Death of the West. Part 9. Most frightened

Why are Christians allowed to have their faith and their God banished from their own churches? Why are they so little resistance? Napoleon claimed that God is on the side of superior forces. In America, Christians are still the majority, then God must be on their side. However, they are inferior — and infantry, and cavalry, and even Dragoons. In his book "The Long March" by Roger Kimball, editor of the "New Kraytirion" cultural front break ties with the weakening of the Conservatives:

"The long march of the American Cultural Revolution ended with success, which dared to dream that perhaps the most obsessed with their utopian fantasies.

The greatest irony is that this victory has been achieved against the backdrop of increasing sympathy of the electorate to the "right." There can not shocking to discover that the supposed triumph of the Conservatives in the election had almost no impact on the dominance of the "left" of theories, ideas, and beliefs in our culture. On the contrary, the so-called culture war conservatives continue to suffer defeat after defeat. "

Despite boasting some conservatives — say, if you look closely, the victory in the culture war all the same for us — we are honest with ourselves and recognize the truth of Kimball. But why traditionalists back down? And the Christians and conservatives still have access to the media — from television to radio talks shows, from the Internet to glossy and popular science magazines. After 1968, Republicans won more victories than defeats suffered, that is, they are by no means lost their political will. Opinion polls show that people in the cultural confrontation on the side of tradition: Americans oppose conscription of women, against freedom of abortion and benefits based on race. They advocate for the preservation of the morning prayer in the schools and the observance of the Ten Commandments. They want to put a barrier uncontrolled immigration and declaring English the only official language of the United States. Nevertheless, ethical, social and cultural fronts combined force Republicans, conservatives and Christians continue to retreat with losses — and actually turned today, if I may say so, in the most frightened.

The White House declined to intervene in the massacre of John Ashcroft, which staged Ted Kennedy and the Democrats of the Judicial Committee. Neither Mr. Bush nor Vice-President did not take part in the congress of the Christian Coalition in 2000. Mr. Bush has confined himself sent a taped his own speech. However, he found time to meet with the Republicans out of the club-gay "Log Cabin." When the battle flag of the Confederacy has become a subject of discord and quarrels, Governor Bush said that the residents of South Carolina should be given the freedom to choose. But as soon as the primaries ended, the governor ordered removed from the building of the Supreme Court of Texas plaques in honor of those killed in the Civil War, the Confederates.

None of the speakers at the Republican Convention in Philadelphia is not possible to formulate relevant to modern ethics. And Colin Powell identified the best time of the day for arguments about the need to promote "positive policies"; shamed Republicans meekly smiling, listening to them all over the country are accused of non-compliance with the national interest. In the position of the party, which received the nickname of "Reaganism", was released a lot of critical arrows, but this position is now allowed to retain their lost influence on the culture and ethics of the society.

"Republicans have changed" — that was the theme of most of backroom discussions at the congress. So it really is.

Blasphemers critic Bill Meyher quipped that "the last time, when some of the Republicans were so many blacks, they sell them." When Mr. Bush tried to "reconcile" with NAASR, the organization said the new attack — this time it was a political advertisement featuring the daughter of James Byrd, implied that Mr. Bush does not care about the fact Byrd lynching, since he opposed the law on hate crimes. Whenever the Republicans need to reach out to those who never misses an opportunity to bite them on the finger, the party subject to these requirements — and bite her again, much to the delight of the torturers. The magazine "National rivyu" summed up the policy of appeasement:

"Bush harder than any Republican candidate before him, trying not to offend the feelings of anything liberals. He announced support for immigration, supported bilingual education, deftly evaded a direct question about the benefits on the basis of race, spoke at the congress NAASR, agreed with the law on hate crimes and sent Colin Powell to denounce the Republicans at their own convention. The result: 35 percent of the votes of the Hispanic population — and even fewer votes blacks than it was Bob Dole in 1996. "

The Conservatives have lost the confidence inherent in his youth, when Christianity was a militant religion. They seemed anxious only to convince public opinion in their political correctness, benevolence and trustworthiness. After Mr. Bush formed his cabinet, NAASR Chairman Julian Bond said: "(President) brought together representatives of Taliban wing of American politics has satisfied the claims of right-wing extremists and the Cabinet of those who almost like a dog loyal to the ideas of the Confederation."

Majority Leader Richard Armey Congress wrote to President NAASR Quasi Mfume that such statements are "racial McCarthyism" and that "they provoke racial tensions." "Intentionally or not, — wrote the Army — these words are challenging our people and if they do not respond properly, will inevitably lead to a split in society." Army asked for a meeting, but Bond and Mfume rejected his letter as "a typical example of thinking of those who are against fairness and justice."

