Death of the West

Every Saturday at 10:30 am, still basking in the bed, my husband and I look at each other and at the same time says: "Thank God we do not have to get up at five in the morning to feed the baby." We are very good friends, and who knows how to change our relationship, if we enter into this equation the third? ".

Part 2. Where are the children?

And ye shall be left few, while the many you were as the stars of heaven, because you did not obey the voice of the Lord thy God. Sec .. 28:62

Why did the Europeans refuse to have children, and seemed resigned to the fact that they are not too distant future will disappear from the face of the Earth? Is the loss of past wars and destruction of empires destroyed the nations of Europe will to live? If you look closely, the reason quite different.

The First World War ended with the defeat and division of Germany, the German losses amounted to two million killed and wounded tens of millions. Nevertheless, the population of Germany after 1919 grew so quickly that France, one of the winners and the next-door neighbor of the Germans, necessarily worried. After the Second World War in the defeated Germany and Japan, as well as the winning America, there was an upsurge of fertility. Analyzing data on population growth, we find that a change in the attitudes of Europeans occurred in the mid-1960s, at the height of post-war prosperity, it was then that Western women began to abandon the lifestyle of their mothers. The reason for this change is still unclear, but the methods are quite obvious: contraception halved the population growth in the West, and abortion became a sort of "second line of defense" against the unwanted children.

Let us turn to history. Only once population growth rate in the U.S. dropped below replacement level — this was during the Great Depression, when the economic strength of the country was reduced by half and a quarter of the working population was on the street. Pessimism generated by the Depression, of course, could not affect childbearing, Why have children, when the best times are over, it seems, once and for all? So there was the "silent generation" of the 1930s — a relatively small number, the only generation of the United States, which did not have a president.

The post-war baby boom (baby boom) began in 1946, peaked in 1957 and ended seven years later. But just when the exhausted vitality generation of World War II, when entered into the genital vozrasg baby bummery was invented a new, much less barbaric than illegal abortions, a way to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

One day, historians will call the contraceptive pill pills have ruined America. These pills became available in 1960. Three years later, more than 6 percent of American women use the invention of Dr. Doom, by 1970 "on the pill" sat 43 percent. The Catholic Church protested vehemently against the use of pills, Pope Paul the Sixth issued the encyclical "Numanae vitae," which called sinful for Catholics of any artificial methods of birth control, especially birth control pills. But, while there was a "war of the pills," manifested a new danger.

An employee of the Arizona television Finkbayn Sherry, the mother of four children, who took thalidomide — a drug that is already known to cause birth defects in infants — suddenly found out she was pregnant again. Of course, Mrs. Finkbayn did not want her to have a child is born deformed, and she confessed to her friends that he was going to have an abortion. When the news leaked to the press, Mrs. Finkbayn began to receive threats as well and offer to take the unborn child in foster care. Abortion is still considered illegal, so the desire to Mrs. Finkbayn triggered a fierce debate in the country. Decided it's simple: Mrs. Finkbayn flew to Sweden and there had an abortion.

By 1966, this incident forgotten, because every year the country has officially been done 6,000 abortions. By 1970, that figure had grown to 200,000, as the governors of the states of New York and California, John D. Rockefeller and Ronald Reagan, respectively, have signed a very liberal abortion laws. By 1973, the country has already done 600,000 abortions each year. In the same year, the Supreme Court, which addressed three of the four opponents of President Nixon, said that a woman's right to abortion is enshrined by the Constitution. Over the next ten years, the number of abortions has risen to 1.5 million per year, and moreover, abortion stole tonsillectomy palm like the most common surgery in America. From the moment the judge Blackman delivered its landmark decision, the United States was 40 million abortions. Thirty percent of all pregnancies end in currently on the surgical table.

In 2000, the Commission, the Food and Drug Administration approved the drug RU-486 — a means to self-deliverance from the fetus during the first weeks of pregnancy all. Since none of the American pharmaceutical companies did not wish to associate your name with this drug, RU-486 production attracted the Chinese. Cynics will say for sure that the Chinese are thus avenged America for obstruction of Beijing to achieve economic and political supremacy in Asia.

The process of "Roe v. Wade" let loose the fog on the supposedly fixed in the constitution of a woman's right to abortion. However, the decision of the Supreme Court itself can not change such a radical change in the psychology of the American and European women. What made them turn away from motherhood and choose abortion — an act that their grandmother would have found the greatest crime against God and man? In the 1950s, abortion was not a crime — he was treated as something shameful, no noisy campaign for the abolition of abortion was carried out. However, fifteen lay down after the Supreme Court recognized the right to abortion is a constitutional right and an essential characteristic of a developed society. As a result, there was a massive change in the minds of American women. It is believed that the sixties or drove a wedge into our society, or breakdown revealed before hidden from view, and therefore had never seen. I think the former is true. In this critical decade, a significant part of American youth has adopted a new way of thinking, a new faith and a new life.

