Eduard Limonov: Paris today is not the one


Came an old friend of mine, an artist.

I asked him about Paris, how is he? Paris?

"Paris today is not the one — got in return. — We're living in the eighties in another city.

Many galleries closed. The French do not buy paintings home.

Dying tradition to go to a cafe. Earlier on Sunday so accurately deduced the French family dinner at the resto or a cafe.

Now sitting alone in a cafe tourists. Everything has become expensive. The crisis that everyone is afraid of the future, save.

In night clubs bohemian no longer sits. Yes, and all the famous clubs have closed. "Palace" God knows when it is, "Bandyuzh" was closed.

Of Russian restaurants was left alone, do you remember how many there were in our time?

The clubs are dominated by Arabs.

You know, the police do not take the Arabs (but in a silent way, without advertising), but take the black. This is because historically black can not stand the Arabs, who were selling them into slavery before the Europeans.

Young girls are afraid to walk the streets at night, now it's not safe.


Frances has two distinctly. And the two cultures.

The French are still alive mighty old: Aznavour, Delon, Belmondo and everything is forgiven Depardieu him now treated better, even if he goes to make money in Russia, and lives in a small village in Belgium.

The French, for example, the singer Patricia Kaas, the Arabs such Jemal (I hope I heard correctly).

One day in France, explode, and it is not clear who will win, the Arabs fiercely.

We are fortunate that we lived in an old Paris. He's gone.


"La Coupole" remade into a dining room for the tourists. Disappeared "Drag Store", the one on the corner of Boulevard Saint-Germain, remember, was open all night, across the street from the cafe "Flor"?

Still holds the old "Lipp", but it is built up quite the nonsenses designer Armani, barely visible in the old "Lipp".

Hollande — the bad president, the next time he was not elected, elected, most likely, Sarkozy again … "

So to me yesterday by my old friend purring, drinking tea, and sighed at that.

"You're doing that in time to get out there," — he concluded.

I drank wine.

It was grustnovataya preaching about Paris from October 2, 2013. Eduard Limonov

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