The research agency Gallup showed that about five million working Americans are not going to file tax returns because of lack of funds.

Some experts predict that the tax season 2010 — 2011 Year his "main duty" before the state will perform a record low number of people in the United States.

The vast majority of "forced defaulters" — the middle class. This social layer is most affected by the economic crisis.

Also, studies have shown that Americans have not experienced before tax office IRS (Internal Revenue Service) that terrible fear, which was still 10 — 15 years ago. Many people deliberately do not pay taxes, explaining that his "disappointment in the American system of government," and some way they want to "take revenge" to the government for their plight.

"My wife and I have to pay the IRS until mid-April $ 16,000 — said a resident of Arkansas, Walter Savage. — We have the money there. And if there were, we would have found other uses for them. For example, banks have given their credit card debt that they did not increase because of high interest rates. "

Similarly, many Americans began to argue, because of what was once the "great and terrible" management IRS, unfortunately, is rapidly losing credibility. Heads of tax administration understands the weaknesses.

"Sometimes people write us letters that the state has deceived them — says the IRS employee Richard Lynn. — Some people do not want to pay, because their money ostensibly spent on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Others do not trust President Obama. Others are asked to provide them with alternative ways of paying taxes. "

Over the past ten years, the number of tax payers has increased markedly. There is even an opinion that to people intentionally skipping tax season 2010 — 2011's, at the IRS «reach the hands" only after 25 — 30 years. However, no real evidence of this rumor is not.

"Non-payment of taxes does not promise any bright prospects — says tax expert Steven Hoffer. — Sooner or later the IRS will find you and make to repay the debt in full. If you paid $ 100 today, in 30 years you may be required to have $ 5 — $ 6000. "

Hoffer rights. IRS never forgave nothing to anyone, but today the agency is in a very difficult financial situation. Tax authorities desperately short of staff. We are not talking about those specialists that handle tax returns, and about those who knock debts.

Thus, the 46-year-old resident of Tennessee, Robert Clegg (name changed) is 10 years the enemy IRS. Receiving nearly $ 50,000 a year, he does not pay a single dollar tax department. Moreover, the state can not put pressure on Clegg. At the defaulter no own property or a car, or valuable items that could be take in taxes. Clegg is trying to live so that he had no one penny. "Employees IRS send me letters, make phone calls, and at least once a year visited by personally — says the defaulter. — They are afraid to put me in jail. And there is no logic to throw in jail hard working person. After all, in this situation I would have to pay for the state. "

Similarly, many Americans behave. For example, a Florida resident Brad Saville annually to the IRS sends a letter about this text: "Notice is hereby given that the amount of my taxes this year was $ 20,000. A check for this amount sent to the charity. I personally pay you will not … "

Internal Revenue Service tried several times to judge Saville, but with the help of charities he managed to get out of the water dry.

I must say that in every way possible to bully IRS only to those born in the United States. Unlike immigrants the state can not deport them. As for the people who were born outside of America, the slightest disobedience to the tax authorities may be cause for deportation.

"Immigrants are in the predicament — continues to Steven Hoffer. — They should regularly pay taxes to renew their loyalty and not run into problems during the process of naturalization. "

So, in late December, authorities deported California legal immigrant from Poland who did not pay taxes for more than seven years. As the owner of a green card, he filed for U.S. citizenship, but did not pass inspection IRS. The Court considered a criminal defaulter and sent him home.

The influence of radical organizations calling "do not pay taxes" is growing by the day. In America today, there are several tens of autonomous cells of the Movement for the resistance Taxes (Tax Protest Movement). As a rule, their activity is reduced to the dissemination of oral and written information with appeals not to trust the government officials and the tax office.

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