Death of the West

Part 7. The war against the past

How can you separate the people from their roots? The answer is simple — destroy the memory. Deprive people of knowledge of who they are or where you come.

If we forget that we managed to do that, we will not know who we are — Ronald Reagan said in his farewell address to the American people. — I caution you from oblivion … our glorious past, which could lead, eventually, to the disappearance of the very spirit of America. "

In the Middle Ages, the Ottoman Empire was introduced to Christian bloody Balkans tax — Turks took away one boy out of every five. Deprived of parental care, these boys were brought up in the Muslim faith, have raised elite warriors Janissaries, which was then sent to capture and oppress the very people that put them into the light. In the modern state formula for erasing the memory is based on the slogan of Big Brother in George Orwell: "Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. "

Destroy the records of the past, the people, allow it to live in ignorance of the acts of their ancestors — and the empty vessels shower will be easy to fill a new story, as described in "1984." Debunked folk heroes — and you demoralizuete entire nation. The struggle for Irish independence greatly complicated after it became clear that the great Charles Stewart Parnell lived in an illegal alliance with the wife of a captain 0'Shi. On the baseball negatively affected scandal in 1919, when a popular team player popular "Black nipples" Shoeless Joe Jackson was caught in the act: he was stealing money from team-mates. That his team lost the championship. Shows the depth of the frustration of some guy shout from the stands: "Well, tell me this is not so, Joe!"

"The new majority" of Richard Nixon fell apart after Watergate and the resignation of the president and vice president. The success of Nixon's enemies that have made his departure, was the archetype of the policy of "personal destruction", the essence of which is to eliminate from the scene of a political movement through the compromise of its leaders. To date, this practice is the standard of American policy.

Cultural Marxists understood this very well. Their critical theory was the prototype of the policy of individual destruction. Last guided by political leaders, and the first is aimed at the whole nation and its past. By and large, it is a "theoretical analogue of the" desecration of graves, along with necrophilia.

Many organizations in the "run" which is now America's past, operate on the principle of Orwell's Ministry of Truth: pull down the "hole in the mind" patriotic stories about the glorious past of America and fabricate a new "stories", telling of her crimes and sins, transforming what What we liked the subject of hatred, what we worship, doing shameful, if not despised. Many heroes of the past have fallen under the heavy tread of the New History. The ultimate goal — to destroy patriotism, love of country, to eradicate, to demoralize the people, de-construct America. History will no longer inspire us, on the contrary, it will divide Americans on the children of victims and villains of the children of America's past.

Love the child to his mother arises because of human nature, but the love of their country should be taught. Just learning, the child learns about his people and the country in which he fell born and live. For those born before World War II, a love of the country was completely natural. Radio, cinema, newspapers, comic books, talk on the streets and in homes — no one has ever condemned manifestations of patriotism. We were kind and trusting — until there was a sudden attack on Pearl Harbor. Many Americans have died along with the Navy, others perished on the field of death in Bataan. And now we are paying the Japanese in the same coin.

In those years, people united by some spirit, which, alas, did not resurrect. We did have one nation, one people. And not that World War II did not condemn! No, in the evenings you could hear from the "dark" windows all talk and questions: will the Germans to bomb Washington, is it wise to help Stalin, who is better and more worthy — Eisenhower and MacArthur, which is responsible for "selling" of Poland and who is responsible for our full unavailability of the raid on Pearl Harbor. Today, however, the Second World War is called the "Good War", is one of the few events in our history, the significance of which does not infringe the revisionists. One can argue about the wisdom of specific tactical decisions, but the strategy will challenge no one, because our enemies were the earthly incarnation of the devil, but we fought on the side of God.

In Korea, it was different. It was a war of "split the nation" — Truman America. But unlike Vietnam, no patriot never stated that the North Koreans and the Chinese Communists may well be right, and the United States may be wrong. Dissent was dissent General Bradley, "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time and the wrong enemy …"

With the advent of the Eisenhower ended the war in Korea, and idle talk about "conspiracy in Yalta" and "loss of China", as well as the beginning of a new "era of good feelings" that lasted until 22 November 1963. After the assassination of President Kennedy counterculture began to undermine American heritage, demythologize the history of America and belittle its characters. With the assistance of the media counterculture not left without the attention of any one event, not a single character. We grew up in the era of trust. We grow old in the era of disbelief, languidly waving the rumble of drums counterculture, do not accept the truce.

Former history

Not long ago, every American child knows the names of all the great travelers — Magellan, Vasco da Gama, Cortez, Henry Hudson, and the greatest of them all was rightly considered Columbus discovered America during one of the most remarkable expeditions in the history of mankind. Since it began all of our history books. In Catholic schools, the children talked about the French and Spanish explorers and missionaries of the North American saints like Isaac Jockey, a missionary among the Iroquois, beaten to death by tomahawks near Albany. And then move on to John Smith and Jamestown, the Founding Fathers and Plymouth Rock.

Next, our history books skip over one hundred and fifty years — to the French and Indian War, Congress of stamp duty, the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party, to "Give me liberty or give me death", Bunker Hill, the Declaration of Independence, Velln Forge, to the "I'm sorry that I have only one life to live, I can give for my country, "Benedict Arnold, Saratoga and the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown.