From 1945 to 1965 in America lasted for a period that sociologists call "the golden age of family life": the average age of married people has fallen to a minimum documented in both men and women, and the number of unmarried relative to the population of the country has reached astronomical 95 percent. America Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy was vigorously and rapidly developing country. However, as noted by Allan Carlson, president of the Center Govardovskii family, religion and society:

"All the indicators of family well-being in the Western states fell sharply in the years 1963-1965. Renewed decline in fertility, no one thought even of zero population growth, a rapidly increasing number of divorces, as though Western nations suddenly lost all their ancestral family values. "

Dutch sociologist Dirk van de Kaa identifies four stages of the transformation process: A) the transition from the golden age of family life to the era of co-existence, or B) the transition from the status of the child as the head of the family for the rule of parents, B) transition from contraception after birth of first child to full contraceptive benefit of the partners, and d) the transition from the single form of the family to a pluralistic system that involves various forms of family relationships, including single-parent families.

Since the decline in fertility began in the mid-1960s, the period and should serve as a basis in the search for the causes of a tectonic shift forced the American and European women to forget about childbirth. What ideas put forth generation of baby bummerov? What thoughts they have learned from college?

Baby bummery appeared on college campuses in the autumn of 1964. This was the first generation of Americans to have full freedom in choosing the life path. In the 1930s, colleges were considered a privilege of the elite. Few families can afford the luxury of a sibling study in college. The sons and daughters of unemployed people could not even dream of getting an education — they had to drop out of school and at least get some work to feed the rest of the family. Tens of millions of young people still lived on farms, where the first signs of depression began to be felt long before there was a crash on Wall Street in 1929. After Pearl Harbor, the youth was not until college: the war and the war economy demanded entry into the army. "Silent Generation" of the fifties still respect their parents, teachers and priests. Only in 1957, Professor Galbraith discovered that we live in a society of abundance.

However, parents who survived the Depression and the war, continued to believe that "their children do not have to experience anything like this." Therefore, generation of children of baby bummerov raised differently: they spent watching television almost as much time as the school. By the mid-1950s television successfully struggled with their parents for children's attention, acted as witty and does not wimp ally of teenagers in the age-old conflict between fathers and sons — and as a refuge where you can escape from the parental claims. The guys alive absorbed information from television screens, especially advertising.

By 1964, when there was a movement in Berkeley Mario Savio's "Free Speech", and the first wave of baby bummerov rushed to the colleges, the situation became explosive — and soon got out of control. In the student unrest and riots blamed Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, Agnew and Vietnam, but the guilty were not the only ones — after student unrest is not confined to America: they have occurred in Europe and even in Japan. "Days of Wrath" in 1968 split the Democratic Party in the streets of Chicago; Czech students, celebrated the success of the "velvet revolution", faced with Russian tanks, Mexican students were shot on the streets of Mexico City, and the French students almost stole President Charles de Gaulle in Paris.

Common in baby bummerov on different continents was not Vietnam, and education, nurtured an abundance of free thought — and that of television: as a child in all of them was the television nanny, which was much more fun than with their parents. And this nurse, hid under the guise of TV set is always one answer to any request: "Would you like — take it!"

Millions of young women were freed from the "burden" in the face of parents, teachers and priests, the money flowed authority of teachers colleges falling in his eyes — a revolution swept across campuses, first anti-war movement ("Hey, Johnson, how many kids did you kill today?" " Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh City, we are with you at the same time! "), then drugs (" kerf and cut down "), then the sexual revolution (" make love, not war ").

Then came the women's movement that has taken as a basis for the civil rights movement, and his followers were found even in the American heartland. Black demanded equal rights with whites, women pushed for equal rights with men. Full equality — and not one iota less! If the boys are allowed to splash out in casinos and bars stag why we forbid it? But because nature has not provided the full equality of the sexes, as the main consequences of promiscuity his weight — children — are borne by women who wanted to find a compromise. And all came to the market economy, with its diversity. If you forget to take the pill or a condom breaks, you can always contact your nearest gynecologist.

The previous bans promiscuity have expired. On the prohibition of nature — of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases — care birth control pills, helpful gynecologists and new miracle pill. No need for marriage, they say, at gunpoint. One trip to the Center for Reproduction — and everything is fine. The fear of public disdain — loss of reputation — weakened due to mass culture that glorified the sexual revolution and applauded the "free girls" (in the 1940's and x's, they would have received far less flattering epithets). Inhibitions — a sense of sin, the violation of the divine precepts, etc. — no longer seemed so immutable: the adherents of the new religious movements, "You are with me, Jesus," won the flock, popularly razyanyaya that God is not as harsh as it may seem, and that in general — "He is just a metaphor."

With the demise of the old taboos, a new morality that justified the "life for themselves." Oh man were judged not by the person with whom he had sex, or that breathed — those little things no one is interested — but by the way he held the South in the march of civil rights, to protest against apartheid and against the "dirty and lawless "Vietnam War. As has often happened in history, a new morality was invented by a new style of life. Steeped in sex, drugs, riots and rock 'n' roll, the latter-day Jacobins nevertheless met with understanding and approval of senior: "This is the best generation that we have ever had." There is nothing new under the sun — these words of senior accompany any revolution … "Oh, happy is he who in this time / was alive and young! .." — Said once great Wordsworth, referring to one of the earlier revolutions that ended, as usual, very sad.

