Disappearing behind pillars


The long-term familiarity with the testimony of witnesses who had the experience of being inside the so-called "Zhiguli mirages," inevitably raises the question — just a "mirage" inherently education of some passages between the various spaces — our and some others still, the location of which is still unknown?

Detailed analysis of the messages that we have carefully recorded and stored, no matter how strange they may seem at first to have produced results.

There was another reason which has induced us to search for such phenomena in the testimony of witnesses, seemingly unrelated to hronomirazhami. Our good friend — Siberian Tatiana I., who came to visit the banks of the Volga, with regular trips back to the question: "What people often do you have for the pillars disappear?"

Disappearing people. Reconstruction of the eyewitness-Togliatti

The reason for the question served as a passer, which in the eyes of a woman strolling went behind a lamppost and … did not come out because of it. Probably the part looked pretty ridiculous as Tatiana looked into the pole. But what happened to a man she did not understand. During her two-week visit to see three of these "disappearances" in different places of the city.

In general, the number of such "disappearances to nowhere" and "appearances nowhere" in the tens. Here are some examples.

Togliatti, Prospect St. Razin, between the 4th and 10th districts of

One of our witnesses named Vadim (name changed upon request) in the middle of a summer day in the bus was traveling from the Old Town to the New. The people there were very few, about five — six for the entire cabin. At the stop "Volga dawns" on a bus stopped a young man, blond, wearing a light-colored clothing. As usual in such cases, his clothes evoked a sense of brand new, completely dust-free. He sat down face-to Vadim and somehow looked at him closely and smiled slightly.

It looked a bit strange — why would a young person to another young man smiling? But leave aside the thoughts that I think, in our time, in the first place come to mind. For a moment, glancing out the window, Vadim look back to the salon. This young man … was not. Trolley just drove up to the bus stop "clinic". The doors did not open. Nowhere to hide and no one else. In the driver's one (of course, except for the driver) is not. The passenger was gone. As he did so, only he knows. Disappeared, and all.

Togliatti, Moscow Avenue, the area to the side of the Volga car

Another time gone … car. This incident took place in Moscow Avenue in the part that comes out of the city and go to the plant. Stood at the bus stop a few people, including a woman and a string bags stuffed with Alexander, who subsequently told us this story. Shifting awaiting transport to the edge of Sasha dobrel stop and even went out for it in the course of traffic. A woman with a string bags also do not stand next to the others. That's restlessness and allowed them to become observers of unusual cases. To stop trolley came, opened the door. Behind the trolley at high speed overtook two cars — a dark "Seven" and bright "nine". Here they both disappeared behind standing trolley and almost immediately had to appear because of it, but … just seemed dark, "Seven." "Nine" is not slowed down, not turned to the side — around all too visible. It just disappeared from the light "cotton".

Volga car

Another is the "disappearance" of what happened in one of the VAZ shops. Duty, who was sitting at the controls at the entrance to the shop, noticed that the front of her on the floor located quite decent kind of man in brown woolen trousers. Deciding to put things in order, it was headed in his direction, but right in front of her man … gone. Got up and went away, and it just was not seen, and that's it. Imagined? Could be. But then what's imagined this zavodchanke?

She went to work on the "Gazelle". When approaching his box moved over from the back seat to the very front seat, next to the exit. At the same seat on the other side sat another passenger, blonde and friendly. Our heroine asked the driver to drive closer to the 8th inset to less walk — she was late. That, and the second, a woman asked her, "This is the 8th paste?" — "Yes." — "You come out here?" — "Yes" — "Then, perhaps, I'll go there." She, too, gave the driver the money came out, fellow traveler said: "Good luck to work!". Immediately giving money for themselves (without delivery, ie fast), our informant left immediately after the woman decided to talk to her on the way, but … that is nowhere to be found. There was not other people, no buildings, no cars behind which one could hide.

St. Petersburg (in those days it was still called Leningrad)

We began to look for similar products in the archives of the Russian researchers. And they found a lot of similar examples. For example, one such case occurred in late winter now a distant one thousand nine hundred and eighty-one, in one of the hotels of St. Petersburg. The three were on their fundamentals employee jobs in the lobby. Suddenly a man appeared in the lobby. He was out of the front door and did not come out of the elevator, as do all the "normal" users. The man was heading straight from the middle of the column — one of the three that stood in the center of the hall.

— Girls, where you can call? — He asked loudly. The collaborators looked at each other, as the hotel was not customary to speak out, and the tenants are usually adhered to this rule. Phone he was given a warning that he is a service, and he uses it as an exception.

— I know everything, but it is urgent and important matter! I am a mechanic spacecraft. We have a breakdown. If I do not find a mate, we will not be able to fly away.

An employee of the hotel situation seemed hoax, until they began to realize the very strangeness of a stranger, who deduced the situation beyond reality.

