Death of the West. Part 8. De-Christianization of America

… "Manneken Christ" Andreas Serrano is a photograph of a large crucifix submerged in urine. Robert Mappltorp turned the altarpiece of the Virgin Mary in a blood-stained tie and posted a photo of himself with a whip, protruding from the anus. In the novel "Strange Town" a poet describes Christ as a six year old boy, over which the abused adult. In the catalog of art, published by funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, activist for AIDS calls the late Cardinal John O'Connor "fat cannibal from home with swastikas on Fifth Avenue" A "home with swastikas" refers to St. Patrick's Cathedral, desecrated homosexuals who once appeared on the Sunday mass on the floor and povyplevyvali consecrated bread and water. The central element of the exhibition "Sensation" at the Brooklyn Museum of Art has been painting "The Holy Virgin Mary", depicting the Mother of God from head to toe in elephant feces, against female genital mutilation, which form a sort of halo. In the next room were exposed to a life-size mannequins — naked girls with penises protruding from their bodies in the most unexpected places.

As you know, the art — the mirror of the soul. TS Eliot called art the embodiment of human religion. If this is true, what is the soul of the above-mentioned "artists"? What happens if they want to ridicule the Holocaust — for example, set the computer collage: Nude Anne Frank flirts with the SS at Auschwitz? Or to put theater show making fun of Dr. King?

Faith shy Save hardly immutable Moral Virtue … Alexander Pope

People without faith in the end find that they are not to live for. Thomas Eliot

In the great war of 1914-1918 Catholic France was at war with Catholic Austria and Protestant Germany fought the same Protestant England. Nine million Christians perished on the battlefield, but only the Orthodox Russia was defeated by the Communist Revolution, and it was a rather sour d'etat, than mass appeal. Gramsci argued that two thousand years of Christianity have made people immune to Western Marxism. Before the West can be conquered, he should be deprived of his faith. But how?

Reply Gramsci — a detour through the acquisition of public institutions. Marxists must cooperate with the progressive forces and together with them to capture the institutions that form the heart of a new generation — schools, colleges, cinema, music, art, new media, devoid of censorship, as well as radio and — invented after the death of Antonio Gramsci — TV . After mastering the cultural institutions will be able to United Left started dechristianization West. After a few generations, this goal is achieved, and then the West will cease to be the West, it will turn into a different civilization, and the management of culture will inevitably be followed by the state administration.

But when Christianity in the West beginning to lose ground, another event took place — Western man began to refuse to continue the race. Indeed, the correlation between faith and a great family is absolute. The more people committed to faith, be it Christianity, Islam or Judaism, the higher birth rate of a specific people. In New Square, New York City, the first orthodox Jewish settlement in the United States, the average family has ten children. In Kostroma, Russia, Vladimir Alexeyev, an exemplary father of sixteen children, and his ever-pregnant wife a house full of icons. "We were going at it consciously — Alexeyev said in an interview with" AP "- even before we turn to the faith." In the state of Texas Baptist birth rate among whites is higher than that of the same race in sybaritic California. Where worldly triumphs, the population gradually shrinking and dying.

In 1999, Pope John Paul II called on the Episcopal Synod to listen to the beating pulse of faith in Europe. Heard is not too reassuring. Secularism, reported the bishops' poisons much of the European population. There is a serious threat and paganizatsii de-Christianization of Europe. " Less than 10 percent of young people in Belgium, Germany and France regularly go to church. There is not a large city in north-western Europe, where at least half of baptized infants.

In a study of the magazine "Newsweek" (1999) states that 39 percent of French people do not adhere to any religion and that only 56 percent of the British believe in God. In Italy, only 15 percent attend Sunday Mass, and in the Czech Republic Sunday messages are collected on the strength of 3 per cent of the population. Czech President Vaclav Havel said:

"We are creating the first atheistic civilization in the history of mankind. <…> Could the nature of our civilization — with its short-sightedness, with its bulging … individualism, with its infinite faith in the human capacity to know the universal mind — could the current civilization itself be a natural result of the fact that, to put it simple and understandable words, is the loss of the Godhead? ".

And the more reliable this "atheistic civilization" in Europe is strengthened, the more the people are dying, on whose shoulders it was created. Looks like it&#39;s an immutable law: depriving people of faith — and he will stop reproducing itself, and the vacated territory will come foreign soldiers or immigrants. Dehristianiziruya America, the Cultural Revolution has found a contraceptive, is just as effective as the pill Dr. Rock. But why a nation so "churched" as Americans, and so committed to Christianity as America 1950, meekly allowed to take his own faith?

"America — a Christian nation," — said in a 1992 Mississippi Governor Kirk Fordyce. Before he sat down, he was immediately branded a chauvinist, as he should have said "Judeo-Christian". However, as Gary Demar writes in his book, "The Christian history of America: new about the famous" speech the governor was true with respect to the first 250 years of American States.

The first settlements in America founded by Protestants. Jews and Catholics constituted a tiny minority. When this writer went in 1940 to the parish school, the nuns are proud to tell that one of the fifty-seven signers of the Declaration of Independence, was a Catholic — Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Maryland.