American History marched from triumph to triumph. The British burned the White House, but Dolly Madison saved the picture. Our people kept "all night" during the bombardment of Fort McHenry, and Andy Jackson returned the favor by the English in the same coin of New Orleans. Then came the turn of the Alamo, where Crockett and the Texas heroes refused to surrender and they fell to a man under the Mexican bayonets. No one has ever said that America had stolen something there, all the talk began after the Alamo. In the 1950s, America has fallen to mania — all went crazy for Davy Crockett, the film was shot, put TV shows and even wrote a song about the "king of the wild frontier." The film about Crockett starred actor Fess Parker, this role made him a celebrity. The boys were walking the streets in coonskin caps, for which raccoons decimated so zealously that the population of these animals has decreased dramatically. Rock star Johnny Horton sang "The Battle of New Orleans' Jimmy Driftwood:

Along the Mississippi to glory

We conducted our colonel;

Let the stomach is empty

But the full bandolier.

Grammy same drum —

The British Knock

And they took Orleans!

In sections of textbooks devoted to the Civil War, Lee and Jackson portrayed brave soldiers and nobles. Sherman's march to the sea was regarded as a black page in the history. Reconstruction recognized dire necessity — after all, Southerners were also Americans, bravely fought and therefore deserve decent treatment. Song "Dixie" was the popular "Battle Hymn of the Republic." Lincoln — a hero in his honor even introduced a holiday. He saved the Union and freed the slaves — to die at the hands of John Wilkes Booth and his death was one of the greatest tragedies in American history. Honest Abe never would have allowed reconstruction — as we have been taught.

After the Civil War came the conquest of the West. Pioneers — men, women, and children — were crossing the prairie, not paying attention to the bad weather and the constant assaults of Indians. General Custer with his Seventh Cavalry Regiment was the hero of this period — at least, so we thought, after watching "They died in Boots" with Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan. Even in this time of rampage "robber barons" who robbed trains and banks as long as it faced the great Teddy Roosevelt. Hero of the height of San Juan also built the Panama Canal, an engineering marvel of American thought. In those days worked Edison, the Wright Brothers and Alexander Graham Bell, by the way, the Americans invented much of what is generally should invent.

Then came the First World War, and President Wilson sent our boys to "make the world fit for democracy." Led by General Pershing, having before us an example of valor in the face of Sergeant York, we defeated Germany, which went to war to torpedo our ships. Soon Japan treacherously attacked our fleet at Pearl Harbor. So we had to again take up arms and kill Mussolini and Hitler, however, in Catholic schools taught that Stalin was no better than those two. In the school of the Holy Eucharist, which is visited by this writer, no mention of what the People's Front. Then we had to save the world from the "atheistic communism." At the end of the day we Masses offered up prayer for the conversion of Russia — later it was replaced by a prayer for peace.

Of course, the above summary can not be considered "an annotated summary" of American history. However, it is acknowledged as follows: America has a glorious history, far greater than that of any other advanced country, and even from any of the past years of the republic. Have error caused me to someone Done? Certainly. Otherwise, there is not and can not be. But victories in the history of America is much more than defeat and black spots, so do not tell the kids about the eight-year-Fort Pillow or illegal business amorous Warren Harding and John F. Kennedy.

American public schools are designed to educate citizens and patriots who will be able to protect their country if necessary. These schools should teach children to love America. The child is reading biographies, historical and artistic works and poems, listening to songs, examines paintings depicting scenes of our glorious past — and it is growing patriotism. The stronger the love of country, the greater its desire to remain forever part, a sacrifice in the name of their country, even to die for it if need be, to defend its people as his own family.

In the New Testament, Christ foretells the torments of hell for those who destroy the faith in the hearts of the young: "It would be better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones" But today American children are deprived of inheritance, take away from them the right to know the remarkable story of their country. In the "disunity of America," Arthur Schlesinger quotes one of the characters in Milan Kundera's novel "The Book of Laughter and Forgetting":

"The first step in the elimination of the people — is erasing the memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then ask someone to write a new book, to fabricate a new culture, invent a new history. Soon people will begin to forget who he was and who he was. "

Another character adds: "The struggle of man with power is the struggle of memory against forgetting" It is such a struggle, a war is waged by the old America with the cultural revolution. But just look at what has already managed to mess things up a Ministry of Truth with our heroes and our history!


In the three-hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America (1792), New York's Royal College was renamed Columbia, and the county in which the capital of America, was named DC. In 1882, in honor of "the prophet … instruments of Divine Providence" Irish Catholics organized the Order of Columbus. We know that since childhood of Columbus, who was seen in the "Admiral of the Oceans", however, as the columnist wrote, "New York Review of Books» Harry Wille:

"… Closer to the anniversary of the discovery of America five hundred years a funny thing happened … Columbus tweaked. The Indians were expecting his arrival. He was, one might say, with apologies — and some felt that this is not enough … In other words, he has come to embarrass myself. "

"Conquest of Paradise" Kirkpatrick Sale and "Columbus: The profanation of Heaven" Ian Carew accuse the great traveler that he "brought slavery to America and planted on the continent of lawlessness and racism."

UN canceled the celebration in honor of the anniversary of the discovery of America, and the National Council of Churches, addressed the faithful with an appeal not to celebrate the anniversary of this event, as the Italian sailor guilty of spreading in the Americas "genocide, slavery, ecocide and exploitation." Columnist for "The New York Times' George Samueli wrote:

"In 1992, the anniversary of the transatlantic expedition of Christopher Columbus went almost unnoticed and practically anywhere else in America was celebrated; nation unanimously condemned by their silence, cruelty, greed and savagery of the Europeans, five years ago to set foot on these shores."