"We were all shocked this man's voice — told one of the women present there. — First of all, it's very loud, as passed through the microphone. Secondly, the voice without any inflections and emotions — completely flat, as if the metal-like the voice of the robot movies. measured words separated by pauses. impression was that before each word, he gained the air, as if he found it difficult to speak or he was sick. Some of us made a remark to him — say, well, quiet. He nodded his head, but he continued to speak with the same volume, if he could not otherwise. Even a group of Finnish tourists, who were nearby, pay attention to it. "

It looked quite ordinary visitor as a European, but that's was not dressed for the season, too easy, and in the street — the winter chill. But how did he got to the hotel? Satisfactory explanation for this was not. The main entrance is controlled by ushers that outsiders do not miss out. Emergency exits are locked permanently. On the part of the administrative unit as porters on duty. Yes, no one and did not get the impression that this man came from the street. Emanated from him by frost, and his whole appearance was not talking about the fact that it was cold or chilly. Of the subsequent conversation that man has no idea where he is.

After receiving the telephone, the man took out some papers, dialed and began to talk to someone, "It's me. Urgent need to meet. Otherwise we would not have time to fix … Otherwise we will not take off …" He spoke three or four minutes, and then turned back to the hotel and collaborators literally stunned them the question: "Girls, and where am I?" One of the women was indignant: "How is it, where I am How did you get in here, if you do not know where you are?" But her indignation left unanswered. Stranger persistently repeated the question. This time, he responded by saying the name of the hotel. "Where is it located?" — After a perturbation of one of the employees named address. — "A subway is there?" — "Yes." — "What's it called the station?" — "Alexander Nevsky Square".

Schedule an appointment at this metro station, the man hung up, collected all his papers and thanked the women. Their question, whether he lives in a hotel, and who he is, the stranger repeated that he was a mechanic spacecraft. Then he picked up a heavy rack that looks metallic, briefcase, which put there before the phone conversation, and again introduced those present in almost shock state of amazement. He asked, "Excuse me, but how get out of here?" One of the officers waved her hand toward the street. Wag came just to the side window.

— Right here? — Said the man, pointing to the window.

— No, there will walk through the door! — She showed him a more accurate way.

— And how to get to the subway?

He explained the way. The man went to the door, but the woman could not resist the curiosity and see how it comes out of the building. And it turned out, the curiosity has brought results. Here was a man in the gap between the glass wall and door, that this man was sure to pass by the window (just no other way) … but this did not happen. He's gone.

'm Not mad it? This question is asked ourselves women, trying to understand who they saw. However, the behavior of the stranger did not speak about any mental abnormality. Do not had a visitor and drunk. All employees of the hotel involved in the incident, is categorically denied. And, excuse me, the way his appearance (as well as a way to extinction) several "unlike" our usual way of moving through space. So who was he? Mechanic spacecraft. In the absence of that being said, the evidence is take him at his word.

Dam power plant: here come and go strange people


And again — Togliatti road from hydroelectric dams to the square in front of the river port

This story somehow inadvertently stuck the name "Five in brown." That's what we told the woman at the end of the 70s ehavshaya the bus from Zhigulyovsk in Togliatti. Sitting on the final stop, she noticed that next to the bus goes some pious grandmother and reads the Bible. The bus was about to leave, and grandma, cross over the door, came in and sat next to her. Passengers crept fun, the boys find out the relationship, so that the bus was a slight noise.

Before the "tenth pillar" she glanced out the window. At the bus stop was empty except for two or three fishermen but their catch. When after a few moments the bus opened the door, entered already eight people. Where did they come from? After all, only that there was no one … Five of the included looked somehow "wrong." Men are dressed exactly the same: brown coat, brown suit, brown tie, beige shirt, suede cap. "Doctor's" beard framed equally lean, perfectly impassive face — not a hint of emotion. Only his eyes shone with amazing force, as if included knew and understood a lot more people sitting in the bus. Was in this group and a woman very similar to his companions, and also dressed in brown. However, with the general brown color of her clothes sharply discordant color scarf worn by a scarf instead.

Everything would have been fine if the faces of men were not completely, to the smallest details are the same as if one took a negative and made it with a few photos. The five stood around, back to back, apparently, to have control over the entire surrounding area. Granny began to fuss, was pushing her neighbor, they say, move over, let sit. The move was nowhere to go, but Grandma still grumbled, "I, you're evil!" One of the "brown" without looking coldly: "It is worse."

Let's move on. Cheerful hubbub died down in the cabin, even the boys grew quiet. Willy-nilly, the woman continued to watch the strange passengers. They did not speak to each other, just looked at each other, and the observed was quite sure that they talk telepathically (it would seem, from the common man in the late 70's to know about telepathy, but …).

They arrived at the river port. "Brown" came out of the area. Past the bus, still standing at the bus stop, rode the bus counter. This took 3-4 seconds. When the survey was released, the square was empty. Near was not (at that time was not) buildings, behind which could hide, did not stop the car or trolley, which could leave.

That's the story. What could it be? Let's try to sort out options for an explanation. Option one — hallucination. Then the grandmother with the Bible also hallucinating at the same time with this woman?

Option Two — a rare event while traveling five identical twins, which for jokes dressed exactly the same. Just where did they go to the square at the river port?

Option three — it's still not the people. And there are also the questions: Who are they? What were they doing on the peninsula Kopylovo? Why were traveling in Komsomolsk region? And again — where do they go?


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