The first charter of Virginia colonists declared their aim of "spreading the Christian faith among those who live in the darkness of unbelief and paganism, who are in shameful ignorance and does not comprehend the true nature of the Godhead." The first four words Mayflower Compact were: "In the name of God, Amen," and further stated: "The grace of God … taking our act to the glory of God and to spread the Christian faith." The Basic Laws of Connecticut in 1639 said: "The word of God calls for peace and unity among the people to establish a reasonable and just rule by divine commandments … in order to preserve freedom of speech and the purity of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Remembering all this at the morning prayer during the International Council of Christian leaders in 1954, Chief Justice Earl Warren said:

"In my opinion, no one can learn the history of our country, given that from the earliest days on this continent, we were guided by the Holy Scriptures were inspired by the example of the Savior, and … if we turn to the first Charter of Virginia … or to the Charter of New England … or to Charter of Massachusetts Bay … or to the Fundamental Laws of Connecticut — everywhere there is one and the same thesis: America — a Christian land, managed by Christian laws. "

Demar his book only confirms the obvious. A century before the governor of Fordyce, in 1892, the U.S. Supreme Court declared: "This is a Christian nation." New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson in 1911, said, "America was born a Christian nation, and the challenge of it — to set an example of faith and devout observance of commandments contained in the Holy Scriptures." In 1931, Judge George Sutherland confirmed the decision of the Supreme Court in 1892, calling Americans a Christian nation.

In Placentia Bay, where he, along with Winston Churchill was the Atlantic Charter, Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared that America was "founded on Christian principles", under his leadership, the chorus of American and British sailors sang the hymn "Come on, soldiers of Christ." In a letter in 1947 to Pope Pius the Twelfth Harry Truman repeated: "We — the Christian people." In the Supreme Court in 1951, voiced by Justice William Douglas, said: "We are religious people and our entire culture is based on the presupposition of the Most High." Jimmy Carter added: "We have a great responsibility — we need to create a form of management that is consistent with the will of God."

The reaction to the word Fordyce — hostile, spiteful, antagonistic — tells us more about our cultural elite than the faith of the Great Silent majority. But the cultural revolution rewrite our history and replaces her fictions — including the following: America was never a Christian nation, and only hypocrites like Governor Fordyce may suggest otherwise. As for the claim by President Carter on the "responsibility for the creation of such a form of governance that would be consistent with the will of God," for the first person of the country such statements, according to the decision of the Supreme Court, are prohibited by the First Amendment. If you want to legally change American society, says the court&#39;s decision, you can be guided by the writings of Karl Marx, Rachel Carson, Betty Friedan, or Al Gore, but not "writings" Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.

How does the de-Christianization of America? Tyrannically and surprisingly weak resistance of people whose ancestors are among the fiercest opponents of undemocratic rule.

Half a century ago, the Supreme Court has been subject to ideological contagion, by which some "dark forces" were trying to reform our society. Using one of the points of the Fourteenth Amendment, the court upheld the right of the federal government to the states to impose all the restrictions that the Constitution imposes on Congress. By the time the Tenth Amendment has already been canceled, and the states have become subjects of the Supreme Court.

The First Amendment prohibits Congress from passing laws "concerning the establishment of religion" and demands respect "freedom of religion", but the Supreme Court has used these words for pre-emptive strike against Christianity. According to the court of public and school libraries have been removed all the Bible, the writings of the Church Fathers, crosses and other Christian symbols, canceled the ceremony and church holidays. Instead, the story of Adam and Eve appeared book "At Heather two moms." Gone are the image of Christ, rising to the heavens began to show pictures of monkeys turning into Nomo erectus. Gone is Easter, which was replaced by the Earth Day. Disappeared biblical instruction about the immorality of homosexuality — but came homosexuals who began to argue about the immorality of homophobia. Gone are the Ten Commandments — but there were condoms.

This decision fifty years ago led to a whole series of triumphs of the Cultural Revolution and the crushing defeat of the old America. In 1948, the voluntary schools have banned the study of religion. In 1963 he was declared unconstitutional additional Bible study. In 1980, the law of the State of Kentucky who offered to hang the texts of the Ten Commandments on the walls of classrooms was rejected by the Legislature, as these commandments "devoid of worldly values." In 1985, Alabama declare unconstitutional "moment of silence" before the start of school. In 1989, the Supreme Court decided to remove from the territory of the Allegheny County Court of the image of Christmas. In 1992, in the schools and colleges have banned all prayers. In 2000 there was a ban on prayer and the overshadowing of the cross during school and student sporting events.

Chief Justice Rehnquist, who has served for over thirty years, seen a lot and heard a lot. This is the decision of the court, he said:

"… Breathes hatred to all manifestations of religion in society … No substance or tone of a court order does not correspond to the American spirit. George Washington himself, at the request of Congress, approved the Bill of Rights, declared that "from now on this day is a day of thanksgiving and prayer to the glory of Almighty God, and put us to his unspeakable mercy."

Imitation — Revelation form of flattery. If you feel that Christianity began hunting, lower courts have begun to compete with each other in a bid to outdo "sanctity" of the Supreme Court. In 1996, the Ninth Circuit Court ruled that a large cross on a memorial in honor of the fallen soldiers in Eugene, Oregon, is unconstitutional. In 1999, the Sixth District Court issued a decision prohibiting the Cleveland Board of Education to open their prayer meetings — despite the fact that the Congress is going on every day. Eleventh Circuit Court banned all forms of appeal to the Divine, whether it is prayer, blessings or swearing, schools and colleges.