In 2000, at the parade in Denver Americans of Italian descent have decided to raise the banner with the image of Columbus, radical members of the American Indian Movement threatened them with physical violence. A veteran of the movement Russell Mina says that in comparison with Columbus' Hitler looks juvenile delinquent. " Keeping pace with the progress — as understood by the cultural revolution — University of Berkeley, Calif., renamed Columbus Day Aboriginal Day.

The demonization of the great Spanish travelers and conquerors, presenting them a sort of devil incarnate, racists and murderers have become almost commonplace. It is said that America was not "discovered" and conquered by Europeans, which wiped out the age-old Indian civilization. Cortes burned the ships and went to jump on land with a handful of soldiers — it was, it appears, the cultural genocide of peace-loving natives. At the same time somehow forgotten that the Aztecs themselves were strangers in these parts, they conquered the local population and turned it into their slaves that they Uittsilopochtli human sacrifices, the god of the sun and war. And it is not very clear, by the way, what is meant by the definition of "cultural genocide"? When Europeans arrived in the Americas, North and South, many Native American tribes practiced cannibalism — and no tribe is not invented the wheel! ..

The Founding Fathers

Now it was the turn of the founding fathers. Five of our first seven presidents, except in Adams, were slave owners. Jefferson, despite the fine words about "the equality of all men" in the Declaration of Independence owned slaves until the end of his days. You can also recall his treatment of Sulley Hye-Minges, with whom he got accustomed children, but refused to recognize them. Washington also was a slave owner and was involved in the greatest disgrace in the history of the United States, as well as Madison. The abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison was quite right in saying that the constitution Madison is "an agreement with death and an agreement with hell." As a result of the infamous transaction, which recorded a constitutional convention, the slaves were considered as two-thirds of the "full", that is free, people. As for Andrew Jackson, Die Hard, as it was called, was, according to historian Robert Novak, "murderer, a demagogue, a scoundrel, a racist and corrupt to the core, guilty of genocide of the Indian tribes."

As far as our Ministry of Truth has succeeded in shaping American attitudes toward the past of our country? When our parents were young, 89 percent of American men and 94 percent of women believed America the greatest country on the planet. Today, only 58 percent of Americans define the United States "as the best country in the world" and only 51 percent of Americans agree with them.

Dr. David Igli, a columnist for the magazine "Dandy-Page", talks about how the new antiistoriya kills the love of country in the hearts of the young. Igli, himself originally from Comanche, gave lessons in social psychology at the State University of Oklahoma, the lesson turned hot debate about what is patriotism and what it means to be an American. Suddenly, a beautiful white girl stated the following:

"Look, Dr. Igli, I do not see how we could be proud of. Nothing of any decent — not in the culture of any people at all … This is your culture, Native American tradition — this is different, it's just wonderful. Do you have something to be proud of. And we did … I'm not proud of, how did the current America. "

Dr. Igli commented: "Frankly, I was not really surprised. I spoke with the head of the department of American history in our university … and immediately recognized in the words of the girl of his manner of speaking. She attended his lectures — with predictable results. " However Igli shocked silence audience that silently swallowed the insult thrown the girl in the face to the American people. By the way, no indeanka would not dare to say anything like that in the presence of men of his tribe.

Those who sought to rewrite the history of America, worked hard, admittedly, on the conscience.

Compare the responses to one of the most popular films of 2000 — "The Patriot".

Mel Gibson plays Benjamin Martin, a hero of the French and Indian War, the father of seven children, who does not want to take any sort was involved in the revolution. However, when the evil British officer killed in front of his son, Martin podrosgka, and the eldest son of the hero is arrested for disobeying and about to be executed, the father once again take up arms. The action takes place in South Carolina, Gibson's character is deducted from Francis Marion, Swamp Fox, and with the famous partisan of the time Daniel Morgan. A prototype of the evil Englishman served as the notorious Colonel Banastre Tarleton.

Critics angered two pretentious and zapominaoschiesya scene. The first Martin, helplessly watching the way the Englishman coldly killing his son tells him that the enemies go, the other two his sons, thirteen and ten years old, to take their muskets and follow him. They attack the British patrol, more precisely, his shot from ambush, and the last enemy soldier Martin finishes tomahawk. Thus, they are taking revenge for the death of one of his sons Martin and relieve the other, which led to his execution. In the second place, to enjoy RECOGNITION have an English officer. Rounded up dozens of fellow Martin in the village church, he orders to barricade the doors to the outside and set fire to the building.

After watching "The Patriot," some critics furious stronger than Martin after the murder of his son. "This film has nothing to do with the true history — said James Vernier of" Boston Herald. "- This is a cheap hack, continuous advertising." The question is, what's wrong with advertising patriotism?

"The film is saturated with pathos and sentimentality — says Ann Hornaday of the" Baltimore Sun. "- He is as corny as" the Fourth of July. " Moreover, it is far more dishonest and destructive than anything previously created imaginative Oliver Stone. " Damaging to whom? I remember Stone strongly hinted that the CIA, the U.S. Army and Lyndon Johnson were involved in the murder of John F. Kennedy …

Film director Spike Lee came out of the viewing room, seething with indignation. His letter to the "Hollywood Reporter" deserves to be enough to quote a long passage, which is the best characterized the mood of the contemporary cultural elite:

"Along with millions of Americans, I went to watch" The Patriot "- and with all the other can not help but rage. This film is nothing more than a blatant, blatant propaganda, a complete distortion of history, its erasure, its revision …

For almost three hours, this film goes around and around, carefully ignoring and omitting any mention of slavery …

America ascended to the genocide of the original inhabitants of the Americas and the enslavement of Africans. To deny this is to transgress the law … "

In his angry letter to acknowledge that it is difficult to resist in order not to scream at the audience: "Bullshit!" He attacks the writer Robert Rodarta, who did not make the character Gibson slave owner and does not enter at least a couple of episodes with the Indians in film about the American Revolution. "Where are they? Do they already have plagued the two Johns — Ford and Wayne? "And the final scene, when Benjamin Martin raises the American flag with thirteen stars and strikes at British soldiers. Lee and all calls "amusing."

