EKTA’s LED equipment on the track Ashgabat

The Russian company "Renaissance" has delivered road safety systems EKTA to upgrade expressway in the capital of Turkmenistan.

  In September, the first stage of reconstruction Archabil Avenue in Ashgabat. For the passage of open land Archabil 1.1, equipped with LED variable message traffic signs VMS model 20 RW-12M and LED scoreboard LVM 8C-vpR. Two-color (red and white) characters are now 1.2? 1.2 m mounted on the arch design and are equipped with an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness. Dimensions board made of LED, up 9.7? 1.6 m Using Nichia LED provides uniform illumination of the road EKTA equipment for over 11 years while working 24/7. LED signs and placards EKTA comply with the European standard EN 12966-1:2005 + A1: 2009 "Vertical road signs — Signs of variable information" and operate at ambient temperatures ranging from -25 ° C to 60 ° C (classes T1 + T2 according to EN 12966-1:2005).

This — not the first delivery of Ukrainian LED equipment for roads in Turkmenistan. In September 2011, along bypass road Ashgabat were installed 28 road signs VMS model 20 RW-12M, as well as 7 display models DMS 20C-4616 and 2 display model LVM 16C. Previously, 24 road signs similar model was fitted to the high-speed autobahn Airport Turkmenbashi — Avaz. Such a demand for the products of Ukrainian origin suggests that LED traffic solutions EKTA well proven in the harsh continental climate of Turkmenistan. This is not surprising, because all products EKTA LED-default designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions and protected from extreme temperatures and dusty air.

Archabil — one of the key highways in Ashgabat. This four-in each direction of the highway stretching 25.5 kilometers. As part of the reconstruction is also provided design and construction of mudflow diversion structures and landscaping of the adjacent territory.

Works performs Production Association"Revival"(St. Petersburg) — a major player in the construction market and the Russian term partner EKTA. The completion of the restoration work planned for April 2014

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