Since 1959, Ohio had the motto the phrase "With God&#39;s help, anything is possible" [In Russian Synodal Bible translation, this phrase is: "With men it is impossible, but with God all things are possible" (Matt. 19:26).

It was reproduced in the official documents and tax returns, as well as the bronze tablet at the entrance to the state legislature. In 2000, three judges of the Sixth Circuit decided to remove this motto. On what basis? On the fact that these words — from the New Testament, and moreover, these are the words of Christ himself. Now, if the state of Ohio took the motto of Nietzsche, "God is dead" or a phrase from Dostoevsky&#39;s "The Brothers Karamazov" about the death of God, then everything would be OK.

Rocker Marilyn Manson once said, "In every age must be at least one brave man who tries to do away with Christianity, however, has failed to convince anyone." Rejoice, Marilyn, the Supreme Court heard you! In May 2001, the state agency confirmed the decision of the Court of Appeal, which requires the City Hall in Elkhart, Indiana, to remove from the lawn in front of City Hall granite stele engraved with the Ten Commandments on it. This stele stood in front of City Hall for forty years. By six votes to three, the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of the city. However, the dissident Chief Justice pointed out to his fellow judges on the fact that the portrait of Moses carrying the tablets with the text of the Ten Commandments, decorate the reception hall in the Supreme Court.

Religious rivalry — a deliberate play for a draw. Every achievement is the loss of one faith to another. The rise of Christianity was recognized as Saul of Tarsus, who led the people who stoned Stephen, Martyr, a mortal threat to Jerusalem. The Islamic conquest of Arabia and North Africa alarmed Christian Europe. Reformation and Protestantism led to the flowering of the crisis in Rome. The triumph of communism was marked by persecution of Christians. Finally, the introduction of secularism in the American school system has led to a deafening defeat of Christianity.

From kindergarten through twelfth grade children to inspire a worldview with which they enter into adulthood, and thus shape the future of the nation. Children are taught what to believe, what to value, what to listen for and how to live. Today Christianity in schools was in the position of a poor relation, which is being driven everywhere. Another triumph of the revolution — how much it costs?

Leafing "Humanities Manifesto" in 1973. It contains all the provisions that are now hammered our children in schools. "Faith in God heeded the prayers … there is a belief in the unprovable, a relic of the past … The traditional ethics is not able to meet the modern needs … The promises of salvation after death and eternal damnation is illusory, and are not safe for the mind … Science says that the human race is the result of the evolution of nature." Children out of school, full of such ideas as the teacher earnestly fulfill the wishes of the Cultural Revolution, and try to convey to students the new truth in all its naked abomination, and Christianity is not allowed even on the threshold of the school.

"Secular humanists" do not hide their goal. Manifesto proclaims the right of everyone "to birth control, abortion and divorce" and adds: "Many varieties of sexual behavior can not and should not be considered bad by definition." Freedom includes the "recognition of the right of every person to die with dignity, euthanasia, and suicide." And now, when activists of the revolution achieved the expulsion of Christianity from the school system, these principles, these dogmas are taught to our children. So, while America remains at large Christian state, its institutions, and popular culture has a long and completely de-Christianize.

By a remarkable coincidence, "Humanities Manifesto" was published a few months after Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew have achieved victory in forty-nine states over George McGovern during the election campaign in 1972, received the code name "triple A" — amnesty, abortion, drugs (asid). Despite the defeat of the Liberals in 1972.1980, 1984, 1988 and 1944, "Humanities Manifesto" at first be perceived as a top radicalism, gradually, as the weakened resistance of the Republicans became the ideology of the Democratic Party. However, one of his thesis is ambiguous. He says that the "separation of church and state and the ideology of the state has requirements that are binding." However, the "secular humanism" in itself a religion, the religion of the American elite, implanted in society Supreme Court. Perhaps the greatest success of this most formidable rival of Christianity is the belief of Christians, though it&#39;s not about competition, but only of a rational approach to ideology.

Christians were defeated by a militant minority beliefs are alien to the American heartland, but which has managed to get into the Supreme Court and to push through his last wishes. Revolution can be accused of anything, not just a lack of patience. In the words of Cervantes, pay tribute devil.

Christians who believe that the court only established equal rights for all religions, have lost all sense of reality. The court took from them all that they had, and gave them to competitors. And lost they will not be able to return without a fight. In the book "When the dying nation" Jim Nelson Black hits the Protestants:

"One of the major reasons for the decline of American society in the last century is an incipient trend among Christians cede territory without a fight — in the name of practical use. Especially this sin Protestants who use every opportunity to retreat. Most Christians have in fact given way to "arena" political and ethical battles, and voluntarily gave way, long before the fighters for the freedom of the individual, the fear that drives us back to the church. "

Perhaps, it is said too sharply, but Christians need a good shake-up, if they do not want to lose your country. And they need leaders who are ready to fight. KS Lewis warned against compromise, which he called a cloak that hides the nakedness of indecision and timidity:

"We, the Christians, the urge to go on unnecessary concessions to those who do not belong to our faith … We are giving away too much … there comes a time when we should be firm. We need to show everyone what a true Christian, faithful to Jesus Christ. We can not remain silent or give way in everything. "

By the twenty-first century of de-Christianization of society is complete. Celebrating Easter, Christmas carols and submission, Christian books, movies, the procession will disappear not only from school curricula, but also, as they say, out of use. After all, schools are building a learning process, as it is convenient to them, not listening to the wishes of the parents and taxpayers, they are guided by the instructions of ships, spreading thesis, University of California and the "Humanities Manifesto".