Letter Lie and exudes a fierce anti-Americanism — the U.S. ascended to the "genocide and enslavement", in addition, the text of the letter can be concluded that the author writes in the criminals of anyone who dares to disagree with his point of view. Only a fool or a maniac, says Lee, can talk about the revolution as an event of the heroic, noble and sublime — not to mention the mass beatings of Indians. A depict blacks in America that time happy, free and true to their owners — the disgusting propaganda …

The website of Jonathan Foreman Salon.som analyzes this ill-fated film and finds the origins of evil lurking in it exactly where you might expect:

'Cruel soldiers in the "Patriot act like the SS, not like real British soldiers at the time. Perhaps, the film laid a subtext? .. It is safe to say that "The Patriot" — a film fascist (I use the word in its literal, political sense), such that do not appear for decades … He presents the viewer deeply sentimental cult of the family of the heroes of Aryan appearance … In one scene, a strong kind of youths take his father's musket — and turn to the young "werewolf", from those which Hitler intended to conduct guerrilla operations in the rear of the allies … In another scene, Gibson provoke turning into one of those blood-thirsty lumberjacks with axes, which teems with Nazi iconography … The black population South Carolina — where the action unfolds film — portrayed loyal and happy slaves, or at least happy freedmen … "

The burning of the church, wrote on Foreman repeats the Nazi atrocities in the French village of Oradour-sur-Glane in June 1944. "German director Roland Emmerich, probably unconsciously realized his archetypal views …"

By shifting Oradour in South Carolina, Emmerich and screenwriter Robert Rodart "made a sort of Holocaust revisionism. They put a film that will restore the public against sympathy for the victims of Oradour … implicitly exonerates the Nazis … "

The film, which adds Foreman, the Third Reich propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels' could be used to deliver Anglophobia. "

It makes you want to cry, "Take it easy, buddy!" Unfortunately, we are dealing with consciousness, pass the full psychological treatment in the spirit antiistorii. For him, love the image of father and seven obedient and sincere love of children is the "Aryan cult of the family." The heroic resistance against the British in the struggle for the liberation of America he sees as "fascism." Thirteen-year and ten sons of Martin in his perception — the "young" werewolves "because" firmly stacked "and have an" Aryan appearance. " Foreman sees Nazis everywhere.

Foreman, no less than Spike Lee annoying when slaves and freedmen depict warriors and patriots of America. Meanwhile, it is — absolutely true cinematic cut of the era: negros took part in the revolution, fought under Jackson at the beginning of New Orleans, fought for the Union and for the Confederacy, under the command of Bedford Forrest. Such an uncompromising response to the "Patriot" shows that our cultural elite has infected a new generation of party hacks militant rejection of America's past and the people whom we formerly revered as the founding fathers of our country.


For the new cultural elite Civil war is the rebellion of slaveholders and traitors conspired to destroy the Union in order to preserve their nefarious social order, dishonorable and shameful in its very essence. Therefore, the Confederate flag is no less disgusting Nazi swastika, and only white racists and "moral monsters" are able to protect this innocent blood stained cloth. As for Lee and Jackson, they led to the death of hundreds of thousands of people to the glory of evil, so that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAASR) has the right to demand the withdrawal of all memorial plaques and statues, as well as the Confederate flag from the streets and squares of American cities.

Not so long ago, stories about the pioneers, soldiers, settlers and cowboys who "won the West" and conquered the continent in a heroic struggle against the forces of nature, bandits and Indians were the basis for many books, films and TV plays, which reveled not only Americans, but also people other countries. But the revisionists did the dirty deed. No director today do not dare to portray Indians retarded, funny or cruel. Rather, as in "Little Big Man" and "Dances with Wolves", the Indians will show environmentalists who strongly care about the earth and the wild and live in harmony with the latter. And these peace-loving and trusting nature of children shamelessly cheated, robbed and killed the ruthless white, fire and bayonet worked his way through the prairies, slaughter bison and corrupts those Indians who for some reason they did not bother to kill. General Custer and the Seventh Cavalry Regiment now become role models Einsatzgruppen.


To understand how America's past has been thrown out of the pantheon of modern Taliban, ponder the following:

