Erdogans government has announced plans to make the terrain of Turkey communication centers for Syrian terrorists

Erdogan's government has announced plans to set up centers in Turkey due to Syrian terroristsDespite the numerous ties between the Government of exposure Party of Justice and development under the control of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the organization "Al-Qaeda" is government energetically supports terrorist groups operating in the area Syria. It operates a variety of methods, not stopping weapons and sending terrorists across the Turkish-Syrian border. In addition, in support of its own terrorists, they go even further — namely, make the communication centers and military bases for the so-called "Free Syrian Army".

Support for terrorism by Turkey became the official policy of the ruling party. Erdogan's party members do not even hide it.

Chairman of the Department Party of Justice and development in the town of Gaziantep Ahmet unit said it would open in the town center due to the so-called "Free Syrian Army". The Centre will undertake delivery of "aid", as he put it — in other words, the gun militants.

The Turkish newspaper "Yurt" noted that government Justice and Development Party wants to open a center in Gaziantep after the creation of such a military base member so called "Free Army" in the town of Antakya and its political Consulate in Istanbul.

The paper highlighted that the Turkish government preparing to take the militants leading terrorist acts against the Syrian country.

She said that in the town of Gaziantep was a meeting in which participated representatives of the so-called "Free Syrian Army" with the participation of the head of department of the Party of Justice and Development. The event, entitled "Education, health and solidarity" was held in the headquarters of the organization "Byulbyulzade." Chairman of the organization, told reporters that representatives of militant groups in Syria have come together to tell the story of their own during the fighting. He also expressed his intention to Party of Justice and development to strengthen ties with anti-Syrian armed groups and identified the need to convene meetings at times.

PS Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Australia: More than 100 Australians involved in the activities of the armed terrorist groups in Syria


The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Australia acknowledged the existence of more than 100 of its own people in the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

A spokesman warned Australians involved in the fighting in Syria, the punishment of imprisonment for a term up to 20 years in accordance with the Criminal Code of Australia from 1978.

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs announced on 01.02.2013, the beginning of the investigation on the death of an Australian citizen in Syria during his role in fighting against government forces.

It must be emphasized that many of the media recognized the presence of illegal facts on the ground Syria foreigners, came to fight in the ranks of armed groups.

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