The city Ripablik, Missouri, activists have made removal of the revolution with the city seal shapes of fish, "as the fish is a symbol of Christianity … and most of the people who send letters identify the fish is with Christianity."

In May 2001, two students brought charges against Virginia Military Institute charged with violating the constitution — due to the fact that before the evening meal the students were supposed to read a prayer.

Eliminating God from public life of America is not going democratic way — on the contrary, dictatorial, and our ancestors would not have to tolerate this. Why is today&#39;s Americans have made similar — in fact the majority approves and prayers and Christmas carols and Bible readings, and observance of the Ten Commandments? Because we live under the rule of judges, and the Congress does not want to deal with them. If America ceases to be a Christian country, it will be because it will cease to be a democratic country. Here it is, a real sour d&#39;etat.

"We have, sir, the people rule" — once proudly claimed by the Americans. Alas, this is not the case. In America, the majority does not rule, but a handful of minority representation that the future of our state and our nation is supported by five members of the Supreme Court — despite the fact that their names did remember that one in ten Americans …


With the de-Christianization occurred and the overthrow of ethics, based on the principles of Judeo-Christian religion, it was replaced by a new ethic based on the thesis that "the Humanities Manifesto". Again, this did not happen as a result of the free will of the people, but by the court. Abortion is considered a crime, now he — quite permissible act. So the court said. Prayers at school before classes violate the First Amendment, but the naked girl in a nightclub or in any way corrupts the youth. When Colorado referendum called for the prevention of the legalization of homosexuality, the Supreme Court determined that the vote was held with violations, and canceled the results.

"Our laws and social institutions should be based on the words of the Savior of mankind and embody his teaching, — says the decision of the Supreme Court in 1892 in the case of the" Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States. "- Our civilization and our establishment is entirely Christian." By decision of the Court of contemporary America got rid of Christianity. Former Ethics died, and the society that it united, no longer exists.

As America meekly accepted his decision, the Supreme Court continued its black activities. The decision on the case of the Richmond newspapers (1980) Justice William J. Brennan described the new order. According to him, the judge "not only arbitrator, but in his sphere, full-fledged legislators." In 1985, the same judge said, speaking to students at Georgetown Law School: "Majority control processes may seem attractive, but by and large they do not work." The court&#39;s role is "to the declaration of the inherent value of certain principles, values, independent of the bias current political majority." Judge Brennan wanted to say that is enduring its own values, which he imposes popular majority.

"The court, not the people, now poses a source of change in American society," — says Professor William Quirk, author of "The judicial diktat." This situation is strikingly contrary to what Jefferson called the "fundamental principle", namely: "the government is republican, as long as it takes velyu people and carries it."

Warren, Douglas, Brennan and Blackmun won. We no longer have republic. And Christianity, expelled from schools and from the city streets, is gradually losing ground. In the Gallup poll in 1999 62 per cent of young people agreed that "religion is losing its influence on American society." Another survey showed that in America, "atheists and agnostics more than Mormons, Jews or Muslims." Of the fourteen millions of unbelievers half belongs to the "Generation X" and 31 percent — to a generation of Baby bummerov. Only 42 percent of Americans still believe Christianity is the only true religion. In 1996, 62 percent of Protestants and 74 percent of Catholics said that all religions are equally important. America is still the most "Christianized" country of the West, but for the majority of the current faith — is far from being a militant and austere faith of their ancestors. Prediction came true Catholic Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, made in 1931. We create, claimed Sheen:

"… Open-minded society that sees no difference between God and God as the primary cause as" mental projection ", which compares each of Christ and the Buddha, St. Paul, and John Dewey, and then soars to the heavenly synthesis and starts saying that Christianity does not better than other religions and that all world religions are the same. "

So far, no court has not yet obligated to rewrite church hymns, prayers and Bible so that these texts are compatible with the new secular catechism. The church itself did it without any coercion. Why? Until at the human reason.

Many young priests themselves do not believe in irrefutable truths taught by them in the seminaries, and do not want to keep up with his generation, "leaving in the far future", so they are trying to do the impossible — to reconcile Christianity with the counterculture. But in his desperate effort to pull this "merger", they only expose themselves to ridicule.

"Good news! How is sweet the sound that saved a wretched slave! "- This is the very first line, perhaps, the well-known hymn, written repentant slave ship captain John Newton in 1779. In some embodiments, this line is changed to "saved and strengthened me" or "liberated and saved me." Why? To get rid of unwanted reminder of the sinfulness of the human race and the redemption of sin through Jesus Christ.

Stanzas "To America the Beautiful" with strings "How nice for pilgrim feet / Tortured rigors of the road / I got used to freedom …" is often omitted in the collections of hymns and songs. Why? Because, says the Rev. Harold Jacobs of an Indian tribe Lambert, "white Indians trampled and paved his way to freedom over their bodies."

The strings "White as snow. Lord, make me … "from the hymn" All in the hands of thy God "is often sung as" Wash me, Lord, wash away. " Obviously, the phrase "white as snow" has racist overtones. Appeal, "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" is now replaced by the "Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer", which makes a more neutral phrase from a gender perspective. A New York Riverside Church prefers to such treatment, "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God, the Mother of human."

Mother of God, pray for us.