In the 1960s, the campus student riots erupted and the Cultural Revolution. When the rebels finished school, got a job and became family men, they have ceased to be rebels, have found their place in the country of parents and went to vote for Ronald Reagan, though some — here comes to mind is our current president — it took more time than others to "an end to the youth."

However, the rebels of the sixties were not real revolutionaries. In college they came fervently believe in one thing, and leave the institution, just as fervently believing in another, quite opposite to the first. Hillary Rodham, "golden girl", received by the Wellesley in 1965 and graduated from college in 1969, is a radical to the bone, imbued with the spirit of the new time and a firm resolve to change the corrupt society in which she grew up — Hillary Rodham is a great example of a revolutionary, and Mr. Bush — a typical rebel.

The Cultural Revolution, however, was the real revolution. One third of the country's young people have rejected the Judeo-Christian morality. The hostility of the young to the "grandfather America" approve of our political elite, shaping public opinion through television, cinema, theater, magazines, and music, these preachers of the new faith spread their gospel around the world and attracted under the banners of millions of converts.

We have two Americas: Mother Angelica and the Sunday sermon against Ally McBeal and the "City of sex." The dominant culture of the day and night makes fun of the same values, on the view that a woman should be her husband and children. And now in our society have the forces that threaten to tear finally an American woman from motherhood.


When agricultural economy workplace was the house where the husband and wife worked together and lived together. In the industrial economy a man leaves home to work in a factory, and the wife stays and looks after the children. Agricultural economy has given us a big family; industrial economy has issued seven-cell. And in a post-industrial economy, both husband and wife work in the office, so that the children remain at home no one — and the children may not be at all. Political scientist James Kurtz of the University of Swarthmore notes:

"The great movement of the second half of the nineteenth century was the movement of men from the fields to the factory … The greatest movement of the second half of the twentieth century was the movement of women from the home to the offices … This movement has separated parents from children, and allowed the woman to separate from her husband. Splitting the family-cell, this movement promises in the future emergence of "a family that is not family."

"Age-old male" professions — workers, miners, fishermen and the like — is not demanded by society, much of the "dirty work" performed for us by developing countries, so now pay close attention to the "age-old female" skills and talents. In addition, for women new opportunities in management, education, finance — opportunities that their mothers and grandmothers did not even dare to dream. Businesses, large and small, offering very attractive conditions to draw talented women from their homes and protect them from motherhood, because they can be "inappropriate for the company."

And it works! Tens of millions of American women work in offices alongside men, tens of millions of delaying marriage until then, until they make a career, but many people do forget about it. "You can do it all" — said the modern woman, arguing that she can give birth to a child and continue. In the presence of the Institute of nurses, open borders between countries, adequate remuneration for work, vacations, child care, government benefits and other modern woman can really afford what previously seemed incompatible: to have a child and work productively. But a child can have only one or at most two, or there'll be problems, because otherwise the woman would not be sufficient time to complete the work in the office.

If you are choosing, or only women choose a career or career and single joy of motherhood. The global economy takes away from Western (peoples hard work for the benefit of low-wage nations in Asia and Latin America. Road, paved with yellow brick, leads in one direction, and because Americans have to work harder as possible — in order to keep up with the Joneses neighbors … In the end, children throw, if you do not forget about them once and for all. In 1950, 88 percent of American women with children under six years old to stay at home — and usually give birth to another. Today, 64 percent of American women with children up to six years to fully work in offices.

"How can you keep them on the farm, if they are seen Paris?" — Talked about American soldiers who visited during the First World War in Europe. Well, how to keep them if they were in the District of Columbia? — We might ask, ignorant lawyers, journalists, advertising specialists, assistants and other members of the fairer sex, involved in the "big game", which is the capital of the district.

Elinor Mills sounded from the pages of "Spectator" thoughts of his generation: "The fact is that girls like me — is a healthy and happy girls twenty years or more — absolutely do not want to be fruitful and multiply." Why is that? So, Miss Mills explains that "the primary concern of my generation, unfortunately, are the appearance and money." It further cites one of his contemporaries: "If I had a child — says Jane, a member of an advertising agency — I could not do half of what I do and take for granted. Every Saturday at 10:30 am, still basking in the bed, my husband and I look at each other and at the same time says: "Thank God we do not have to get up at five in the morning to feed the baby." We are very good friends, and who knows how to change our relationship, if we enter into this equation the third? '.