This episode is instructive. The representative of the leadership of the Republican Party actually asked for an audience with the leadership NAASR — an organization that humiliate his party and vilified the president elected by the people, and Julian Bond made no secret of his disdain for the Republicans and the values that protects their political program. Confident Republicans simply trampled to Bond, would require the IRS to conduct an audit of NAASR and ensure that the organization does not violate the tax laws, and refused to NAASR in federal funding that would inevitably lead to the dismissal of Bond, as possible measures shall mention the impact of the treatment to the companies that sponsored NAASR asking whether they support the demagogic attacks on the president, the application of certain provisions of the tax law for the punishment of funds, such as the Ford Foundation, which funds are not subject to duties dollars public humiliation of the President and the Republican Party. As you know, the biblical principle — eye for an eye. Therefore, conservatives must come from NAASR as the Liberal Democrats come with a "new right".

Instead, Mr. Armey asked the audience and tried to start a dialogue! The battle at the front of the culture war does not correspond to the new image of the Republicans. With the departure of Ronald Reagan, the media never tired of repeating: "Forget about the culture — it does not leave. Forget about it, otherwise you lose. " Republicans have heeded the call — and turned into a bona fide artists will of their opponents in the culture war.

And America itself, like the Conservatives, has lost confidence in their own abilities. President Eisenhower had the operation "wet back" by sending home thousands of illegal immigrants, and did not think to apologize to anyone for the protection of borders and national interests of the United States. Today's Republicans do not even require a "seal" the border, through which penetrates to us each year half a million strangers. Nobody wants to get a brand nationalist. The conservative newspaper "Human Events" interviewed seventeen members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, all asked one question — if they approved of the expulsion from the country of illegal immigrants who violate our laws, of the seventeen people, only two said yes. Because Hispanics may avenge members of Congress demanding tougher immigration laws, Congress and does not insist on this tightening. Such cowardice could cost us our country. There is a general decline of the will, which is necessary for the preservation of the great powers, which once was America.

When at the beginning of his speech to students at Portland State University, Mr. Clinton said that in the near future "in the United States will remain the majority race," "the audience broke out into applause." History shows that such a case chaetsya extremely rare — so that people applauded the news that they and their children, that is the very most, will be deprived of their cultural heritage in their own country, created by their ancestors.

Anomie, so typical of the current America, Europe significantly more pronounced. State, was exhibited in the twentieth century, armies of millions, now have to work up the troops to protect its own borders. Moreover, they prefer to involve the protection of its borders Americans! Europe's population is shrinking, the state was divided, but few seem to have cared. Filled with guilt, Germans tend to dissolve in a united Europe. Other nations, too, as if tired of independence and freedom and are willing to accept the dictatorship of the European Union. "Nations — the wealth of mankind, its versatile personalities, even the smallest of them has its own color and its own place in the divine pattern, — said Alexander Solzhenitsyn. — The disappearance of nations impoverish the world is not less than obodinakovlenie all the people with one face and a single character" . Nevertheless, the European states and the nation seems to have come to terms with the fact that their stay on the planet is coming to an end.

Leaders who want to preserve their national identity, get branded racists and xenophobes. In Denmark, the Minister of Internal Affairs Karen Jespersen, the radical 1960s, has caused an uproar his proposal to expel refugees with criminal records on a desert island. She does not want to live, said Jespersen, in a multicultural society, where criminals have equal rights of civilians and where all cultures are equal.

Denmark in general has become a haven for political refugees, so that Danish hospitality actively using gangs of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Ukraine. Jespersen's statements about the fact that she prefers its own culture all the way, followed by a series of assaults on the Danish women, organized by people from the Middle East, in addition to the requirement put forward by Denmark on the adoption of Islamic law that imposes significant restrictions on women's rights, the restoration of the death penalty and the practice of cutting off hands for theft.

Europe was horrified, the response was "immediate and severe", as noted by the magazine "Policy rivyu" Henrik Bering. The European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia to investigate these cases. In Denmark itself, 33 percent of the civilian budget which goes to social protection immigrants make up 4 percent of the population, the Danes began to act in support of Karen Jespersen.

Europe has lost its vitality. In the book, "Suicide of the West", written in 1964, the Cold War strategist James Bringing came to the conclusion that there is a specific European way of thinking, reconciling Europeans with the loss of their empires and the decline of civilization. Refund named manifestation of this thinking in the society, "the ideology of Western suicide." We see that the disease has spread to all of the West today, and has grown into an epidemic.

But why are the Conservatives so hesitantly resisted the cultural revolution that threatens the existence of their cyclization? It appears that for several reasons.


First, followers of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan came to politics in the belief that America is losing the Cold War. In other words, they were totally unprepared for the war culture. And with the election of Ronald Reagan, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet empire has disappeared and that motivational factor that caused these people to go into politics.