  • Washington's Birthday, is celebrated as a national holiday before, celebrations in honor of the soldier and statesman, who had no equal in American history, the greatest man of the eighteenth century, was replaced by the afternoon the President when all remember the greatness of Millard Fillmore, Chester Arthur and William Jefferson Clinton.
  • New Orleans School Board decided to withdraw one of the schools of Washington. A new school policy prohibits praise "of former slave owners and those who did not respect equal opportunities for all people." Thus, we exclude from the circle worthy of Presidents Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Tyler, Taylor, Grant, as well as Clay, Calhoun and Robert E. Lee.
  • Is it worth it to African Americans, tens of thousands of whom are these names to go to court and demand a change of name? For whom was named the legendary Jesse Jackson — in honor of Andrew, the killer of Indians, or after-Stonewall Jackson, the Confederate legend?
  • Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration nezavisimosgi, last year, was declared persona non grata in the state of New Jersey. The state legislature twice rejected a bill to require that secondary school students every day in the classroom was read excerpts from the Declaration. All Democrats in the meeting voted "against", and spoke of the Declaration as "directed against women and blacks against overly praising God the document." Senator Wayne Bry-ant himself an African American, led the fight for the liberation of students from having to repeat the words of Jefferson on the equality of all people. A fellow senator, advocated the adoption of the bill, Bryant threw a screeching halt this statement: "You have enough audacity to demand that my grandchildren recited the Declaration. How dare you? You insult in my face all black people in America! "
  • Andrew Jackson, reclaimed from the Spanish Florida became the main target of the American Indian Movement. They called Jackson's "killer and a maniac", which served as the "prototype of Hitler." The motion seeks to prevent the seventh president of America honored as a national hero in the annual spring parade in Tallahassee.
  • Gets tough nut to crack, and North Carolina. The self-proclaimed "vice leader" Tuscarora Robert Chevis requires that federal highway number 74, named after Andrew Jackson, the track was renamed the name of the American Indian. "For us, Andrew Jackson is not no hero. He is like Hitler. He is a murderer, "- says Chevis, referring to the four thousand signatures on a petition to change the name.
  • As the portrait of "King Andrew", which was a slave owner, and fought with the Indians, as president, signed the law, expel the Cherokee Nation from Georgia and the Carolinas to Oklahoma — as his portrait adorns the twenty-dollar bill, the above charges and requirements seem to be very curious.
  • Field Custer was recently renamed in the Little Bighorn, as the Indians say the destruction of Custer's detachment of his great victory. Next to a small stele in honor of the dead troopers soon erect a monument to the Indians, who killed and scalped them and then desecrated the bodies of those killed.
  • Warlike Indians also demanded the removal of all references to the Indian, Native American words and place names from the names of sports teams. In 2001, the Commission on Civil Rights has agreed to this request, stating that the widespread use of Native American names and place names is "disrespectful and insulting" and creates a "hostile cultural environment." We, however, were not told at what point should start renaming. However, with the current wave of renaming the triumph of political correctness does not bring myself to expect. So, «Darthmouth Indians» have become «Big Green», «Stanford Indians» became "Sardinals», «Redmen» University of St. John became «Red Storm». North Dakota, however, decided to keep «Fighting Sioux» — after alumnus threatened to pick up your payment of $ 100 million, and for which there is a command.
  • Kept the old name and «Washington Redskins» and «Atlanta Brathers» — despite the fact that fans are actively using the latest famous "hatchet blow," and the use of the phrase in this context is considered offensive to the inventors tomahawk. Portland newspaper «Oregonian» took it a rule not to use sports reports, team names, in which the word Indian, braves redmen, redskins chiefs.
  • In San Jose, California, the excitement among the Indians and Latinos prevented the installation of the monument to Thomas Fallon, an American adventurer, who captured the city during the Mexican War and became its mayor. "This monument — an insult to our ancestors and those of the people lynched in city streets — said Pascal Mendevil of the organization" Pueblo Unido. "- It's like a red flag that signals the racists: open season on Mexicans." However, in San Jose found the statue of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god of the Aztecs, the boundaries of the empire which never reached San Jose. Perhaps the Mexicans and Indians would be worth to think about. After all, the Aztec emperor Mont tesuma Second, the person subject to the superstitions of all proportion, claimed in fear that one day Quetzalcoatl will return from the east and require his throne. When scouts reported the landing of Montezuma bearded white-skinned people in Veracruz, the emperor and his court became panic-stricken.
  • In St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest city in the United States, based assistant Columbus Ponce de Leon, the Indians demanded the removal of a statue of Ponce waterfront. They claimed that this Spanish traveler, mortally wounded by an Indian arrow in search of the source of youth, was "a ruthless serial killer."
  • In Southampton, Long Island, the local League of equality insists on changing the city seal, which exists in this form seventy years and depicting a white man in a dress as a pilgrim and an Indian in a loincloth. The inscription on the seal reads: "The first English settlement in the state of New York", the background shows the clipper and a rock called Konsayens-point, which landed in 1640, the first colonists from Lynn. This seal painted on road signs, it is also present in all city documents.

"Printing reflects the merits of one race and one gender in history — says the former chairman of the League of Suzanne Powell. — History of fact did not begin in 1640. Indians lived on the land long before the colonists. " And the current chairman of the League of Robert Zeller, accusing the authors of the press in carelessness, adds: "The Indians did not wear loincloths all year round — there's too cold." Probably the printing should be amended so that the rite of the Indian tribe shinnenok in sports clothes from the company "LL Bin ".