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said: "The rich are different from you and me." To which Hemingway replied, "Yes, they have the money." However, with the money from the rich fewer children than the poor. Using the principle of Occam's razor — the simplest explanation is most often the most correct — we dare to suggest that the best explanation of the reasons for the declining birth rate in the West is very simple. When the American poor have reached the level of the middle class and the middle class joined the rich, the rich have become super-rich as each of them has the style of the society in which he found himself. Everything began to cut families, all suddenly became less children. Hence there is a contradiction: the richer a country becomes, the fewer children and the sooner its people will die. Company established to provide its members with a maximum of pleasure, freedom and happiness, while at the same time preparing these people to the funeral. In this century, the fate of perhaps compensates for the Chinese, Muslims and Latin Americans all the hardships they had to endure. And perhaps that these peoples are destined to soon become the masters of the world. Is it not written in scripture: "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth"? Matt. 5:1


In the 1830s, on the eve of the American Industrial Revolution, Philadelphia union warned its members about the "greedy capitalists":

"Resist the labor of your women by all available means and you in every way! We must receive decent remuneration for their work to keep our wives, daughters and other household … Capitalists want to make work every man, woman and child, do not succumb to the same tricks on them and not let them take our family! ".

In 1848, when Marx was published "The Communist Manifesto" in the working paper "Ten lawyer" printed the following: "We hope the day is near when man will be able to provide for his wife and family, not forcing a woman to work in inhumane conditions in the cotton mill . "

This view unions striking contradiction thoughts of Karl Marx and his associate and guardian of Frederick Engels, who wrote in his work "The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State": "The first condition of the liberation of women — involving all women to social labor … hence the need to address the monogamous family as the economic unit of society. " Is not it funny and not surprisingly, that the principles of the global economy — women are the instruments of production, free from husbands, family home — so close to those of the founders of communism?

According to Alan Carlson, author of the study "The Family in America," not long ago in the U.S. there was an unwritten agreement that running was supposed to receive some sort of "family rent", which allowed him to support his wife and children. This practice is considered to be one of the foundations of a safe society.

This idea has received the blessing of the Vatican in the bull of Pope Leo the Thirteenth, entitled "Kegit Mogit" (1891). In his books — for example, in the "maintenance of life" — a Catholic scholar John F. Ryan defended the practice and stressed the need for its preservation of the family: "The State shall have the right and obligation to require employees to ensure the payment of life."

The idea is widespread. Carlson notes that "social divide" between men and women has increased after the Second World War. In 1939, women earned 59.3 percent of men's wages, by 1966 this figure decreased to 53.6 percent. In the 1940s and 1950s, it was decided to divide the work into male and female. The newspapers ads of hiring men were published separately from the ads on the hiring of women. Only occasionally could meet a woman who would not have worked as a typist, not the Secretary, not a nanny, not a teacher or a saleswoman. Carlson continues:

"For a man of 2000 the most surprising in this system seemed to be that it takes, and supports a wide audience. In opinion polls, most Americans (over 85 percent), both men and women agree that men should earn money for the whole family, and that women should work except for my own pleasure. This division of responsibilities was considered top of justice. "

The system has ceased to exist in 1960, when feminists have managed to add to the Civil Rights Act (1964), defended the rights of African Americans, a number of provisions on equality between men and women, including a clause prohibiting discrimination based on sex. This situation has turned Equal Opportunities Commission of Labor (KRVT) into a weapon against the "family rents." Ads for hiring men were considered discriminatory and, therefore, illegal. In place of "ethical contract" came the equality of the sexes. Rights of the individual now become more important than the requirements of the family. Female wages have risen sharply, and as the female-dominated professions that were previously considered exclusively male — went into medicine, law, journalism, academia, management, business — have begun to disintegrate the family.

Between 1973 and 1996, Dr. Carlson writes, "the real median income of men over the age of fifteen children, working full-time decreased by 24 percent, from 37,200 to 30,000 dollars." Marching under the banner of feminism — the same charge for the same work, equal pay for comparable work — women into direct competition with men. Millions do well in this competition, pushed the men and took their seats. Their incomes have risen steadily, while the income of married men and decreased in relative and absolute terms. Increased pressure on families, and the men began to succumb to the demands of their wives, who "rushed back to work." Young men suddenly found out that at the turn of the twenty years they find themselves, earn too little to support a family, as they might wish to. Deprived of the duties of husband and father, many of these men entered the slippery slope — some even ended up in jail.

Young Americans realized that they could achieve self-sufficiency and independence. They do not need to rush to get married. Most people do. In 1970, only 36 percent of women between the ages of twenty to twenty-four years remained unmarried. By 1993, in the category of never married women comprised 68 per cent of the same age range. Among women between the ages of twenty-five to twenty-nine years the number of "diehard nezamuzhnits" increased from 10 percent to 35 percent.

A young family with children is now a rarity. Only the rich, young people can not afford the luxury — and like the rich do not care. Given the commitment of the Democratic Party of feminism (even Democrats supported the bill on abortion), and the tendency of the Republican National Committee to libertarian ideology and its subordination to corporate interests, we can safely say — the call of the "gods of the market" for most modern women where more significant than the famous words of the book Genesis: "Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth."

Many conservatives have joined the heresy of economism — a modern version of Marxism, which states that people — economic animal that free trade and free markets is the path to peace, prosperity and happiness, that if we are only able to set the right marginal tax rates and abolish the income tax , we will inevitably face a paradise on earth — the Dow Jones tipped the scales at 36,000 units! But in America 1950 income tax for the richest citizens exceeded 90 percent, and the United States of the time, all the social and ethical parameters were better country than the present.