In addition, most conservatives from politics, journalism and broadcasting is much more versed in the economy and foreign policy, rather than in the history, philosophy and theology. As one wit, "Republicans were forced to come down to earth to cut taxes." Sometimes it seems that the only reason that they are really down to earth. Absolutely, "unshod" in ethics and culture, they are lost when there are such problems, even worse, do not have them any interest, because they believe that they have no relation to real politics. The late Richard Weaver was referring to just such Republicans when he wrote: "Many of the traditions of our world suffered not only because of birth defects, but because of the stupidity, incompetence and intellectual laziness of those … whose duty it was to protect them."

Faced with the ethical, social and cultural issues, the Conservatives dismissed from them and deeply into the issues of taxation and military doctrine, where they felt on solid ground. However, despite the persistent unwillingness of Republicans to pay attention to the cultural war, the war flared up even more. After all, as Trotsky wrote, "the war may not be interesting to you, but you are interested in the war."

Second, capturing the public institutions that have a particular impact on young people — MTV, other TV channels during prime time, the cinema and the media, schools and colleges — the Cultural Revolution gained the opportunity to form outlook of the young generation of artists, actors, playwrights, poets, singers most of them have moved to the side of the revolution. Analysts and commentators were in the minority, and, of course, could not stand alone against the new force. In addition amusement in the Cultural Revolution, were for the young are much more attractive, so many children have joined the traditionalists to their opponents. However, having grown older, many of these "prodigal children" back under his father's roof.

Half a century ago, the literary critic Lionel Trilling wrote, "In the United States, liberalism is not only domshiruet, but it is the only intellectual tradition. There is no doubt that today's society, the lack of any popular conservative or reactionary ideas. " These words were an exaggeration, even at that time, but they will certainly contain a grain of truth. And after the sixties there was a "population explosion" among the creators of culture and "the rulers of the minds" — intellectuals, critics, teachers, journalists, writers, artists and bureaucrats. And not just conservatives outnumbered — they literally trampled.

Crane Brigton in his book "Anatomy of Revolution," writes that the sign is "significantly unstable society" is the sudden emergence of many intellectuals who:

"… Vicious attack on existing social institutions require significant changes in society, business and management. Purely metaphorically, we can compare these intellectuals with leukocytes, the guardians of the circulatory system, but with an excess of white blood cells in humans have been known to develop leukemia … "

If we use the definition Britton, today's America is on the verge of leukemia.

Third, in contrast to the political conflicts in which there is always the possibility of a compromise, the cultural war is uncompromising draw. The triumph of one side of a defeat of the other and vice versa. The spread of abortion, suicide and legalization of same-sex marriage — the phenomena that require politicians who prefer a "middle ground", a clear answer — yes or no. Republicans, most of whom do not consider politics as a bloody fun, were not ready for a fierce battle with critical theory, which does not recognize the right of the enemy resistance.

In the past, those in power, "pointed with pride," and those who threw the authorities call "watched with apprehension." The Cultural Revolution knows no other way of being, other than attack, as traditionalists have to constantly defend. "The power is not in defense but in attack" — wrote a cultural revolutionary past century by the name of Adolf Hitler.

Consider the thirty-year war for the possession of one of the "commanding heights" of society — the Supreme Court. Two candidates for Mr. Nixon, federal judges Heynsuort Clement and J. Harold Carswell, did not follow the statement — as well as two candidates Ronald Reagan, federal Judge Robert Bork and Douglas Ginsburg (and the latter was charged with the persecution of marijuana users). The surname Bork was formed verb «to bork», means "spoil the reputation of the candidate in the eyes of the voters." Candidate George W. Bush Clarence Thomas was forced to "pass the gauntlet" slanderous.

In striking contrast to this "moral beating" the conservative candidate is elected by members of the Supreme Court candidates Clinton Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. For both treated with respect and approve their nominations without any delay. The Democratic Party, admittedly, understood and accepted the conditions of the culture war, while many Republicans still do not want to see the shells exploding around …

"Politics stopped at the water's edge," "partisan ends with the sunset" — such are the political cliches yesterday. Cultural war is the very phenomenon that Mao called "permanent revolution." With the descent of the Confederate battle flag in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, moved in front of the Mississippi. When all the flags will be lowered, will turn to the statues and portraits, then the names of schools, and so on, until they are eliminated and eradicated all reminders of the valor of southerners.