  • But the greatest fury among adherents of the Cultural Revolution is all that is associated with the South and the defeat of the latter in the Civil War. In 1898, President McKinley, a veteran of Antietam, could not afford to go to Atlanta, standing to listen to "Dixie", waving his hat and a long-time enemies to advise them to take care of the graves of the Confederate — this wonderful gesture heal the country on the eve of the war with Spain. Today McKinley would be accused of supporting racists. A hundred years after a beautiful gesture McKinley American cultural elite is almost slavishly to the side of those who seek to discredit all the banners and disgrace all the leaders of the Confederate States of America.
  • In Richmond, who spent four years defending the army of Northern Virginia, a portrait of Robert E. Lee was ordered removed from the gallery of famous Virginians, and then the picture of local vandals desecrated. Monuments in the alley, where the statues of the four great sons of the Confederacy — Lee, Jackson and Stuart Davis — added a fifth, a statue of black tennis star Andrew Ash, staged there in order to destroy the hated symbol of someone. Lee-Jackson Day was separated from the Martin Luther King Jr., and many believe that his celebration in Virginia, where the two heroes are buried, soon abolished altogether.
  • After a ten-year boycott, led NAASR, Confederate battle flag was lowered from the flagpole at the Capitol of South Carolina, the walls of which still keep potholes from shells Sherman, slept Colombia to the ground. Residents of South Carolina wanted to keep the flag posted in 1962, after President Eisenhower called on Americans to mark the centenary of the victory in the Civil War. But the opinion of the population did not have the slightest importance. Were canceled public events, athletes and singers producers threatened to boycott the state. As a result, the legislature capitulated and the flag moved to the Museum of the Civil War on the first floor of the Capitol. However, this did not satisfy NAASR: boycott lasted as long as no flag was removed from the Capitol.
  • Georgia, which also threatened a boycott, gave up their flag is a replica of the battle flag of the Confederacy. This decision prompted the former Atlanta mayor Maynard Jackson to thank the Governor, "who bravely got rid of the swastika."
  • In Texas, on the orders of Governor George W. Bush, were removed two memorial plaques from the building of the Supreme Court of the State. These plates, manufacture and installation of which were paid from the Fund Confederate widows, were dedicated to the memory of Confederate soldiers who died in battles with the Southerners.
  • In Florida, February 2, 2001 Governor Jeb Bush removed the Confederate battle flag from the state Capitol in Tallahassee, where it was hung in 1978.
  • In Mississippi, local university students have never prohibited in the stadium waving tiny flags, copies of the battle flag of the Confederacy. But the state threatened to boycott if the flag Mississippi remains the same. In April 2001, a referendum was arranged — and the old flag wins in a ratio of two to one. As it seems, the southern politicians, members of both parties, for the sake of ethnic, religious and other minorities, as well as national cultural elite to ignore the will of the people, in the name and on whose behalf they are acting.
  • In Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, there is a memorial in honor of the freedman Hayward Shepherd, the first victim of the terrorist John Brown's raid on the federal arsenal. Known to attack Brown reflected Marines led by Col. Robert E. Lee and Lt. JE B. Stewart. This memorial, located near the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah, was erected in 1931 at the expense of "Daughters of the Confederacy." The inscription says that Hayward Shepherd embodies the "courage and valor of thousands of Negroes who, despite many temptations during the war, behaved that made history spotless, and this story — the unique heritage of the American people and the eternal testimony of our gratitude best sons America. " Several attempts to dig up this memorial, but so far they have had no success.
  • At the cemetery, Point Lookout in southern Maryland, a tradition on Memorial Day to set the tiny Confederate flags on the graves of four thousand southerners who died in a Union prison. This tradition has stopped at the behest of the Ministry of care for veterans. In 1997, Maryland has withdrawn all license plates belonging to the organization "Sons of Confederate Veterans", these signs were on the image of the battle flag. "Sons" were the only ones among the 215 non-profit organizations to be awarded a similar attention.
  • In the Antietam campaign was launched against the construction, even on private land, the monument to the Confederate commanders of the terrible battles on American soil. Of the 104 set in the Antietam only four statues depict southerners.
  • In Selma, Alabama, defended by Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, constantly profane and toppled a monument in his honor. The City Council wants to remove the monument. Memphis City Council suggested turning the Confederate Memorial Park, which is also a monument to the Forrest Memorial Park in cancer victims.
  • Forrest was the best commander of the cavalry, only knew what America, in spite of the dark past — before the war he was a slaver and "used by the Ku Klux Klan as a weapon in the struggle for survival" — Forrest "rejected clan soon after realized that he did not so much work, how much harm the South and the nation as a whole. " After the lynching in Trenton, Tennessee, in 1874, General Forrest threatened to "eradicate the killers." By 1875 he had insisted that "the black should be allowed to practice law and do all they can do. Even the Great Emancipator, another Southerner, born in a log cabin, did not utter these words … "writes columnist Walter Williams, Forrest always praised the courage of black soldiers who served under him:" As long as these guys are with me, the Confederates to us is off limits " . However, the current America is not as generous as the old America, is revered as a fearless warrior Bedford Forrest. o The headline in the newspaper "The Washington Times" reported that "Gilmore gives the heritage of Virginia." "In other words, is a good read for Catholic schools in the South … Who would dare argue with that?" — adds Dreher.
  • In 1999, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist was severely warned by the National Association of Judges for the fact that sang "Dixie" at a meeting of the Court of Appeal. Rehnquist annually attends these meetings and headed penie.Odnako choral song "Dixie" sung even Lincoln, who came in after the fall of the Confederate capital of Richmond. Throughout the lives of several generations of this song is sung by the congresses of the Democratic Party. However, the National Association of Judges felt that this song is a "symbol of slavery and oppression." In the words of the song — and let the reader judge.

The first verse:

Back to the wonderful region,

At the edge of my dear, my dear land.

Back would come back to me in Dixie!

My sweet edge, my dear home!

Back would come back to me in Dixie!


I will come back in Dixie! Hooray!

There's going to live and die there,

Back to you, my Dixie! In

Back to you, my Dixie!

Of course, this is far from rhymes "Santos" Ezra Pound, but what does this have to do with crambo slavery and oppression? On Geslayt Square in St. Louis in the early 1960s, Dixieland, which consisted of black musicians, completed the nightly performance of variations on the theme of "Dixie," was followed by "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." And all around were singing and having fun. What we were insensitive!

