Cyclone in Primorye beat 13-year-old record

July 24, 2013. All operational service of Primorye are on high alert. To the region hit a new cyclone. In the southern areas of the province downpour continues with few interruptions, for more than 12 hours. Rain accompanied by gale-force winds. Go on vacation to the coast of the residents is not recommended. Flooded several streets in Vladivostok.

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Podtopilo flooding caused by a cyclone in Primorye and Yakutia dozens of homes

July 25, 2013. After Primorye hit by a powerful cyclone, bringing with him the heavy rains in the village were flooded Ternei 30 farmsteads. The water at the confluence of the fork and Serebryanka risen by 30 centimeters underground and flooded homes.

At the local school expanded the temporary accommodation for 150 people, reports ITAR-TASS. Secure on-site flooding provide Terneysky district administration officials, firefighters, patrol service of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels and police officers. As a result, out of the river banks were flooded Oprichninki 15 homesteads in the village of Kamenka Dalnegorsky district.

Because of the rains scour of the bridge and the road in the Khasan district of Primorye was in temporary isolation Bezverhovo village. In managing the consequences of the disaster involved 50 people from the road repair crews.

In a similar situation was Krolevets village, located in the urban district of Artem. The road to this locality is also strongly affected by the rains, so that travel along it was closed.

In Yakut village Khonuu torrential rains podtopilo 10 houses, inhabited by 42 people, including more than 20 children. Rural health post and diesel power station village located on a hill, there is no threat of flooding. The village developed two temporary housing, but residents of flooded homes preferred to a natural disaster to move in with family and friends, whose homes are in safe places. Organized by the village administration Khonuu clock duty operations staff to monitor the flood situation.

Past the day before in the Primorye Territory torrential rains were the most intense in the last ten years. According to the press service of the regional meteorologist, the amount of precipitation ranged from 59 to 222 millimeters in Terneisky area per day fell a half to two monthly rainfall.

Although July is not over yet, it has already called for the rainiest month of the previous 13 years. Over the last ten days Primorye hit just three powerful cyclone. The first came to the edge turned into a tropical cyclone typhoon "Soulik." He almost did not affect the life of the region, causing only a slight increase in the water level in the rivers. A few days after the storm, a new cyclone, and two days of bad weather in the south of Primorye fell to the monthly average rainfall. The third cyclone approached Primorye July 24, and while in the southern province rains have stopped in the northern areas they will continue for another day.

As reported, the strongest cyclone hit on July 24, Primorye. Vladivostok fell about one half normal rainfall. The rains led to a rise in the level of rivers and flooding of roads. According to forecasters, the rains of varying intensity Thursday, July 25, will continue. Cyclone leaves the territory of Primorsky Krai only on July 26.

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Flooding in Riviera: in the evacuation of the village Koksharovka

July 25, 2013. Heavy rains triggered a sharp rise of water in the river near the village of Koksharovka Chuguevsky Primorye region, which in turn has led to flooding of yards and homes. The evacuation of residents. Podmyta turned out and the bridge across the creek from the village Chuguevka, making travel by road is still limited.

As "Interfax"In the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the region, on Friday night in Chuguyivske area for several hours has dropped 80 millimeters of precipitation, there was a sharp rise of water, leading to flooding of 400 farmsteads Koksharovka village, inhabited by 1,193 people, including 250 of them children. Flooded not only the gardens, the water began to heat a little at home. According to preliminary data, the river reached 50 houses, inhabited by 126 people. The water in the homes of up to 50 centimeters. Residents are placed with relatives.

In the near future rescue plan to expand the temporary placement in a school building, with a capacity of 300 people. To assist the victims in readiness for departure is Emergency helicopter Mi-26.

Deployed operational headquarters in the aftermath of the passage of the cyclone of the Main Directorate of MOE Russia for the Primorye Territory. On-site is the head of the village administration Koksharovka.

According to the forecast of hydrologists, the water level in the area of the village will continue throughout the day.

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