Coverage of events in Syria, the West is based on a guy in a British apartment

Opposition propagandist in a flat in England is and always has been the only source quoted by the Western media.

"The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights" was quoted in the Western media for more than a year in almost every news agency, whether AFP, AP,, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, BBC, or any of the major Western newspapers. You would think that this is a huge overgrown organization with hundreds of members who work in the field, documenting the facts in Syria through photos and videos, while coordinating with the foreign press transparent and objective "observation" of the situation with the "human rights" in Syria as well as demonstrating their methodology. Undoubtedly, this is the impression that is trying to convey to his readers the Western press.

But what is striking, "the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights" does so is not. In fact, it is just a single person sitting at a computer in his apartment the British, who claims that he gets a "phone calls" with information that is always accuses the Syrian government of crimes and constantly praises the "Free Syrian Army".

In fact, even the agency "Reuters" recognized this in his article, "Coventry — an incredible residence for the famous Syrian activist", and even the agency recognizes that this man, "Rami Abdelrahman" open is part of the Syrian opposition, which seeks to overthrow the Syrian government. Abdelrahman admits that he left Syria for more than 10 years ago, has lived ever since in the UK and will not return as long as the "al-Assad will not go away."

Of course, with the exception of this one article agency "Reuters" and its counterparts in other news agencies probably never will remind readers of the facts.

The possibility of abuse seems almost inevitable for a man who reviled the government, has long been a target in terms of "regime change" for the very country in which they live, and the methods of reporting which are phone calls that can not be anyone to check out.

When Abdelrahman gets mysterious phone calls from other members of the opposition in Syria (as "Syrian Danny") or does not pass the Western press its not-particularly-deserving-confidence information, he sneaks into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UK to meet directly with the Minister of Foreign Affairs William Hague — who is also openly committed to the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad.

Photo"Reuters", "Rami Abdelrahman, head of" the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights ", leaves the Foreign and Commonwealth Office after meeting with Foreign Minister William Hague, Britain, in central London November 21, 2011

REUTERS / Luke MacGregor"

Abdelrahman is the "head", "the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights," he and there This "Syrian Observatory of Human Rights", which operates in his apartment in the UK as the work of one man.

It is clear that for real journalists Abdelrahman is useless, it is discredited source of information, which has all the reasons to distort reality for the sake of his recognized politically motivated intentions to overthrow the Syrian government. However, he advocates is a gold mine. That is why, despite the obvious conflict of interest, lack of credibility, its obvious drawback is that it is 3000 miles from the intended subject of his "observations", or the fact that only one person ludicrous way calls itself "the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights "Western media is still hard swallow his constant stream of misinformation.

And when Western media quoted such a dubious, discredited man, this means that the real evidence, inevitably seeping from Syria, the West is completely contrary to the desired presentation of the facts, and so much contrary to what they have to cut out a set of "proof" of the purest fiction by such But "tailors" as Abdelrahman. And while the general public should be outraged by the fact that she cheated on such a scale, it must also be extremely shocked that the ruling circles think that people are so stupid that they believe any of the data from an opposition activist, who disingenuously claims to be a decent respect for the organization, telling us all about what is happening in Syria, thanks to the "phone calls" received by him in his posh apartment in England.

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