Elevated levels of tritium found in ground water in Virginia

Elevated levels of tritium found in ground water in Virginia Danger Zone

Near a nuclear power plant in Virginia recorded elevated levels of tritium, a radioactive form of the weak. February 17, 2012 Richmond utilities has been informed of the contamination of water substance, the amount of which is two times higher than the standard for drinking water.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission reported that radiation is not a threat to society, as the water of nearby Lake Anna and the water is safe. Source of radiation has not yet been identified, but two reactors in Louisa County are excluded from the list.

While there is no evidence that increasing the level of tritium is associated with the earthquake August 23, 2011, resulting in the nuclear power plant was shut down for 3 months. The study of samples taken from both protected and unprotected areas, as well as post-seismic hydrogeological assessment does not yield any results.

However, opposing nuclear weapons remain skeptical about the efforts undertaken by the Commission to address the issue. Although a small amount of tritium found in groundwater around the world (due to the fact that it is formed in collisions of cosmic rays with air), the effects of radiation can be very serious, from cancer to genetic abnormalities in future generations.

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