Hymns "Onward soldiers of Christ" and "I am a soldier of the cross," rejected as too bellicose. Hymns "He guided me" and "God, the Father of the people" are recognized chauvinistic. Anthem, "Yes Lord give rest to you" — also invalid, the hymn "Faith of our Fathers" is constantly criticized. Those who like the melody, but do not like the word, can substitute "mothers" or "ancestors" instead of the "fathers." Anthem "God of Our Fathers" became "Lord eras," and instead of "Son of Man" in some congregations sing a hymn called "Human child."

In 1980 he founded the National Council of Churches Commission feminist scholars, who were instructed to create a new dictionary of expressions of church. "Supreme Being" instead of "Lord", "Child of God" instead of "Son of God" and so on. The desire of the Lord created Adam and Eve were formulated as follows: "It is not good that the human being wanders alone, it is necessary to create a pair."

When the first volume of the "full language lexicon" was published in 1983, a professor of political science at Rhodes College Michael Nelson wrote: "After two weeks, alternating bouts of rage and high jinks church sent this volume to where he deserves — a landfill."

On his deathbed atheist Voltaire said: "I would like to turn to God with a single prayer. Oh my God! Let my enemies would be ridiculous. " And God said to Voltaire: "No court forced the clergy to expose themselves to ridicule. They were eager to meet, and as a result have been out of business. And before you blame for the fifteen-year addiction to sex and drugs, the church ought to attend to the souls of adults ruling the country. "


The dictionary communists "peaceful coexistence" is not meant the real world. This term is meant to continue the struggle in other, non-military means. The struggle for hegemony and ethical ends only when one of the parties will be the loser, and the other will prevail. If traditionalists believe that they can co-exist peacefully with the Cultural Revolution, they should recall the recent lecture at the National Endowment for the Arts on the desecration of Christian symbols and attacks on Christian ethics.

"Manneken Christ" Andreas Serrano is a photograph of a large crucifix submerged in urine. Robert Mappltorp turned the altarpiece of the Virgin Mary in a blood-stained tie and posted a photo of himself with a whip, protruding from the anus. In the novel "Strange Town" a poet describes Christ as a six year old boy, over which the abused adult. In the catalog of art, published by funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, activist for AIDS calls the late Cardinal John O&#39;Connor "fat cannibal from home with swastikas on Fifth Avenue" A "home with swastikas" refers to St. Patrick&#39;s Cathedral, desecrated homosexuals who once appeared on the Sunday mass on the floor and povyplevyvali consecrated bread and water. The central element of the exhibition "Sensation" at the Brooklyn Museum of Art has been painting "The Holy Virgin Mary", depicting the Mother of God from head to toe in elephant feces, against female genital mutilation, which form a sort of halo. In the next room were exposed to a life-size mannequins — naked girls with penises protruding from their bodies in the most unexpected places.

"Art — the things without which you can always do" — Andy Warhol claimed. Picasso&#39;s attitude to art more seriously: "Art is not for the finish of the apartments … Art — weapon of the revolution." William Wheeler, one of America&#39;s greatest sculptors, recognized that the purpose of modern art is "the destruction of the cultural heritage of faith." In other words, the art — another front of uninterrupted war, which leads Cultural Revolution with Christianity.

In 2001, the Brooklyn Museum presented an exhibition of Renee Cox&#39;s "Last Supper Yo Momma." One of the photos undress Miss Cox portrayed Jesus, eleven black buddies were apostles, and the only white personified Judas. When Mayor Giuliani allowed myself to walk about the "anti-Catholic orientation of the Brooklyn Museum" and established a commission to "restore order", the head of the Bronx Fernado Ferrer said that the proposal of the mayor reminded him of "Berlin 1939."

In fact, all that dirt that creative community dumped on Catholics and their sacred symbols, does resemble Berlin in 1939, especially the book of Julius Streicher «Der Sturmer», where the beliefs of the Jews were subjected to the same ridicule, what Mappltorp, Serrano and Cox subjected beliefs of Catholics today . What&#39;s the difference? Anti-Catholicism, anti-Semitism is that intellectuals have "fashion" of the current political elite. And skeptical, to say the least, the attitude towards Catholicism is not unique to the capital and major cities.

In early 2001, at the Museum of International Art Santa Fe was prepared to put up a computer collage titled "Our Lady of Guadalupe" — almost naked, except for a bikini of roses, the woman at the hands of an angel with a naked breast. When the Rev. Michael J. Sheehan protested and went to the museum an angry mob of local residents, the museum&#39;s director, Thomas Wilson threw up his hands: "We did not expect anything like this." Exhibition curator Tey Marianna Nunn did not conceal bewilderment, in an interview with the newspaper "New York Taymc", she said that the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the sacred icons of Mexican Americans, are very common and that the Virgin depicted in the form of a Barbie doll and kimono karate, and as a tattooed lesbian … ".

As you know, the art — the mirror of the soul. TS Eliot called art the embodiment of human religion. If this is true, what is the soul of the above-mentioned "artists"? What happens if they want to ridicule the Holocaust — for example, set the computer collage: Nude Anne Frank flirts with the SS at Auschwitz? Or to put theater show making fun of Dr. King?

We know the answer. When the French company "Alcatel", with the permission of King&#39;s family, used a piece of Dr. King&#39;s speech in television commercials, a spokesman NAASR Julian Bond said: "At least something should remain sacred." The new paganism is quite acceptable pornographic card with the Virgin Mary, but Dr. King&#39;s speech is sacred and inviolable.