Fourth, the thirty years of fighting eased considerably Christian morality. Unlike the era of "The Bells of St. Mary" and "Song of Bernadette" priests and preachers today in film and on television often depict the hypocrites, libertines and fools. Who wants to speak out in defense of family values, knowing for sure that it is subjected to public ridicule? Like other public institutions, the church is under constant fire — and evinces obvious signs of fatigue. Besieged schism and speeches in defense of abortion and gay, torn apart by internal scandals (women preachers, priests, pedophiles, etc.), the church of today is very different from what it was yesterday. Like muscles, moral authority without regular "training" atrophy. The fact that senators are Catholics, not having received the approval of their bishops, have supported Bill Clinton's veto on a law banning abortions late in pregnancy — a "blatant murder" in the words of Senator Moynigana — shows how low the fallen church and faith in the blessed the time of Pius the Twelfth.

Constant accusations of racism, chauvinism, homophobia and bigotry could not undermine the morale of the traditionalists. Price continue the struggle could not seem excessive. Many have fallen into defeatism and despair, like the Hollywood stars and starlets that threaten to leave the country because they do not want to live in America, George W. Bush. Christians today are expressing their feelings only in elections, but the ones they choose are not in a condition to fight.

Judge Clarence Thomas talked about the price of resistance at a gala dinner at the American Enterprise Institute in 2001: "The politically active citizens are often subjected to vicious attacks, they are called racists, homophobes, chauvinists, give the other no less discordant nicknames." A flurry of attacks, the judge added, "we learn to restrain themselves. But this is not a display of courtesy, it is plain cowardice. " As a member of the Supreme Court, Thomas made a formal request for the feasibility of a "positive policy" and create advantages on race. Leaders of ethnic organizations immediately accused him of betraying his people, and their purpose, according to Thomas, it was intimidating.

Clarence Thomas failed to intimidate, but his followers were people less resistant. They just wanted to be left alone. But in a culture war peace — a luxury, you need to continually make choices and decisions, even worse, constantly move back and retreat …

Fifth, the people of "God's country" accustomed to respect their leaders and submit to them. Revolutionaries like Warren Douglas and Brennan relied on the "innate conservatism" silent majority, making their radical proposals. For many Americans, these proposals have caused outrage, but they still abide by the decision of the Supreme Court, giving authority imperious authority. As long as Americans believe that the government acts in strict accordance with the constitution, they will obey. Conservatives, by definition, not the rebels. However, those were not the Founding Fathers — as long as them, they say, are not pushed to the wall.

Finally, a new generation for whom the cultural revolution at all, and not a revolution, and culture, with which they were born and grew up. Homosexuality, pornography, rough wrestling on TV and in the movies, swearing in the lyrics — all surrounded them with cradles. Not surprisingly, many members of this generation are in complete confidence: the former was the epitome of evil America. Traditional culture they simply do not understand. They graduated from the schools and colleges have learned all that they were taught and believed in the theory, trivialize and defiling our past. "We kidnap your children!" — Shouted extremists sixties. It happened.

And with the current tolerance of the cultural elite is the main drawback of conservatives in the fact that they — conservatives. In the 1770s, people have conservative views, such as Washington and John Hancock, have realized that they need to become rebels, as Patrick Henry and Sam Adams. In the midst of the French Revolution, when came to power Robespierre and Bonaparte, the opposition to them was not only Edmund Burke, but Nelson with the Iron Duke.

Dr. Sam Francis, a political commentator and author of the book "Revolution from the heartland," writes:

"The first thing we need to learn to win a victory in the culture war, is that we are not fighting for the sake of what else, but for the overthrow of the new order. We must understand the need to be aware that the power — governments, the media, schools, universities, much of the organized culture, including art and entertainment — not only did not take any steps to preserve what is considered the nation's heritage, but also seeks the destruction of this heritage — or indifferent to his disappearance. If we want to preserve the culture, we have to get rid of threatening her power. "

Traditionalists who love the culture and the country in which grown, must answer the following question: we just want to save the surviving remnants of the old culture — or are going to restore it in its entirety? Will we remain conservative — or become counter-revolutionaries and overthrow the dominant culture?

Americans perceive the Cultural Revolution as a continuation of "normal politics" does not understand the essence of this phenomenon, which is going to destroy our country as we knew it. With the revolution is not possible to reach a compromise. And indiscriminate use of categorical labels "extremist", "racist", "chauvinist", "homophobe", "nationalist", "xenophobe", "fascist", "Nazi" shows how seriously the revolution is set up and how it relates to those who she resists. For the true followers of the right of revolution, not just people who firmed in the mistaken opinion, the right for them — an absolute evil.

