Do not touch the Pole, and it does not smell


Part 1. In Washington, during the presentation of the highest awards of the country, one of them posthumously intended Polish resistance fighter Jan Karski, spread the truth about the crimes of the Nazis in Poland, made by President Obama. In his speech, Barack Huseynovich, recalling the feat Pole made an unfortunate reservation — called a concentration camp, who was on the territory of Poland, "Polish death camp."

Reaction from Poland was immediate: in spite of the late hour in Washington immediately came note of protest. Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski accused the president of the United States in ignorance and demanded that the White House official apology. "Obama's words shocked all Poles who listened or watched it live on TV. Jan Karski would become ill from such a phrase, "- said the president of the Kosciuszko Alex Storozhinsky.

Part 2. In response, the representative of the National Security Council of the United States Vetor Tony explained that the president "misspoke." "He was referring to the Nazi death camp in Poland, — he said. — We regret that reservation, but that should not detract from the intention to honor the memory of Karski and those brave citizens who stood up in the face of tyranny on the side of human dignity. "

The fact that Obama has made an unfortunate clause in his statements admitted at a press briefing and spokesman for the White House spokesman Jay Carney. "The president misspoke — said Carney. — He was referring to the Nazi death camps on Polish territory occupied by Germany. We are sorry. "

Part 3. However, at a special press briefing, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has called Obama's statement "false and unfair wording." "For Poles, it is an issue that we can not be indifferent," — he added. According to Tusk, the words of the American leader — "the problem of America's reputation."

"If the concentration camps were Polish, then at whose hands were killed by American soldiers. When someone says "Polish death camps", it looks as if there was no Hitler and the Nazis, there was no German responsibility. "

According to him, not simply regret and apology, to completely eliminate the possibility of such errors. "For the U.S., it is important to get out of this situation on top. I think that our allies will be able to behave with dignity, "- said Tusk …


As long as Obama is in fear waiting for the ultimatum from the Polish gentry and with trembling hands, counts coins in his pockets, naively believing that he can pay off, we formulate morality. How did a good thing that we do not dance to Poland.

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