  • By 1999, Justice Rehnquist became a citizen under suspicion on the note at the thought police because he refused to rename a Christmas party in the Supreme Court in the "holiday party." Apparently, the judge insisted that the singer personally to perform at the party Christmas hymns that his colleagues forbidden to sing in American schools.
  • Despite the fact that the flag with the cross of St. Andrew flew over the battlefields of the Civil War, only four years, the American flag has been more than four generations of winds over the country, the constitution of which encouraged slavery. Thus, the humiliation of "Valor of the past" was to some extent inevitable. It just happened. In the spring of 2001 a member of the Democratic Party of Henry Brooks of Memphis, a former chairman of the Political Action Committee NAASR, refused to stand in the legislature of Tennessee during an oath of allegiance to the flag. He said: "This flag represents the former colonies and enslave our ancestors." NAASR did not respond to requests by journalists to comment on the statement by Brooks, but columnist Julianne Malvo did not mince words: "It is ridiculous for African-American — to repeat the words of the oath of allegiance. After all these words — no more than a lie, an outright lie. " It seems that some Americans the national consciousness has given way to racial consciousness.

However, the war with the past is not just in America.

  • New London Mayor "Red" Ken Livingstone wants to remove the statues from their pedestals of the British commanders, whose names are associated with the empire and control colonies. Among the statues, which plotteth new iconoclast, monuments Admiral Charles Neypiru, who conquered Sindh in 1843, and Sir Henry Havelock, quelled the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857. Neypira remembered mainly due to the fact that he sent a coded message to their subordinates' Ressavi "- Latin for" I have sinned. "
  • However, the most famous of those Red Ken is no longer wishes to see in London — is, of course, Major-General Charles Gordon in Chinese, which suppressed the Taiping rebellion, committed to the slave trade, and died in Sudan, where his unit suffered the fate of Custer's cavalry — fell in battle with the dervishes Mahdi

Our guns were.

Sweda-ka with a machine gun bills!

Kitchener moved on, grabbed the Mahdi's tomb and was even going to use his skull for an inkwell, so that the statue of polkovdtsa, perhaps waiting for the fate of the statue of Gordon. In the movie "Khartoum" (1966) Laurence Olivier played the Mahdi, and the role played by General Gordon Charles Heston is currently a member of the National Association of arms. A London mayor, to which we returned after a brief trip into history, is making plans to build in Trafalgar Square, close to Nelson's Column, nine-foot statue of Nelson Mandela.

France also has its own iconoclastic. When the government gathered to celebrate in 1996, fifteen hundred years after the baptism of Clovis king of the Franks, the French socialists, communists and all the other left-wing parties, that is, half the population of France, issued a strong protest.

What do all these facts? The fact that the people most zealously defending multiculturalism in words, not too eager to implement speech in the case that those who are most zealously denounces intolerance themselves are often among the fanatics and extremists. Just as the Taliban have done with a statue of Buddha in Bamiyan, our cultural revolution seek to destroy all the flags and monuments of the old America and does not want to listen to the voice of reason.

Who read — Martin Luther King or Robert E. Lee — should decide not the politicians and the population of a given state. And we should not hang any shortcuts on the state, where they decided to honor the memory of the other, or a third of a statesman — or decide not to honor no one at all. But for the cultural revolution that is unacceptable. Today just can not honor Dr. King. When Arizona voted not to introduce a calendar day King, the state threatened to take away his stadium "Super Bowl" and cancel all scheduled meetings and congresses, and at the same time launched a campaign in the federal press. The pressure was so strong that the state canceled the results of the vote and adopted a new holiday. Only then Arizona again allowed to become a "member of the family."

The Citadel in South Carolina, one of two American college with a male cadet corps and stopyatidesyatiletnimi traditions, was the target of multiple lawsuits designed to force the college to enroll women. But Citadel does not want to break tradition. Even the women of the Citadel — the wives, sisters, mothers, daughters of graduates — maintained that reluctance, as well as the staff. But the desire and the reluctance of the population do not have a current American irrelevant. The Federal Court ordered its ruling to take Citadel cadet women.

In our world of Newspeak oruellianskom multiculturalism means conformity. In the name of multiculturalism, all military schools should look the same. You can not have a man's contingent, even if desired by those who belong to the school and who manages it. Is this freedom? Is this democracy? No. Orwell was right: "The revolution … arrange to establish a dictatorship." Russian, French, Maoist Khmer Rouge and the Taliban — they debunked the old gods and their temples desecrated. Similarly, received and our cultural revolution. It does not tolerate dissent. Only after Senator McGovern apologized for being in no hurry with the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the Capitol building in South Carolina, and confessed to the weakness and opportunism, he returned the favor of the revolution.


"Every American child should know their country. As soon as he learns to speak, he should be told about the history of our country. He must praise freedom and whisper the names of those illustrious heroes and statesmen, koi made revolutions. " So argued once Noah Webster. So we once thought. But the cultural revolution eliminates the story of "illustrious heroes and statesmen", introduces the new school curriculum, which gradually separated children from their parents and deprive the younger generation of his cultural heritage. Solzhenitsyn said: "To destroy a people, should be stripped of its roots." To create a "new nation", the agents of the cultural revolution, create a new story, and it's happening right before our eyes.