Years ago, when the screens released film, "The Prophet," in which the viewer showing the face of Muhammad, which in itself was an insult to Muslims by blood, cinemas refused to take the film to hire for fear of bloody reprisals. When Salman Rushdie published "The Satanic Verses", a novel, a recognized offensive to Islam, he had to spend several years abroad, hiding from a fatwa — a death sentence, the announcement by the Ayatollah Khomeini. Of course, fatwas and suicide — not the American way to protest, and we are more accustomed to economic boycotts and political strikes. When Christians advised to "turn the other cheek," we must remember that we are in such cases, are responsible for themselves and not for the Lord. Christ himself drove the money changers from the temple whip …

In 1990, the editor of "Emerick Arts Quarterly," James F. Cooper published advertisement. Just as Horace Greeley called Civil War veterans to go to the West, Cooper turned to Cold War veterans, "Bring back our culture!" Conservatives, according to Cooper:

"… Never seem to have not read the arguments of Mao Zedong on the conduct of the culture war against the West. Meanwhile, Mao&#39;s works included in the scope of required reading for a generation of the 1960s, inspired by Herbert Marcuse, a generation that is now in power, the Conservatives … hard not to notice the fact that contemporary art — for a long time has forgotten idealism Manet, Degas, Cezanne and Rodin — turned a provider of destructive, stupid, ugly, pornographic, Marxist, anti-American ideology in the conductor. "

Christian response to the attacks on the Lord, to the desecration on Exercise Serrano, Mappltorna, Cox and the company was, one might say, almost inaudible, and quite pathetic. As expressed by Regis Philbin: "Is that your final answer?"


The battle for the soul of America continues unabated. In the spring of 2000, a lesbian student from Tufts University filed charges of discrimination against the local branch of the Inter-University Christian society, denying her the right to be present at the meeting. Defensively, the leader of the society said: "When we are asked to give up the Bible does it mean for us to give up the essence of our religion."

Result: Student Court dissolved the local branch of the Christian society, stripped of its funding, and forbade members of the community to gather on campus. Office has had to remove their names from any mention of Tufts University. Most of the students applauded the decision: after all, disparage homosexuals, they explained, is to behave properly. The University appealed to the state court — and won. But this case was a harbinger of subsequent events.

At Tufts University clashed Ver. Catechism of the Revolution teaches that homosexuality — dignity, not a sin, and that all people who are homosexuals and lesbians disapproval, the essence of conservatives who need to be retrained. According to the Bible, homosexuality is unnatural and depraved. And here we come to the basis of the culture war: what beliefs — or rather, on whose beliefs — must be based laws? At Tufts University a new faith in the short term has replaced the old one, and the Christians had to obey. The revolution recognizes the co-existence only so long as not achieve hegemony. And then begins to dictate terms.

But who is right? What is homosexuality — it is immoral or moral turpitude and legitimate way of life? Dr. Charles Socarides, the author of many books, winner of the Association of the British Society of Psychoanalysts of Health, studied homosexuality for over forty years. One-third of his patients after treatment returned to normal life, married or married and have kids. Dr. Socarides describes how the cultural revolution has transformed the "pathology" in the norm of life. He writes:

"The activists do not become smaller. They began attacking the world — not national! — The psychological community bodies and managed to neutralize their complete rethinking of the term "homosexuality". In 1972 and 1973, they re-elected the governing bodies of the American Psychiatric Association and, through a series of maneuvers and intrigues, literally overnight, "heal" homosexuality as a phenomenon. Association at their instigation said that attraction to persons of the same sex is not unnatural. It&#39;s just a characteristic — as neutral as, say, left-handedness. Those who do not agree with these political rethinking, soon silenced by administrative measures. Our lectures were canceled without warning, our research and articles without explanation rejected by scientific journals. And in a society where the meantime there were more serious things.

Television and film producers began to make films that promote homosexuality as a norm of life. "Blue" magazine taught Hollywood how and what should be removed. Publishers stopped taking the manuscript, which contained at least hints of objections to the homosexual revolution. Gays and lesbians led sex education in schools, introduced in the dean&#39;s office and university councils. State legislatures, one by one abolished laws criminalizing sodomy a crime. "

In the movie "Philadelphia" Tom Henkc plays an AIDS patient advocate that plagued cruel colleagues. Hollywood gave Hanks &#39;Oscar&#39; for this politically correct role. But Socarides, who argues that homosexuality can be cured is no worse than alcohol in the clinic Bury Ford, do not give up. And traditionalists need to follow his example. After all, homosexuality — not freedom, but slavery is not a way of life, and a way of death. With the spread of AIDS patients of Dr. Socarides increasingly began to talk to him, "Doctor, if it were not for you, I would have died."

Those who believe that gay rights movement is the prototype of the twenty-first century, the movement for civil rights, missed a major difference. In the struggle for civil rights can and should be based on the Bible, the laws of nature and the words of Thomas Jefferson on the equality of all people before the law. As for homosexuality, then it&#39;s different. Jefferson regarded homosexuality as a grave crime. When he was governor of Virginia in 1779, he introduced homosexuality is heh penalty as for the violence. The Bible, the Catholic doctrine of the laws of nature, to put it mildly, did not approve of this phenomenon and to recognize the society in which it flourishes, decadent. Christians should reform such societies — or move away from them.