Former radical and facing Christian Orestes Bronson noticed signs of a growing "worship Mammon" in the nineteenth century: "Mammonizm became the religion of the Anglo-Saxon world, and about God, we are simply forgotten. We have lost our faith in the noble, beautiful and fair. " A century later, another man who came to the faith of materialism, reminds us of the same, Whittaker Chambers said: "The main problem of our time — not the economy, and faith."

B. "The Population Bomb"


In the 1960s and 1970s, gained momentum "anti-social" movement — the elite response to the baby boom. Paul Ehrlich, a biologist at Stanford University, was the founder of this movement, and his book "The Population Bomb" became the catechism of birth control as "Silent Spring" by Richard Carson — catechism of the movement to protect the environment. Ehrlich was, shall we say, a modern avatar of Thomas Robert Malthus, a British philosopher, whose arguments about the imminent starvation of all mankind been so brilliantly refuted the nineteenth century. Malthus wrote: "We can say for sure … that the people, if it is not contained, will grow at an exponential rate, that is doubling every twenty-five years." And since food production can not grow at the same rate, predicted this gloomy prophet, a man awaiting a universal famine and death.

Malthus, as time has shown, was wrong about food production is not less than Ehrlich — relative to the world's resources, which, in his opinion, is rapidly running out. Today six billion people, living in the world, live a lot better than three billion in 1960, two billion in 1927, or a billion in 1830. Causes of hunger and misery are the incompetence of politicians and criminal situation, crazy ideas and crazy ideology, and does not increase the population of the Earth.

Published club "Sierra", a book Ehrlich quickly became a standard in many higher education institutions. In 1977, the former defense minister and president of the World Bank, Robert McNamara was trying to play along with Ehrlich. "The continued growth of the population, — he said — will inevitably lead to poverty, hunger, nervous breakdowns and conflicts that jeopardize social, economic and political stability."

In 1978, the Commission of the U.S. Congress on the population declared that "the most important biological system, on which the very existence of mankind is in danger because of the rapid growth of the world population … and notes in some cases, loss of productivity." According to Jacqueline Kasun, author of the book "The war against the population," at about the same time the Smithsonian has prepared "a traveling children's exhibit entitled" Population: this is our problem ", on this show, in particular, there was a dead rat image on the plate, which symbolized the food resources of the future. "

As a result of this propaganda campaign, organized by the American academic and political elites, public opinion was inclined to support the idea of birth control. However, close to the heart of the theory of Ehrlich took only representatives of the wealthy and middle classes of the developed world, but the third world, which, in fact, was the target of the campaign, virtually ignored these arguments. The result is obvious: the fall in the birth rate, "the affluent society" and the baby boom around the third "virus.

G. Feminism

Advocate for abortion today — almost indispensable feature of "modern woman." For many feminists, the phrase "women's liberation" means a rejection of the traditional and, according to them, hindering the role of wife, mother and housewife. However, among the founders of the feminist movement, there were those who held a different opinion. Browser "New Oxford Review" Joseph Catholic Collison said about the decision of the Supreme Court's decision in "Roe v. Wade":

"The early feminists strongly oppose abortion Gedi Elizabeth Stanton, organizer of the first meeting of feminists in 1848, called abortion" criminal and ungodly act. " And Susan B. Anthony, advocate of women's rights to vote, wrote that "no matter what the reason, but the woman who committed this, there is a criminal. This is a shameful act of a burden to her conscience and the will to burden her even on his deathbed. " It was the nineteenth century feminists have initiated legislation that declared abortion a crime. "

Collison adds that in the first edition of the "Women's secrets", the main work of Betty Friedan, the abortion was not mentioned. In everyday life, this topic came only in 1960.

Before World War II, when Margaret Sanger, the founder of the society "Family Planning", wrote that "in a large family the most merciful act in relation to the baby will kill him," her speech was seen as a radical socialist appeal, which has no relation to reality. But over time, Sanger took up the banner of the current feminists, who in the 1960s and 1970s, it was impossible to have counted among the marginalized. Today the marriage as a burden militant feminists argue at all angles.

Marriage, writes Andrea Dworkin, author of "Pornography: Men take possession of women" is "the institution arising from the practice of violence. At first, the violence took the form of abduction, and then turned into a marriage by capture. Marriage means that the abduction and captivity are stretched in time that it is not just about using the women, but the mastery of it. " Pure Water Marks. Next we come to the logical conclusion. "The family in the conventional sense of the word shall be destroyed, — says feminist Linda Gordon. — Family support oppression by separating people into small isolated groups that are unable to unite and defend common interests."