Said Jesse Jackson, the leader of black America, after the Republican victory in 1994: "The hatred and the pain spread throughout America. If that happens here, it would be in South Africa, everyone was talking to the apartheid. If this happened in Germany, all would remember the Nazis in Italy — fascists. And we hide behind a beautiful word "conservatism". "When it was a recount of votes in the presidential election in Florida, Jackson said," If George Bush wins, it will be a victory Nazis … It's time to go out into the streets. We must speak out against Bush, discredit him, do everything that he did not become president. "

Julian Bond for critics of "positive policies" — not only as "neo-fascists". For the former mayor of Atlanta Maynard Jackson Confederate battle flag — the swastika. Congresswoman Waters for Maksayna John Ashcroft — racist. Congressman William Clay of Missouri described the decision to appoint Mr. Bush Ashcroft's Justice Minister as "action in the spirit of the Ku Klux Klan — they also offered their help black people, in the form of loops viselichnyh and burning crosses."

Comparison of conservatives to Nazis and Ku Klux Klan back at least to Dr. King, who saw in the Goldwater campaign "clear signs of Hitlerism." Today, this comparison are all in a row, because we know that punishment will follow. Some journalists refer in this case to the leaders of the blacks, because they share a bias against conservatives, others cite Marcuse defended intolerance towards conservatism as the best way to remove the right of the government.

Branding opponents of the Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis, even more so with impunity, is bearing fruit. It throws the opponent out of the circle "decent people" pre discredits everything he's going to say, causes it to defend himself, not his political views. And one more thing: to oppose the Nazis or the "Night Wolves" where heroic, rather than compete with Denny Gastertom or Dick Armey. The stronger the demonized image of the enemy, the more you look like a hero in his own eyes.

In demonizing the right play a significant role fantasies of the left. Mr. Clinton told the tragic view of the fact that his youth in Arkansas racists burned black churches, but in fact it never was. Mr. Gore tearfully told the audience that at the bedside of her beloved sister, who was dying from lung cancer, has vowed to fight to the last breath against smoking. Only a short time later we learned that Mr. Gore, despite his vows, still did not quit smoking. Walter Mitya ridiculed Mr. Gore in his story about how Al Gore went online, found a "Love Canal" and found out that his stormy affair with a certain Tipper inspired the people to create a "Love Story." It is likely that in the minds of the real Mr. Gore sequence of events looks that way. And when Jesse Jackson compares the recount in Florida in the Battle of Selma, he not only exposes Republican lawyers, soldiers Bull Connor, but also portrays himself as a hero of the defense of the bridge over the river Alabama.

"I'm living on a teaspoon measure and add the" — complains Alfred Prufrock Thomas S. Eliot. Similarly, so does our cultural elite. But in their fantasies they daily fight to the death with the Nazis, fascists and Ku Klux Klan, which otherwise will attack defenseless and persecuted minority. How can you not admire the nobility of its own? For today's "progressives" is very real world of the television series "The West Wing" and "president" of New Hampshire Josiah Bartlett.

Such a policy does not require any special courage. Let us recall the argument as to whether Mrs. Sontag. that "the white race is the cancer on the body of humanity … the white race and it alone … destroying autonomous civilizations wherever it appeared."

We replace these phrases the phrase "white race" to the "Jewish people" — and we get a wonderful excerpt from "Mein Kampf"! If so Sontag wrote about the Jews, her public career at the least and over. However diatribe against the "white race" in no way affected her credibility as a visit in 1968 was shown, where the North Vietnamese tortured American prisoners of war. Moreover, Sontag received a pension from the MacArthur Foundation, and in a recent critical reviews, it was named the most respected intellectual of our time. However, you can repeat after Tom Wolfe, author of "sophistication radicals" and "Bonfire of Vanities":

"Who is this woman? Who and what is she? .. Max Weber? Arnold Toynbee? Actually, it is — another bumagomaratelnitsa that spent a life to take part in the protests and walk on all sorts of gatherings, and on the writer's career known except that his style confusing and illegible works. "

According to Wolfe, Sontag — "a lover to show off." I remember a remark about McLuhan that "the outrage in public — a great way to gain visibility for a fool reasonableness."

"Every victim wants to trade places with her torturer," — wrote revolutionary Frantz Fanon. This phrase is the best Fanon explains the transformation of the civil rights movement of the traditional social movements, like the suffragettes or the trade unions, a tool of the revolution.

In the 1950s, African Americans with good reason considered patriots and conservatives who are proud of the commitment of the Christian faith. They demanded equal rights within our great nation, who have dedicated their lives. America accepted their demand. White and black Americans fought together against the Jim Crow laws, and together won. It seems we are moving to a genuine unity. But with the satisfaction of the requirements of equality and recognition of black Americans full citizens U.S. public opinion focused on other issues. Civil rights have been forgotten.

To once again draw the attention of society should put forward new demands, and then another and another. Destruction of segregation was not enough. Showered with new requirements: "positive policy", quotas, government reserves, equity in earnings, education, legal and religious constituencies to guarantee a "fair share" of representation in government. Racial equality was to be ensured even at the level of classrooms, let it meant the forced displacement of white children in schools with a complicated criminal situation. The ancient cry of freedom was replaced by irreconcilable demands "of the power of blacks.