In his "Letter from Birmingham Jail," Martin Luther King said: "Just the law — the one that coined the people and the relevant ethical, or the law of God. And unjust law — one that contradicts the law of ethics. If we use the terminology of Saint Thomas Aquinas, an unjust law is a law that is not rooted in eternal and natural law. " However, current laws on homosexuality does not correspond to the "law of God", they did "not rooted in eternal and natural law." According to the definition proposed by Dr. King, these laws are unjust and contrary to the ethics committee. Christians do not accept and will never accept these laws. They are not likely to be driving force behind the unification of society.

The only way in which the gay rights movement can succeed in his bid to force society to accept homosexuality as a norm of life, is in the preliminary de-Christianization of society. And it must be admitted — the first steps in this direction have already been made.


We are taking a bold attempt only. Like Lucifer and Adam, Western man has decided that he can not disobey God without any consequences himself to be God. Rejecting Christianity, Western man seems to say: "With the help of biology and medicine, we learned how to prevent the emergence of life, how to prolong life as a life as a clone of it. With the help of military technology, we have learned how to win wars without losing a single soldier. With the help of monetary financial policy, we have learned to prevent economic crises. We&#39;ll soon find out how to prevent a recession. The global economy promises prosperity to all people on the planet thanks to the free market and free trade. Global democracy will bring us peace of the world, rather than national governments we will have a world government. The Lord was a great flight instructor, but now we have learned to do without it. Next we will go ourselves. "

De-Christianization of America — a gamble, bet in which our civilization stands. America threw overboard "ethical compass" by which the republic was holding path for two hundred years, and now floats at random. The course paves the only reason — God&#39;s revelation is neglected. The Founding Fathers warned that this — the bridge to nowhere. No country can remain free if it loses virtue, and virtue can not exist in the absence of faith. "Do not give in to the illusion that morality is possible without religion" — Washington warned in his farewell address to the nation. — Go to the wealth and prosperity is a lot of roads, and on each of them you will support only faith and morals. " John Adams agreed with his predecessor: "Our Constitution is made only for a moral and religious people, for everyone else it is not suitable."

Let&#39;s see what happened to our society after the overthrow of the old moral order:

  • out of every four newborn white one born out of wedlock. In 1960, these infants was 2 percent. Three of the four unmarried white women to lose their virginity age of nineteen. In 1900, the figure was 6 percent. The suicide rate among adolescents has tripled in comparison with the beginning of the 1960s. Tests among high school students show that today we have the lowest level of education among all industrialized countries.
  • per year in the United States today is made 1.2-1.4 million abortions, the highest level in the West, despite the fact that a decision on the case "Roe v. Wade" the total number of abortions was 40 million. The number of children born in wedlock in the United States dropped from 4 million in 1960 to 2.7 million in 1996.
  • the divorce rate has increased by 350 percent compared to the year 1962, at least a third of American children live with one parent.
  • nearly 2 million Americans are in prisons, 4.5 million were released on bail or on bail. In 1980, the number of prisoners in the United States was equal to 500,000 people.
  • in the United States today six million drug addicts.
  • in the African American community, 69 percent of babies are born out of wedlock, two-thirds of children living with one parent, 28.5 per cent of boys are expected to fall into the jail. In large cities, four out of every ten black men between the ages of sixteen and thirty-five years in prison or on probation or released on bail. Drugs pandemic spread. Kids do not want to learn, conscious children are humiliated and beaten. Girls raped by members of youth gangs, "addicted" to drugs and rap.

Such are the statistics of a decadent society and dying civilization, these are the first fruits of the Cultural Revolution, dehristianiziruyuschey America. By studying these data, necessarily remember the words of Whittaker Chambers in "Witness": "The history of the rubble strewn peoples who lost their God, and they died." John Blake Nelson adds:

"How far would you not looked in the foundation of any great nation, every society has always been a religion. Whether in India, China, Palestine, Greece, Carthage, Africa or the civilization of South and Central America, all going the same: civilization arose from religion and traditional beliefs when, for whatever reasons, ceased to influence the society and the nation died " .

Europe for a long time like the United States. In Canada, between 1960 and 2000, the number of children born out of wedlock has increased from 4 to 31 percent, and in the UK — from 5 to 38 percent, in France — from 6 to 36 percent.

People have disappeared moral reference point, said Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O&#39;Connor, Archbishop of Westminster, in his address to the participants of the congress of priests in September 2001. People are looking for happiness in alcohol, drugs, pornography, sex — repeated after the Cardinal Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, who performed a similar congress last year. "Thriving silent atheism. It is believed that the death sum up everything that posthumous reward will not be so useless to care about eternal values. "

But for that one — grief, for the happiness of another. For ardent Marxist Castro Cuba — the real communist paradise in comparison with Cuba 1950, the society is much more dignified and fair than the one that created the refugees and exiles in Miami. For our cultural elite divorce, abortion and death of Christian institutions like the hallowed church marriage can serve as milestones on the road to freedom.

But how do we create a moral society, if we can not even agree with each other, what is moral and what — no?