In 1970, Robin Morgan, "grandmother" favored child of Gloria Steinem, the magazine "Mc.", Called marriage "the likeness of slavery. We can not eliminate the inequality between men and women until they destroy marriage. " That same year, Ms. Morgan released under the editorship of his book "Women — Sisters", where there was, in particular, an article by Valerie Solanis, president of the Society for adventuring men: "Today is technically possible to conceive without the help of males … as well as possible to give birth only females. We must immediately get down to business. Male — this is a mistake of nature, a biological focus. The male turns the world into a pile of shit. " From these words it is clear how severe this lady Miss Solanis, she confirmed the seriousness of his intentions attempting to shoot Andy Warhol.

In late 1973, Nancy Lehmann and Helen Sallinger published a new feminist manifesto, entitled "Declaration of feminism." This text is widely distributed and has received many accolades.

"Marriage — said in this manifesto — was invented by men and for the benefit of men, it is sanctioned by law method of controlling women … We must destroy it. The death of the institution of marriage is a necessary condition for the liberation of women. Therefore, we encourage women to leave their husbands and not to tie a personal relationship with men … All history should be written at an angle of women's oppression. We must go back to ancient female religions like witchcraft. "


Among the feminist concept of bondage is equivalent to a charge of prostitution. "Housewife — a lawless profession — wrote Vivian Gornick, Professor at the University Pena in 1960. — Select fate maid, under the tutelage of dreaming and join in someone else's family — it's a choice that should not make no woman. This is the challenge of feminism. "

"I can not mate in captivity" — categorically stated Gloria Steinem in an interview with "Newsweek" in 1984. In 1991, the columnist, "Wall Street Journal" quoted Christina Sommers lawyer Catherine MacKinnon, who said: "For there is no difference feminism between prostitution, marriage and sexual harassment."

From the point of view of the militant feminists marriage — is a form of prostitution, and the family has outlived its public institution (at best), if not a prison or penal servitude. Ten years ago, novelist Toni Morrison said in an interview with the magazine "Time", "Single Family — a paradigm that does not work." In 1994, the newspaper "Chicago Tribune" quoted Judith Stacey: "The conviction of couples in their own superiority — perhaps the most deeply-rooted prejudice in Western society." In the magazine "The Jewish World Review" for February 2000 Sheila Cronin in the article "Time is now: in defense of the dignity of women" spoke as follows: "Since marriage for women is a form of slavery, it is clear that the women's movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women is not to win, as long as there is a marriage. "

Now, however, the majority of Americans belong to a marriage is not so hostile. If they all support the above statement, we would have fewer children than we have now, and the death of the West would become a reality. Yet millions renschin share feminist beliefs and identify marriage with prostitution and slavery, and many femenistskie views persuaded not to marry and have children. If you give the preservation of the peoples of European descent — and the preservation of civilization created by these nations — at the mercy of feminists, we can assume that Homo Ossidentalis over.

"The consequences of thoughts" — so the famous book of the late Richard Weaver, and the success of feminist thoughts, beliefs and theories have significant consequences for our country. As an example, an increase of 1,000 percent in the number of unwed couples living together — from 523,000 people in 1970 to b, 5 million people today. From the 2000 census also revealed that for the first time in American history, only one out of every four homes or apartments live full (father, mother, child) family, and lonely Americans make up 26 percent of the current population. In other words, marriage is out of fashion.

In 1990 Katharina Runske, the author is far less known than the American feminists, published in the British book called "Empty heart, empty houses," which perfectly described the effects of this anti-male, antibrachnoy rhetoric. Feminism, she says, is:

"… Darwin deadlock development. In biological terms, nothing reveals inadequate sample as fast as the lack of reproduction; direct consequence of popularity of feminism is an irreversible decline in the birth rate, those politicians who listen to the feminists, are subjected to immense danger of his people. "

In short, the heyday of feminism promises death and the death of nations West. Surprisingly, the most politically incorrect of poets, Rudyard Kipling, foresaw this in 1919:

Under the clique "Equality ladies!" Life in bloom we promised Devon

And we loved the neighbors, but most of all — their wives.

And the men of honor forgotten children and wives do not wait

And the Gods of the truism saying "The Death of fornication!" *

* Translation Gringoltz J. and T. Gringoltz.


Popular culture in its hierarchy of values puts the joy of sex is higher happiness of motherhood. Women's magazines, "soap opera", women's novels, television programs at prime time — everywhere glorified career, sex and independence (and loneliness) were women. Care for the child — a lot of grandmothers. Marriage and monogamy also delicious as a sandwich with mashed potatoes. Ancient triumvirate "world, the flesh, the devil" not only recovered from oblivion, but also strongly advocated the best advertising agencies. How often on the television show programs about motherhood? How long ago was the last time put on the air, "Brady Bunch"? Iconic Paul Anka song "My baby you" today is sung as "our baby with us," but at the same time it sounds different song — "I — a woman." Symbolically, the "Ozzie and Harriet" is not just hopelessly behind the times, not — like the "Amos and Andy", this episode proves once again how much spoiled our time. "Every human community — writes anthropologist JD Unwin — free to choose: either to pay for the energy and creativity of work, or enjoy sexual freedom. History shows that deal with both together can not last longer than a generation. " The generation that is now called the greatest in history, took a conscious age during the Depression and World War II. It was a significant energy and brought America into the undisputed world leader. As for the baby bummerov and "peht generation," they are mostly preferred to sexual freedom. We'll soon find out whether rights Unwin in their predictions. While there is no reason to doubt its correctness, while all the evidence suggests that the West would not survive his own experiments with sexual permissiveness. As the commentator Jenkin Lloyd Jones, "great" civilization and animal behavior standards coexist only a short period of time. "


