Earthquake damaged hundreds of houses in Indonesia, there are victims

June 23, 2013. Earthquake in Indonesia has led to tangible damage. Several dozen people were injured. Tremors were felt, including on the popular tourist island of Bali.

The earthquake occurred on the eve of the west coast of the Indonesian island of Lombok. Its magnitude was 5.4. According to preliminary data, he added, the quake severely damaged the 1.7 thousand houses. According to local authorities, injuring 24 people. Six of them are seriously injured and is still in the hospital.

The earthquake was also felt on the resort island of Bali, Lombok separated by only a narrow strait, RIA Novosti reported. Its center was located about ten kilometers to the south-west of the capital of the province of West Nusa Tenggara Mataram City. Center lies ten kilometers below the surface.

Source: NTV

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