Boy Scouts become fanatics

"Culture is a religion, reified and explanations," — said the theologian Henry Van Til. Echoing the historian Christopher Dawson, Russell Kirk wrote that every culture has its roots in the "cult" that is, in religion. "This is not just a play on words — adds Bruce fronts, professor at the Centre Cultural Renaissance of Russell Kirk&#39;s name:

"Both the words" culture "and" cult "comes from the Latin colere, which means" to grow, nurture, cultivate, "as cultivated garden or educate yourself … Dawson argued that the nation emerges from the common worship. As people are added together liturgical practices — whether real or simple liturgy chanting hymns — arise and social customs relating to food, art, everyday rituals. These generic skills bring people to the people, the culture, and all the people associated with religion. "

The aim is to destroy the secularists connection between culture and religion. If they achieve this, the culture dies. Dr. Kirk writes:

"Any culture comes from religion. When faith is weakened, the culture is in decline, though often formed the appearance of prosperity of culture against the withering nourished her faith. However, no religion can not exist without a healthy culture, no culture remain indifferent to wilt or "weathering" transcendental "."

Thus, the culture war is a religious war at the same time, the proof of which may be the last clash — the battle of the Boy Scouts.

In the book, the Boy Scouts of 1911 contains the following commandment: "The boy did not become a citizen without recognizing its obligations to the Lord." Scout Oath reads: "On my honor to do my duty to God and my country." Homosexual intercourse is incompatible with the need to observe the "moral clarity" in their charters the organization.

Since its inception, the American Boy Scouts&#39; adherence to these principles. However, public opinion had time variable, and scouts seem to have not noticed. In the end, what had seemed morally correct in 1980, was the fanaticism of the year 2001. For the newspaper "New York Times" Modern Boy Scouts "sort of hate groups." And scouts or adapt to the changing social morality, or adherents of the cultural revolution will achieve their elimination.

The revolution simply can not coexist with the Boy Scouts organization — large, respected and loved, inspiring addition to the values of respect for the boys, who rejects the revolution itself. Therefore rests on a table with an ultimatum: Boy Scouts guarantee the preservation of their position in society, on one condition — they give up some of their traditions and cede some of the principles. In particular, the articles of association must allow the scouts and their mentors atheism and homosexuality.

"Make him an offer he can not refuse" — used to say Don Corleone. Revolution makes the Boy Scouts offer that they really can not be, because they have small choice: give up — or die.

Given what happened to the Catholic Church, took refuge in the bosom of which, as it turned out, pedophile priests, servants of the pursuing, the desire to prevent the infiltration of homosexuality in the ranks of the Boy Scouts would, first of all, a manifestation of common sense. However, the ideology denies common sense. The University of California today defends the right of homosexuals to lead scout troops — and the right of the North American League Men love to publish manuals on "recruiting" partners without attracting police attention (in other words, the benefits for pedophiles, "How to seduce an innocent boy"). Act against the League parents ten year old boy who raped and killed a member of this organization.

What is so important battles the Boy Scouts?

Having rejected the assertion scouts that they — a private organization that is not subject to state anti-discrimination laws, the Supreme Court of New Jersey ordered the Boy Scouts now accept homosexuals into their ranks — in the name of high-end, "the elimination of discrimination in society." Thus, the Court once again confirmed the compliance of the Scout charter of Christian morality: the Bible, and Scout charter homosexuality is a perversion, "ulcer" on the body of American society.

Then, by five votes to four, the Court delivered Scouts from having to decide — whether to adhere to the covenants of the Lord, or being swept the state machine. However, the persistence of scouts cost them receiving less than one million dollars. In New York, California, Massachusetts and Minnesota school boards banned the Scouts access to the territory of secondary schools. Similarly, did the City Hall of Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Thirty-two local offices Scouts have lost touch with each other and the company, "Levi-Strauss," "Wells Fargo" and "Textron" — refused them financial support. The Union of Jewish congregations U.S. issued a memorandum stating the need to break with the scouts. Film director Steven Spielberg has left the board of trustees of the organization of the Boy Scouts, saying: "The last few years have saddened me deeply — American Boy Scouts openly and actively participated in the discrimination of others. It&#39;s a shame! "When the scouts came on stage at the opening of the Democratic convention in Los Angeles, the delegates met with their hooting. Reporter Valerie Richardson wrote:

"Under normal circumstances, this would be seen as a reason to remove a delegate from the audience. But those who thought that the Democrats will stand on ceremony with scouts, obviously came to the wrong address … support of gay rights has become an integral part of the democratic ideology is as important as the struggle for civil rights. "

In April 2001, the Cultural Revolution rolled on its advanced mortar — CB5 Channel show "Sixty Minutes" — and, in the words of columnist Nat Hentoff, "one scout volley destroyed." Hentoff also allowed myself to quote "Democracy in America," Alexis de Tocqueville: "The right of association is as inseparable as individual freedom."

However, these rights have become the first victims of a culture war being waged without respite and truces. Traditionalists are forced to retreat, but can not resist throwing. Following the de-Christianization of public schools and city streets will capture private schools and private organizations. Tempting public money, the people forced to abandon God and to recognize the catechism of the revolution, which clearly states: "All life styles are equal." Who says, to be anathema. What is the future, in that case, expect the West? Once again, the word of Eliot:

"If Christianity will die, die with him our entire culture. And I&#39;ll have to start all over again, slowly and painfully, and a new culture of nowhere appears. You have to wait until the grass germinates, then feed it to the sheep, wool sostrich then, and only then knit yourself a sweater. We are waiting for long centuries of barbarism. Most likely, we will not live to see the flowering of a new culture, as well as our prapraprapravnuki — and if they will live, hardly any of us, it will bring happiness. "

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