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This is not a pseudo-scientific romance, but the harsh truth: The Earth — living body. Its shape is changing, continents diverge and crawls on top of each other, perpetual anxiety breaks loose bowels of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. But the question arises as to which science can not come to a consensus: it remains a constant radius of the planet? Recent research by NASA suggests that the Earth is spreading outwards. However, not all scientific world agrees with these slanders.

First of all I must say that the question of the shape of the earth — not a speculative problem. It affects the Earth's gravity, which means that the trajectory of satellite orbits and the accuracy of the transmitted to the center of the earth telecommunication signals. And on this whole industry built the industry — many communication systems, navigation of ships, monitoring the surface for different purposes and, of course, vigilance space spy satellites …

But there is nothing new under the sun — including the theory of change in the Earth's shape. In the middle of the XIX century artillery general Englishman Alfred Drayson, measuring the trajectory of bombs and shells came to the conclusion that the linear degree increases, the Earth is expanding. Conclusion too bold for what was then the measurement accuracy. But after 100 years of genius physicist Paul Dirac was based on an analysis of the universal constants came to a similar conclusion that there is no way for the stability of the universe than the decrease of the gravitational constant and increasing the radius of the Earth. Theories have been many more …

And NASA specialists to modernize the old tune. The painting, in their opinion, is this: the melting of ice at the poles has the effect of elastic recoil in the mantle. The last ice age occurred on Earth 10,000 years ago — a long time ago, so the ice did not live long. Yes, global warming is raided. Mantle, the thick layer of molten rock between the core and the crust of the earth responds to the laws of mechanics — and flattened at the poles of the Earth gradually decreased. "The earth was behaving just like a sponge ball, which you press down with your finger and see his recovery from deformation" — wrote in the journal Science, Christopher Cox.

But in the last four years, something strange is happening — the Earth was heard in breadth. This phenomenon is recorded ultra-precise lasers that track the movement of satellites on near-Earth orbits. In addition, a marked change in the length of the Earth around its axis. Calculations show that no processes occurring on the surface, such as sea level rise, such an effect can not lead. To cause such changes, it is necessary that 10-kilometer-long ice cube melts annually on each side by 5 kilometers and the water would be poured into the ocean. The phenomenon can not be explained even pieces of broken away from the Great Antarctic glacier, because they are already swimming in the ocean, and its level, as shown by satellite studies, does not change.

So, the earth, as if suffering from a metabolic disorder patients is growing, "belly". And, as in medicine, to explain this phenomenon can only internal processes in the earth. Why move the center of gravity on the boundary between the core and mantle of the Earth? At the Deputy Director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Alexei Didenko has a version on this account. It is based on data paleomagnitologii — one of those disciplines that in the old days in our country were referred to the category of bourgeois pseudoscience. This title ironically turns around the fact that this science is among the most important …

Paleomagnitologiya in which the achievements of Russian scientists are recognized all over the world, is the fact that ferromagnetic minerals remember the changes in the magnetic field of the Earth. It's like a restoration of the old magnetic tape — you can extract a signal from the most ancient times. The age of the planet Earth — 4.6 billion years old and the age of the oldest rocks found from — 3.6 billion. So the restoration paleomagnitologov comes almost to the roots. The method allows to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the outlines of continents of the earth millions of years ago and at the same time provides geologists to-date information about mineral deposits. It is no accident that science in the West generously funded by oil companies. We have, however, such bounties were observed.

According to Alexei Didenko paleomagnitologiya favorably in that it offers an approach that can solve the problem of accurate quantitative methods. So, its findings suggest that the radius of the Earth is not increased. In the times of the ancient pramaterika Pangaea, from which all went to Europe and Africa, the size of the Earth were the same as in our enlightened age, when mankind suddenly excited about this issue. Accuracy of output — 5%. Fluctuations and fluctuations are possible, but familiar at school, the value of the equatorial radius does not change. Spelling rules are specified, and the number 6000 378 kilometers remains constant.

Reducing the speed of rotation of the Earth, which advocates for the expansion of the planet is an important argument, paleomagnitologi set in prehistoric times. Their reconstruction shows that 3 billion years ago, Earth was spinning like a scalded. Day then lasted 19 hours, and after 100 million years has come to 25. This is, without a doubt, a pleasant discovery: our posterity completely slothful, sleep will be as summer visitors.

A particular worry about the fact that the Earth will spread to the disgrace and lose the appeal, humanity can not test. And who knows how to change the ideals of beauty …

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