Do not go to the damn clearing



In areas that are referred to as "glades of death" often occur all kinds of miracles. There are lost people and animals, clock and compass "going crazy", flying birds fall dead, and witnesses, survivors, they see all sorts of mirages, the mysterious "fog" and even the very real monsters, from which quite simply do not run away.

Fire-breathing hole in the ground

Typically, these fields are in the midst of a powerful geological fault that causes distortion of space. Among other things, these places appear in large numbers all sorts of goblins, mermaids, Bog and other evil spirits begin their "devilish games" with people …

One of the most famous "The Killing Fields" is located on the river in Siberia Cove. Thirty kilometers from its confluence with the Angara is an ancient Russian village Karamyshevo, the shepherds of which one, in long-haul livestock found in the forest rather strange and dangerous place: a huge hole in the ground where they died in the fire in the eyes of dozens of wild forest animals .

In particular, it is quite well documented case when held by a forest trail by clearing this strange local hunter saw a deer jumped out into the clearing, and a moment later fell through the ground and burned alive.

Not to forget themselves and warn others of the danger, the shepherds carved on the trunks of the trees surrounding the clearing, with a pointer to the image feature, and called the place "Devil's graveyard."

By the way, the locals believe that in this place is underground mysterious Tunguska meteorite.

With the passage of time has brought a huge fire-breathing hole with earth, branches, fallen leaves, and eyewitness accounts of the "Devil's Cemetery" changed. Now, as they say, the animals here do not fall into the ground and die right on the surface is not clear on what adversity.

They also say that not only animals, but also to people for a long time in the clearing remain dangerous, from the "Devil's Cemetery" rarely come back alive. Once there holds some invisible force that permeates the body and searing pain.

Particularly resistant adventurers were burned in the clearing from the inside: the clothes remained intact, and the interior of the blood and in the blink of an eye turned to dust.

Sometimes at night in the meadow there is an eerie bluish glow in the sky rises beam. Soon after, the treetops are beginning to move little balls of bright white. During the day there are often amazing mirages, which lead to the horror of the hunters.

The films were completely overexposed

A similar, but less well-known "Killing Fields" is located in the upper reaches of the Tocco, on the border of the Chita Region and Yakutia.

"Its surface is a kind of a forest burn a diameter of about 20-30 meters, — says one of the researchers geopathic zone Igor Blackie. — Earth it looks charred, as after a fire.

Lost in thought, I stepped into the clearing, took a few steps and felt a sharp and very uncomfortable tingling all over. His head suddenly began to fill with a lead weight, and swam before my eyes multicolored circles, I realized I was losing my balance. My comrades, suspecting something was wrong, I quickly pulled off a dangerous place. When he came to, I talked about the feelings experienced, and it was decided to investigate more thoroughly clearing.

First we went around it on all sides. In a clearing not only was no vegetation, but even the branches of trees and shrubs around did not grow up in her direction. At the very glade of black burned land could see some bumps. Looking closer, we realized it's charred carcasses of small animals and birds.

Deciding to make a detailed plan, got a compass, but he refused to behave normally, the arrow rotates like crazy, and even at a considerable distance from the clearing could not calm down!

After spending around damn place a couple of hours, the group had begun to experience some inexplicable anxiety feeling. Began headaches, heart ached badly.

Having made a detailed description of the field and a few photos, we tried to quickly leave this terrible place.

However, the film showing at home, we were incredibly impressed: they were completely overexposed. Missing not only shots taken near the meadow and around it, but all the things that we were doing before. "

Hallucinations have nothing to do

Another field where, according to popular belief, there are unknown forces that compel people to wander around her, is in the Vologda region. First, the local press reported on it, referring to the numerous stories of foresters in 1988.

And right after that went to Vologda forests amateur expedition. The search for an enchanted place that year were not successful, but the desire to find it was missing, and seven years later, was organized a new expedition. At this time, members of the expedition was invited as conductor of the local forester, which dense forest and led the people to a mysterious clearing.

It was perfectly round and a diameter of one hundred and twenty meters. Six researchers were left to spend on it all sorts of measurements, and two — Nikolai Ignatov and Roman Petrov — went into the woods and … gone!

Nicholas found only in the morning is quite far from the parking lot. Forester said that he was lucky. It began impassable swamps, and he could easily get into the swamp.

Nicholas said that in a forest glade ever seen with a tent and a campfire. Until they could walk briskly maximum of three minutes. But, however much he walked in front of him were constantly more and more trees, as if in a fairy tale, the devil made him stray in broad daylight.

Fortunately, Nicholas escaped with what is called a slight shock, but Roman was not found …

Despite the tragic outcome of the expedition, the following year to a mysterious place in the dense forest Vologda headed for a new group of researchers. But this time, members of the expedition left the field in the thicket, constantly strapped with a long rope, the end of which remained in the clearing in his hands were on her companions.

One of the researchers, coming on the first day out of the field with a rope belt, argued that moving away from the center, moving all the time right, holding both a fire and tents strictly behind him. But he went away just twenty meters and turning, he found that the clearing with tents and a campfire was right, and the rope is stretched to the left for some reason!

The incredible situation that it was difficult to find an explanation. Only one thing was clear: glade "buggy" and distorts reality, forcing people to go into the thicket, in the direction of impassable swamps!

According to the "armchair" experts, not even close to Vologda phenomenon, the cause of the strange properties of the surrounding meadows and forests can be … mercury vapor, kind of like standing out here out of the ground! However, these couples behave strangely: for some reason they do not go out of bounds.

It turns out, mercury and its accompanying hallucinations have nothing to do, and then in another. But what — will show the time and new expeditions …

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