In 1971, the Supreme Court considered the protest a white student who was not admitted to the Bar of Arizona, even though he was in the exam rated higher than black students who successfully got seats, the college. During the discussion of the case Judge Thurgood Larshall turned to his colleague William Douglas and said, "You guys are choking us for many years. Now it's our turn. "

The civil rights movement has flowed into the cultural revolution, his militant leaders put forward new demands. You can not publicly perform songs like "Dixie." Robert E. Lee should be removed from national heroes. Once Washington was a slave owner, about him and the other slave owners can not be told in schools that black children are learning. The books are brand Tveyu "slur", so his books should not remain in school libraries. Confederate battle flag — a symbol of racism, should pull all copies from the flagpole at the State Capitol, or declare a boycott. Immigration laws should ensure that the residents of the "third world" priority in obtaining U.S. citizenship. It is necessary to adopt laws against hate crimes that deserve special punishment, and "discipline" whites who attacked blacks. And yet — let's sit down and discuss how you are going to reimburse us for the years spent in slavery …

"Every successful revolution in time to trick out her clothes overthrown tyranny" — wrote Barbara Tuchman. Every political movement, adds Eric Hoffer, sooner or later becomes a business, then degenerate into rackets. The civil rights movement has now become racketeering. All the "good will of Americans" are ready to help African Americans avoid social disaster. In the end, they — the children of the same God and the residents and citizens of the same country as us. However, Jackson, Sharpton and Bond did not need our help. They provoke us, harass us with their attacks, demonized in the eyes of society, because only in this way can support the public interest in itself — is seething cauldron, TV producers beset calls, federal subsidies and grants to commercial funds flow like water … If Theodore Bilbo and Bill Connor dead therefore, it is necessary to find new victims on the role of "white supremacists" at least to invent them, as it did with John Ashcroft and George W. Bush. Booker T. Washington warned that America should beware of "racial racketeers":

"Among the color is a whole class of those who are doing business on the promulgation of suffering and torment the Negro race. Realizing that this can make these people have acquired over time, the habit of advertising their misery — first, creating sympathy, and secondly, you get the money. Some of them would like to see blacks in all equated to white — because then they would lose their source of income. "

Good point, Dr. Washington.

When the controversy erupted regarding the benefits on the basis of race, Republicans prefer to keep mum. More Gogo, they seem to be intimidated to a state of complete paralysis. Why?

As people honest, and most of them Christians, they can not fail to recognize that in the past, our country will have black page. Our ancestors really were slave owners and slave traders. We practiced segregation. Since we treated the Indians did not, as one might expect from people committed to compliance with the Ten Commandments. However, publicly repented of the crimes of ancestors, the Republicans seeking the absolute, become easy prey to the public like Jackson and Sharpton, who led the "Great Hunt".

Where is the truth? With regard to slavery and the slave trade, the western people involved in the atrocities, along with others, but it can only be called a hero. He did not invent slavery, but it was he canceled it. If not for the West African leaders and potentates still would trade their subjects. Mansa Musa for the slave trade was a major source of revenue. In Mauritania and Sudan actually legalized slavery — against the stony silence of intellectuals who have made a career on the insinuations against America and the West in general. Yes, in America, there was segregation, but in no other country people did not have so much freedom, so many possibilities, so many roads to prosperity.

Time passed an apology. If the American backwoods believes that surrender and the payment of reparations to help save the world, she is deceiving herself. When there are no requirements, "racial racketeers" will have to find a different occupation. But while the silent majority meets their requirements, they do not get tired of coming up with more and more. It's time to simply tell them "no."

The degradation of the civil rights movement and its contiguity to the Cultural Revolution, increase the danger of Balkanization of America. If the "New Deal" of Franklin Delano Roosevelt was based on economic realities, "to have" versus "have not", the new democratic course is based on the joint participation in the elections and ethnic politics.

If the Democrats lose their influence on darky America, the Democratic Party can not forget about the monopoly of the presidency. That is the reality. That is why the Democrats are so zealously support among African-Americans fear and hatred of Republicans. In all the election campaigns of the 1990s played out "race card" — to spread rumors about burning churches, which usually go black, or deprivation of civil rights of black voters. In the 2000 campaign, Mr. Gore went to Pittsburgh in the church where blacks and shared by considerations of his rival:

"When I hear my opponent, Governor Bush has said that he will bring to the Supreme Court purely interpreters of the laws, I am often reminded of the case of American history: our constitution prepared purely as interpreters, and it turned out that some people have found two-thirds of the human beings "

Mr. Gore implied that Mr. Bush has historically involved in slavery and the slave trade. Evasive? Rather: but worked. African Americans in many states refused to support the Republican Party and voted for Al Gore in the ratio of eleven to one. If at stake was the White House, why would the Democrats have to give up "race card", this ace of trumps in the electoral deck? What could make Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, lunges this card from the deck during a game with such rates?

