is punishable by local laws. For example, you're bound to court to prove his innocence in the morning did not go to the station or bus stop — like everyone else, but on the contrary — in the other direction. In the U.S., it is not an exaggeration, but a real crime, from the point of view of ordinary American neighbors have the right to call the police on you outfit.

How nice … for us to be here now, in Russia, among his people. Here no one tells me where and how I go where and how to live, how to breathe, how to breathe. In Russia, I was forced to swallow does not make American freedom, chewing in the morning until late at night human rights …

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