What people really feel good, and that — bad, is best determined by the way they live, not by what they tell pollsters. If you rely on this sad conclusion: the old morality dies. Back in the 1950s, divorce was a scandal, "main shock" worthy unless the dregs of society, abortion is considered a crime, and homosexuality — "Love, do not call yourself the laughing." Today, half of all marriages end in divorce, family life instead prefer to talk about "relationships", and love, once smevshaya not call myself, now loudly broadcasts from all sides. The collapse of the institution of marriage and "marriage procreation", according to the Belgian sociologist Ron Lesthage, due to "bias of the Western way of thinking of Christian values — sacrifice, altruism, loyalty — a militant secular individualism, focus exclusively on themselves."

When, in 1968, Pope Paul the Sixth issued his encyclical against contraception "Numanae vitae", it was almost everywhere, even among Catholics, met with great hostility, owing to changes in public perceptions. However, the late Pope was a prophet. As noted by Denver Archbishop Charles J. Chepyut, in his encyclical Pope predicted four results of the use of contraceptives by mankind: 1) widespread infidelity and the general decline of morality, and 2) the loss of the status of women "well-respected and beloved friend," a man and turning it into "an instrument of carnal pleasure ", and 3) presentation of a" dangerous weapon in the hands of politicians who would not pay attention to moral considerations ", 4) treatment of men and women as subjects, and to unborn children -" like a disease ", so that will total dehumanization humanity.

The triumph of promiscuity, the growing number of divorces, the explosion of pornography, the social acceptance of the philosophy of "Playboy", the funding of abortions of the taxpayer's pocket — a little more, and we read in the newspapers, as teenage girls get rid of the "accident prizhityh" children. World from which Paul warned the sixth, suddenly found himself thus the world in which we live. One is forced to recall the pagan (Rome, where unwanted children were left to die of hunger on the slopes of the hills. Human life has lost its former value, is not in sight of the caring attitude with which it viewed the "Greatest Generation" has come back from the war. As predicted Dad the good effects of the introduction of contraceptives and the legalization of abortion were corrupted selfish men today who use women and throw them away like dirty napkins. Nowhere is the overthrow of the old morality is so much clearer than in relation to homosexuality. During the Second World War, Assistant Secretary of State Sumner Welles, who bore "old school tie" Franklin D. Roosevelt, was stripped of office for molesting a sleeping conductor. Lyndon Johnson fears that the arrest of the assistant Walter Jenkins, apprehended by the police in the men's room * YMCA building could cost him millions of votes. Rising star of the Republican Party Bob Bauman lost his seat in the Senate when it was revealed that he had courted underage youths on the streets of Washington. But that was before, but now it's different.

Finally, it became clear that the change occurred when Jerry Stadds the deceitfulness of sixteen teenager Senate committee rejected the accusations, repeatedly declared his candidacy for senator from Massachusetts — and was safely re-elected in this Catholic state! Barney Frank is easily avoided accusations of favoring Senate committee to her lover, who owned a brothel on the estate Barney, not only during the Clinton Senator Frank has put his friend at public meetings of the Senate! In 2001, John Ashcroft was publicly ridiculed by his fellow senators for trying to prevent the appointment of a gay James Hormel as ambassador to Luxembourg. Hormel himself, speaking at a gay parade in San Francisco, a friendly welcome from the community of transvestites "Sisters grehovodnits" who dare to mock the pope and nuns. Truly world turned upside down!

When the most famous lesbian couple American actress Anne Heche and Ellen Degeneres, severed ties, President of the United States both called and expressed their sympathy. Hillary Clinton, the first of the First Ladies of the United States took part in the gay parade in New York City. And that — is a given "New York Times" respectable "old lady with the Forty-third Street," the question of whether the first lady stuck to participate in the parade along with an open-air queens and men in chains? Nothing of the sort! The correspondent of the newspaper "Taymc" said Richard Burke as colleagues of a reception in honor of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the National Association of Journalists of lesbians: "Three quarters of the people deciding what to put on the front page of the newspaper, were pronounced by homosexuals."

Nine months later, after participating in a gay parade Mrs. Clinton refused to go to New York to St. Patrick's Day, which was once considered a duty for all, without exception, were in this day in the city politicians. Ancient Order of the Iberians — a group of Catholics, which organizes the parade — forbade him to participate in an organized Irish gays and lesbians, so Mrs. Clinton chose not to come, much less what gay rights activists have denounced her for her part in the parade in honor of St. Patrick's Day in 2000 . The fact that Senator Clinton supports homosexuals because of them even come into conflict with the Irish Catholics, is the best shows what is now the true situation in the Democratic Party and what is the balance of power in the war of cultures.

