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Discovered two black holes high of Facts

Astronomers claim to have discovered the two biggest black holes. Discovery was made using the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii. The two black holes are located in the center of the two galaxies, each of which is the brightest galaxy in the group. A black hole in our galaxy less detected objects 2,000 times, but four million times the Sun in mass. The radii of the two black holes are much more than just the solar system, they are 5-10 times greater than the orbit of Pluto.

Huge black holes existed when the universe was young. Evidence of this are the quasars — extremely bright objects, and in which there is a black hole. But these giants could not just disappear from the face of the galaxies.

Existing vast galaxy ecliptic during the early universe have passed the stage of a quasar. Black holes are located at their centers, stopped fed accreting gas and went into "sleep" state. The discovery of such holes is possible due to gravity, spread to neighboring stars. But the question remains to what extent and under the influence of factors which black holes can grow in size.

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