Dutch artist made from the corpse of her cat helicopter

Recently in the network has a lot of photos with the Amsterdam exhibition of contemporary art KunstRAI, which middle-aged man with a remote control with a straight face starts to air a homemade flying machine, the main part of which is the body of the cat. This scene looks like, at least, strange animal with outstretched legs in different directions dull eyes looking straight ahead, while the mechanism with multiple propellers lifts him into the air.

Despite the fact that the flying body of the cat looks more desecration of the dead animals, his former boss Bart Jansen says that he decided to turn his dead pet in the art object solely for the love of it.

According to the artist, becoming a part of the famous and prestigious exhibitions, his cat Orville will go down in history. "I really love your pet and want to perpetuate his memory," — said Jansen, adding that Orvila had a brother named Wilbur. Both cats artist named in honor of the Wright brothers — the inventors of the world's first airplane. "Being named in honor of the great aviator, he just had to ever get off the ground," — said the Dutch artist.

He made the body of his pet stuffed and tied him to a light mechanism with propellers. Bart Jansen gave his name to the product "Orvilkopter." Jansen's work has caused, to put it mildly, a mixed reaction in the ranks of the defenders of animals.

The activists have called PETA way Dutchman decided to memorialize your pet, "creepy and disgusting." Such negative comments can be found on the website YouTube, where the video appeared on Monday the launch of "Orvilkoptera." Two days clip received more than 10,500 hits.

Bart Jansen did not exclude that in the future will sell its product to the auction, but still can not decide on the starting amount of trading.


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