Dialogue with extraterrestrial intelligence …


In spring and summer, not a week goes by that one of the 40 countries do not have a new pattern in a wheat field. Interesting, and sometimes intricate composition of the bent ears — one of the most exciting mysteries.

Possible appointment of patterns — an icon or encrypted messages from extraterrestrials. But in this case, they need to be readable, and proved that a joint experiment of Bulgarian scientists and clairvoyant.

Marianne Vezneva, 70-year-old woman, an architect by profession, vocation esoteric — a man carrying a spiritual message of peace from the "celestial teachers" of mankind. You can believe or not to believe her prophecies, but when in the spring of 1986 Marianne warned of impending disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power station, at first no one paid any attention to yet another horror story, but later foresight Bulgarian Sibyl remembered — the country of Vanga know how to appreciate such things.

Vezneva not the first guessed read symbolic graphics, reserves in the fields. But unlike its predecessors, it first used the knowledge of the language of symbols and, secondly, the ability of the mental dialogue with those minds that sends us a message.

When the rumor reached her experiences of scientists, Professor Luchezar Filipov got the idea of a scientific experiment: Scientists prepare the most interesting and important questions, and Marianne give them that reason, which, judging by her revelations, so eager to dialogue with the earthlings.

— 22 scientists agreed to participate, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences — says Luchezar Filipov, deputy director of the Institute for Space Studies. — Together, we have prepared 35 questions dealing with the problems of the Earth, the origin of mankind, the fate of our civilization. Vezneva one known method gave her these questions to those who according to the popular hypothesis is trying to start a dialogue with our civilization. Marianne reported by scientists when and where to expect the next icon with the answer to a particular question. When this icon is really occurred — often in the South of England — clairvoyant offered a transcript of the message contained in the response.

The experiment took all last summer. Summed up in the autumn. 14 of 22 scientists have signed a joint protocol, confirming the dialogue between the two civilizations. 8 people did not put their signatures, considering the results of either zero or inconclusive.

The organizer of the experiment made a dual conclusion:
— As an academic, I am disappointed astrophysicist experimental results — recognized Luchezar Filipov. — Because, for example, transmitted by Marianne message about the end of the world in 2012 is not coordinated with the scientific evidence that I trust more than her interpretations and not confirmed. At the same time, if SETI — the search for extraterrestrial intelligence program by sending radio signals into space — almost half a century is not successful, why not try to look for other ways?

I can not recognize the results of the experiment are two interesting points. First, when Marianne informed in advance about the next icon, time and place of its predictions proved accurate. The second point: it is often passed replies containing terms such that this woman because of her education could not have known. Therefore, despite the murky contents of most answers and ambiguity existing in these projections, I believe that such research should continue.

Dr. Jordan Tasev, a physicist at the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Relations BAS, also sees the result of the experiment in two ways:
— The answers are mixed. Whether they contain an allegory inherent in all texts of spiritual content, or subjectivity itself Veznevoy. But it is characteristic that the vocabulary presented in the responses, she herself in everyday life does not own. To specific questions in astrophysics vague answers come, but with the caveat that the more specific could have an impact on the future life on Earth, which the authors of messages avoided. And it is, in principle, can be understood.

Doctor of Divinity, Konstantin Zlatev said:
— Dialogue with the unknown, more advanced civilization took place — that is the main result of the experiment. And the fact that he is imprecise, of course: after all, we do not have a common language, and the mediator will inevitably distorts communication. Different religions recognize the possibility of the existence of the spiritual world, inhabited by intelligent beings, but usually do not take new discoveries in this area. But imagine we would be looking for common ground with the civilization of the ants. Not sure our messages to the nest there the community would be perceived as supporting meaningful information.

In solidarity with a colleague Luchezar Filipov:
— You-we are always willing to ordain weaker, but are not ready to accept the idea that someone is able to command us. Hence the reluctance of active scientific community, especially the "upper layer" to agree even with the formulation of the problem — not that the results of its solutions.



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