In 1992, the University of California received two million dollars from the National Endowment for Humanities Research and the Ministry of Education on the development of a "new historical principles" for the history books of the fifth through twelfth grade. In 1997, work was completed. From now on, the historical texts that are studied in American schools:

  • not to be mentioned the names of Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and the Wright brothers;
  • seventeen times referred to the Ku Klux Klan, and nine times — Senator Joseph R. McCarthy;
  • six times referred to Harry Truman, but he has completely ignored Robert E. Lee;
  • recommended to memorize club's foundation date "Sierra" and the National Organization for Women;
  • teachers provided decide independently whether or not to tell the children about the traitor Elgere Hiss and Soviet spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who gave Stalin the documentation on the atomic bomb;
  • Constitutional Treaty is not mentioned at all;
  • the presidency of George Washington is silent, as well as his farewell address to the nation, but the students are invited to "write a dialogue between an Indian leader and George Washington at the end of the Revolutionary War";
  • no mention of the landing on the moon in 1969, but details the achievements of the Soviet Union in space exploration;
  • of congressmen mentioned only speaker type O'Neyll, who called Reagan "a narcissistic fool";
  • teachers are encouraged to get students to role-playing game "The trial of John D. Rockefeller and the company" Standard Oil ";
  • advise students to "analyze the achievements Mansa Musa, as well as social customs and the sources of wealth of the kingdom of Mali" plus "study Aztec crafts, labor system and architecture." Of course, nowhere is there mention of the human sacrifices of the Aztecs.

Descend to these principles "in the toilet", as recommended by Rush Limbaugh? As long as such an outcome is not very hard to believe. In December 2000, the newspaper "Washington Times" reported on the study of the history of the new standards adopted in the state of Virginia. At first graders Pocahontas occupied the same amount of time as Captain John Smith. When meeting children with the events of the Civil War, teachers can "forget" about Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Third-graders will study the "highly developed West African kingdom of Mali," our old friend Mansa Musa. Close attention will be paid to Confucianism, and the Indus Valley Civilization. Due to whom the program was a place for Confucius? At the expense of Paul Revere, Davy Crockett, Booker T. Washington, John Paul Jones, Thanksgiving, the Pilgrim Fathers, Independence Day, and Virginia politics Harry F. Byrd Sr..

The war with the American past and deliberate stupefaction of American children — turning their heads to the vessels in which will then pour a new story — carried out swiftly and successfully. In a recent survey of 556 students to senior students of fifty-five of the best educational institutions (colleges and universities) in the country were asked thirty four questions out of a school course on the history of the United States. Four out of five have failed. Only one-third of college seniors could be called the American general who fought at Yorktown. Only 23 percent said Madison among the principal authors of the constitution. Only 22 percent tied phrase "control the people, for the people and for the people" with Lincoln's Gettysburg speech. There is also a good indicator — 95 percent know the rapper Snoopy Doggy Dogg, and 99 percent of "identified" Beavis and Butthead.

"From the stories do not escape '- used to say Lincoln. Thanks to the new generation of the Cultural Revolution it seems to be possible.

Ten years ago, Jesse Jackson led the parade on the campus of Palo Alto and chanted: "Hey, hey, hey — the western culture, a failure soon." Faced with such a convincing argument, the administration replaced the Stanford University course on the history of western civilization course "Culture, Ideas and Values". Today, none of the fifty-five best colleges and universities, according to ratings of "Yu-Es News and World Report", do not read the course in American history.

"The debate about the curriculum, — says Dr. Schlesinger — the essence of debate about what it means to be an American. At stake is the future of America. " But what kind of future can a country whose youth is in the dark about his past and suffering "cultural" Alzheimer's disease?

About the time when the University of California unveiled a new education standards, the Smithsonian Institute noted the fifteenth anniversary of its military exhibition. This exhibition, which shows, in particular, the cockpit B-29 bomber "Enola Gay" dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, caused a fury of veterans and the general public, since it clear that the war in the Pacific was of a racist nature. Magazine columnist "Yu-Es News and World Report," John Leo took the opportunity to visit other museums where tourists and children learn about the past of America.

The Museum of American History, Leo found the exhibition "Science in America," which was different "politically biased presentation of the history of American science and was focused exclusively on the failures and setbacks — Three Mile Island, the ozone hole, acid rain, the explosion of the" Challenger "and so forth." In the Museum of Air and Space airplane was found, described as the invention designed primarily for mass murder. Next, Leo made the following findings: Japanese Kamikaze pilots, whose attacks have claimed many lives of American sailors, museum exhibition portrayed war heroes. In short, the spiritual children of Gramsci captured the museums of America.

Novelist Tom Wolfe almost alone among writers noticed a surprising indifference with which the country reacted to the celebration of the "First American Century," December 31, 1999, on the eve of the millennium:

"Where was I? On the wrong page? On the wrong path? Outside of radio frequencies? Whether noticed at least one person in this very moment to complete the first century of American history and began the Second Century?

Posted by there one bard praise in honor of this moment — in response to the line of James Thomson's "Rule, Britannia! Never, never will be slaves to the British? " Where is he, like verse for America, a country that ended in the century destroyed the two barbaric nationalistic brotherhoods: the German Nazis and the Russian Communists, two hordes methodically scour predators, compared to the fun that would have seemed like the Huns with the Magyars? ..

Noted there one of the TV channels matured America, which in 1897 was the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria?

It seemed to me that one American century rolled into the other with a solemnity and a crash pad for the mouse. The great triumph of America caused a wave of patriotism and pride for the country … instilled in the soul the desire for fame and imperial greatness … and fanfare accompanied by clapping mouse pad … "

Who is proud to look back on the achievements of America's century just ended? In the heat of celebration, stretching from London via New York and Tokyo to Beijing, who looks back at the man whose birthday we bimillenary casually mention? Almost no one, since the offensive millennium Americans lived in the country, the culture, civilization, who did a great way to de-Christianization.

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