Whether it is real and not a fictional creature, no character in the book, gotornovskaya Hester Prynne, instead of walking around with a scarf with the scarlet letter "A" pinned to a blouse, picked to imagine anything pink, Dimmesdeyla be exposed to ridicule and told to Cheering audience that is capable of Dr. Laura, if you will listen to her advice.

Even in the American heartland trends infiltrated the sexual revolution. "Mind you!" — Is the current morality. Every American child-bearing age had at least one abortion, and the majority — not even two. These women want to live for themselves and teach their daughters the same, and therefore will vote against any politician who tries to take away their right to it. Euthanasia has taken root in Europe and now gets to America. On what ethical grounds we are not trying to prevent its penetration? Dr. Kevorkian, evil genie (some of his victims just be depressed, and not die), received a sympathetic review in the analytical program "Sixty Minutes." In an age of individualism, people believe in earthly life and refuse to believe in heaven, and they believe in the quality of life, and not in its holiness, no one wants to be told how he should live. "The Americans will not be able to survive in the twenty-first century, based on the ideals of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries — writes the sociologist Alan Wolfe. — The authorities will have to relate their demands to the real needs of people." Well, it follows that after a millennium and a half back to us paganism.

America, in which many of us grew up, vanished forever. The Cultural Revolution captured the imagination of millions, no longer at the mercy of politicians to reverse it, even dial them the courage to try. The nation was split in half. The party of Catholics belonging to the working class, almost 100 percent of a member of the fighters for the rights of gays. The party of the moral majority and Christian unity threw the white flag, losing the care of the younger generation the Ministry of Education. Young people do not care about the salvation of souls — they are much more concerned with Nasdaq(The index of the U.S. high-tech industry. — Comm. Lane.). The intellectual and political elite are mostly busy cook with former allies, many conservatives bargains for the honorable and advantageous terms of surrender.

Manifesto tiny little groups "secular humanists," published in 1973, became a sort of ethical compass of America, and is now slowly turning into an unwritten law. Americans have heard learned and adopted the principles of the revolution, which would have shocked their parents and grandparents. Comes to mind is a brilliant insight by Alexander Pope:

Monstrous flaw at first glance,

And he seems to exude a poison

But look closely and will take the fear,

Will cardiac affection.

"An Essay on Man," translated B. Mikushevich.

Only social counter-revolution or a religious revival in the West are able to deploy the right direction before falling birth rate will reach a critical point and lower the curtain in the final played Nomo Ossidentalis play. However, so far we have not seen the slightest sign of neither the one nor the other.

What force can resist the siren song of hedonistic culture, the song is so seductive and Recruiting, the song that is repeated almost all who turn to youth — Hollywood, MTV, "soap opera", TV shows, glossy magazines, popular music, women's novels and Other bestsellers? How to help parents, teachers, and even when the priests hand out condoms teenagers? How to encourage Americans to remember the values of their mothers and grandmothers: good husband, a house in the suburbs, a lot of kids? (Somehow, it seems that this listing impossible dreams).

In his book, "Caesar and Christ," the third part of the "History of Civilization", Will Durant says that the fall of the Roman Empire was due, primarily, "biological factors":

"After Hadrian in the West has been a significant decline in the population … The law of Septimius Severus mentions renuria hominum — lack of men. In Greece, the decline in population continued for several centuries. In Alexandria, which boasted its great people, Bishop Dionysius counted in the year 250 AD, the former half of the population. He speaks with grief and downplaying the inescapable disappearance of the human race. Only barbarians and Eastern peoples, both within the Empire and beyond, became more numerous. "

Why declining population of Rome? "In spite of the persecution of the law, infanticide flourished … Sexual excesses also weakened childbearing, had a similar effect and postponement of marriage." Below Durant added: "Probably a combination of different methods of prevention, abortion and infanticide … manifested itself not only in numbers but also dysgenic. The fittest men married later than the other, having children later than others, but the first to die. " The Christians were children, the Gentiles — no, abortion and infanticide reduces the "herd" the pagans, Christians were forbidden and were equal in severity to the crime of murder. Christians have often been abducted doomed to destruction of pagan babies baptized and raised them in their faith with the community.

What an irony! Today weakened, dying Christian West demands from the third world and the "Islamic belt" to take contraceptives and legalized abortion and sterilization. But why do these people enter into a suicide pact with us when they are already inherit from us prematurely descended from the stage, the entire globe?

When at Waterloo, he was ordered to surrender, General Cambronne said, "The Old Guard dies, but does not give up." Wonderful motto for those who are stuck in our own culture war Corregidor. However, careful observation of the field of battle — where the gun? who straddled the heights? — Indicates that the Old Guard still have to die. Decisions that modern women determine the fate of the West — whether it will last at least another century. While Western women do not give her the world, and this term.

But where did this revolution so quickly captured the minds of a great many "ohristianennyh" nations of the West? And what were its aims and objectives?


Part 1. Endangered species

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