An even more interesting question is why the Republicans from election to election with so much energy and so diligently trying to break up the most potent electoral bloc of Democrats? Why not "go hunting where there are ducks?" Support and hope the Republicans in any election — American majority. In 1972, Mr. Nixon got 67 percent of the votes of white U.S. population, in 1984, Mr. Reagan took 64 percent of the vote. Mr. Bush received 54 percent of the votes of white people of the country — and 60 percent of the votes of white men. Since Whites are 82 percent of the electorate as a whole, if the Republicans will be able to increase their share from 54 to 60 percent, no other support is no longer needed.

White men feel themselves to be victims of various quotas, the state reserves, reverse discrimination and "positive policies". -They are a favorite target of scientists, journalists and feminists, like Jackson, Sharpton and Bond. However, in the American heartland do not like any of those who attack the white men. If Republicans will put a limit on the benefits of racial and impose a moratorium on immigration, and cry to the silent majority, the Democrats appeal to minorities — the party's chances in the next general elections increase significantly.

I recall that President George HW Bush was in the White House, presenting voters pass Sunday, handed his rival Michael Dukakis murderer Willie Horton, as well as a membership card with the name of the University of California Dukakis. And left the White House, Mr. Bush was forced to because of higher taxes and the signing of the law on quotas — the last was a step towards political opponents, who, as usual, the Republicans have paid back slap.


When they reach a crossroads, choose either way — suggests Yogi Berra.

The Republican Party today is at a crossroads. And the solution kotoroya it will be no less momentous than in San Francisco in 1964, when the party has named its leader Barry Goldwater. But in those days, "happiness was understood at dawn to be alive, and to understand that young — double happiness."

How do I find the meticulous commentators, presidential politics are crucial issues of racial and cultural. Black Americans, Hispanic and Jewish vote in bulk for Gore, but 60 percent of the votes of the white male population of America made the president of Mr. Bush. Electoral (by constituencies) U.S. map shows that America is split in two. Al Gore won a substantial majority in Washington and the coastal districts of the states of Oregon and California, but the east coast has excelled all in one area. Of the 230 counties in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas, Mr. Gore won only three, but made up for this failure, moving up the Mississippi from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, Memphis, St. Louis, Four Cities (Rock Island, Moline, East Moline and Davenport) and St. Paul.

However, outside of the major cities and their suburbs picture for him there was depressing. In the words of historian Ralph Raiko, you can drive across America from end to end and did not get into the district, who voted for Gore. But can not pass through any state, except Rhode Island, so as not to fall into the district, who voted for Bush.

What will determine the contours of twenty-first century? According to the commentary of the newspaper "Washington Post" — Ethics and Culture:

"Battle for the legalization of abortion, arms control, and other ideological struggle radically changed the preferences of the American Elector" that. Democrats have traditionally supported the white workers were Republicans, and many whites who live in abundance, gone over to the Republican party of Roosevelt … Racial issues such as the distribution of school children, and "positive policy" prompted a number of Republican voters' blue vorotnmkov ", in the same while cultural achievements, especially the legalization of abortion, the Democrats have provided support for white representatives of creative professions. "

Among Americans earning fifty thousand dollars or more per year, once made up the solid base of Republicans, voted for Bush just 7 percent. The American Bar Association and the American Medical Association once considered bastions of the Republican Party — and now they have turned into hostile territory. The same is true of the media. On election night, writes analyst Terry Teachout, "CNN staff and then had to call to order … when they were taken violently glad to hear another message about the victory of Horus in a particular state … that viewers have not heard."

If the creative elite migrates to the left, low-paid white voters shifted to the right. In other words, there is an exchange of the electorate. Tom Edsall of the "Washington Post" has found out that "in nine of the ten poorest counties in Kentucky … in places where Democrats, led by Harry Truman tank rolled over the Republicans won by George W. Bush, most often by a whisker that was a mirror image of the victory of Horus in the richest and most educated counties. "

Gore lost to Bush voices of white voters of all income categories, with the exception of those whose income does not exceed fifteen thousand dollars a year, is the result of Horus was 46 percent versus 43 Bush — amazing "change" to the poorest of the white population. "My voters — said a few years ago, the author of this congressman from Oklahoma — care about three things — attitude toward God, guns and gays."

Leaving aside the question of race, frequency of church attendance was nearly perfect indicator of how a particular person will vote in the election. Those who attend church weekly, and more frequently, most of them vote Republican. And those who go to church rarely or does not come into it, voted for the Democrats. Yes, in fact, America was divided into two countries.

