Discovered a supernova in the galaxy Arp 220

Discovered a supernova in the galaxy Arp 220 Facts

Space Observatory, astronomers Onsager Chalmers University recently discovered a supernova in the galaxy Arp 220, located at a distance of 250 million light years from Earth. Never before in a single galaxy was observed at the same time as many supernovae. Discovery proves the assumption of astronomers that the galaxies that are considered the best in the universe of "Star Academy" is also "supernova factories."

Using ground-based network of radio telescopes in 5 countries, astrologers were able to create detailed images of the galaxy Arp 220. Behind a thick layer of dust and gas in the center of the galaxy was discovered about 40 radio sources, which are not visible through ordinary telescopes.

"In the galaxy Arp 220 is much more supernovae than in our own. Presumably, that supernovae explode on her time in a quarter century, while in the Milky Way — once a century, "- said Rodrigo Parra, an astronomer at the European Southern Observatory in Chile.

The study also allowed astronomers to understand the mechanism of radio waves in supernovae and their remnants. "It turned out that the radio emission of supernova caused by their own magnetic field, not the fields surrounding the galaxies," — says Fabien Betezha.

The group includes the following research astronomers:

Fabien Batejat, John Conway and Rossa Hurley Space Observatory at Chalmers University of Onsager in Sweden;

Rodrigo Parra at the European Southern Observatory in Chile (ESO);

Philip Diamond to the countries of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research in Australia (CSIRO);

Colin J. Lonsdale at Space Observatory Heystek MIT in the United States (MIT Haystack Observatory);

Carol J. Lonsdale at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in the U.S. (NRAO).

In studying the use of a telescope of the European network of RSDP arrays with very long baseline (VLBI Network and VLBA);

Source: Chalmers University of Technology.

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