Culinary curiosity for Germans

In 1994, we with my friend and co-IJ Medvedeva first saw the "real overseas," by which then meant the European countries or the United States. So much was new to us and so firmly etched in memory. One of these episodes has been associated with the preparation of soup. And not because the soup was something extraordinary. Quite the contrary.

We lived in a very nice, upscale area of Hamburg, in a house whose owners had left to rest on the sea. He took us to their son, a student who, as befits a young man of that age, do not bother cooking delicacies. And, naturally, we got down to business for yourself: go to the market and bought mushrooms that we have at that time was still considered an exquisite delicacy, as not sold on every corner, and cooked mushroom soup. Nicholas gladly shared with us the meal and said that the soup very nice and that he, Nicholas, is impressed. We, of course, took his words as a compliment to the attendant, the more that the soup was very ordinary, but it turned out that the guy praising seriously.

As the news spread through the county about our "outstanding" soup, I do not remember. But soon we were bestowed to a delegation: Nicholas aunt who lived nearby and a couple of her friends. We are totally confused, because people were, to put it mildly, not the poor, and suspect that they drove us to the famine was no way. A culinary delights, I repeat, our cooking is no different. But that's what we thought. Germans reasoned differently. At the table, it soon became clear that for them a home, not a restaurant soup — it's unthinkable exotic. One lady even brought along a small a set of castors and asked for permission to cast some soup for her husband to treat him when he returns from work.

And the other thoughtfully uttered, looking at the empty pan, "as if in childhood is back! .." And, catching a puzzled look young student, explained: "Our mother after the war, too, knew how to cook soups. Then, because there was no microwaves and ready meals that are just enough to warm up. And eat as it is now, in the restaurants was ruinous. "

But despite the nostalgic memories and our assurances that cook soup with mushrooms is not difficult, neither Frau not asked us for the recipe …

Tatiana Shishova


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