During that 60% of boys are circumcised in the United States?

According to various estimates in the U.S. are circumcised sixty percent of newborn boys. What for? A mystery. It is not for religious reasons. According to medical? Big question — in 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a decision that no medically confirmed the indications for prophylactic / hygienic circumcision does not exist. So why do parents in the United States put their boys circumcised?

From the history of the spread of practice it is known that at the end of XIX century, circumcision has been proposed as a means of struggle with masturbation. "After the surgery, the skin will sit tight on the penis, and it will significantly limit masturbation or even eradicate it," — wrote in 1895 adept circumcision, Dr. EJ Spratling in their medical records about masturbation.

Today, of course, to maintain mass circumcision society offered other motives. They talk about the usefulness of the procedure in the hygienic sense that circumcision! reduces the likelihood of AIDS. Weight lifted pseudo-scientific and pseudo-TV programs in which the "experts" convince Americans to part with the male foreskin of the penis.

We do not claim expertise in healing, but an analysis of the available information convinces us that mass circumcision in the United States due solely to the interests of the medical industry. Americans "are bred for money" in the same schemes that are used in the provision of services for liposuction, fluoridation of water, etc.

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