In the 2000 elections the Republicans shied away from discussing the issue of race, issues of culture and faith, sprzhedlivo finding that the hostile attitude of the patient population to Clinton and Gore will be enough to return the Conservatives lost ground. Well, they were right. But the advantage of three million votes (in the preliminary count) Gore and Nader over Bush and Cheney — the last message for the Republican Party, the last call to think.

If Mr. Bush and his administration did not manage to solve the problems of people of color and to restore traditional values, America has nothing to save. And if the Republican Party came to power, refuses to lead the political, cultural and economic conservatives, many people turn their backs on the party and deprive it of its support. For Mr. Bush will be a litmus test of the Supreme Court. Appointment of any of the supporters of abortion disappoint demoralizing right. If the president will give in court to members of Stevens-Souter-Ginsberg, Breyer, the only justification for the Republicans will be able to serve only a thesis about choosing the lesser of two evils, but it is not too convincing excuse. According to Joe Louis on his light heavyweight contender Billy Conne apply to our president in a culture war: "He can run away, do not be able to hide."

As much as that nor want "zealous conservatives' culture war and the question of race anywhere anytime soon disappear. Too many people are interested in the fact that these problems persisted. African Americans and Hispanic U.S. citizens are now a quarter of the population. Increasingly, in the presidential election, they vote en bloc. Our media are also interested in maintaining and exacerbating racial conflict. Ratings and advertising money demand the "shock" of news and material, and nothing — except the war, of course — does not appeal to the reader more than a description of racial conflict. OJ Simpson Case polarized public opinion in America, but it provided the media a good financial year.

Swelling budgets of federal agencies — the Commission for Equality conditions, the Commission on Civil Rights, Civil Rights departments in the ministries of justice, education and health care — also require a steady flow of information about the "victims of racism." The more money getting these agencies, the more villains and victims they should look for. According to Parkinson's Law, the workload increases to the extent that it is necessary to take the time allocated for its implementation.

The situation with the civil rights and attracts lawyers. The news that somewhere rude to black customers or refused to serve, for the lawyer equivalent winning ticket lottery. Firm "Restaurants Denny" for too slow service six black FBI agents in Annapolis had to pay $ 54 million 295 thousand plaintiffs and their lawyers, as well as to sign an agreement with NAASR, on which the company has committed to recruit a significant number of African Americans and to provide patronage to suppliers, led by members of ethnic minorities.

Boycott, hosted in 1980 by the Reverend Jackson beer company "Anheuser-Busch", producer of beer "Budweiser", ended so well, that the sons of Reverend Youssef and Jonathan speak today of the largest distribution network in Chicago. The newspaper "Chicago Sun Times" reports that after Jackson 'threatened to protest "after learning of the proposed merger" General Telephone and Electronics "," Bell Atlantic "," Emerick Telephone & Telegraph "and CTI, these companies quickly oriented and donated ennye amount Jackson led organizations. In the end, Jackson was replaced by anger at the mercy and "changed his mind", as expressed by the newspaper, the more that the company had "agreed to the proposal to give Jackson contracts to small firms run by minorities — at least, those who introduced Jackson to corporate bosses." Yes, indeed innumerable ways to keep hope alive!

Blacks are members of the Christian Coalition, who claimed that they were not invited to a Christmas dinner and they were forced to work for the inauguration, instead of sitting at the tables, as exiles went to court with claims for compensation for moral damage. Claim amount — 621 million dollars.

The racial racketeering grows and becomes a national problem of the world. In Durban, South Africa, in September 2000, held under the auspices of the United Nations International Conference "World Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance." The conference aims to achieve an official apology from the U.S. for the "trans-Atlantic slave trade" and agreed to pay tens of billions of dollars "reparations" for African-Americans committed by the ancestors of the white citizens of the USA "crimes against humanity".

Reverend Jackson and his allies in the "Black Caucus" hoping for the arrival of Colin Powell, who publicly confessed to the sins of their country, would listen to all the abominations that were prepared in advance, and meekly agreed to indemnify the descendants of African slaves. However, the Bush administration abandoned the role was written for her. Secretary of State Powell arrived in Durban, referring to employment, and the conference failed — Arab countries have turned it into a sort of tribunal against Israel for "a policy of racism and apartheid." The U.S. delegation, made up of lower-level diplomats, retired from the meeting. However, one must understand that the "reparations" we hear is not the last time, and this talk will occur at every opportunity occasion.

Because of the media, the Democratic Party, the federal bureaucracy, the lawyers, the UN and the countries of the "third world" everything is somehow interested in fanning racial issue, we are destined to be with them as long as Western nations do not decide that they have had enough, and do not come out of the game. However, should one expect such decisive action to intimidate people?

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