Europeans thousands evacuated from the flooded towns

June 20, 2013. In France, the threat of flooding evacuated 2,000 people. Heavy rains and melting snow from the Pyrenees caused local rivers to overflow. Aware of two of the victims.

Flooded Lourdes — a place of mass pilgrimage of Catholics. Authorities had to evacuate from the disaster and hundreds of believers to turn off security in electricity.

And in neighboring Spain floods inundated towns and rural areas in the north-eastern regions. The reason — the largest spill in the region of the river Gar. Closed some highway, bridge destroyed, no lights were about four thousand people. Hard to reach places rescuers have to evacuate residents by helicopter, reports NTV.

Source: NTV



In the south-west of France came to severe storms

June 18, 2013. In the 19-minute southwestern departments of France declared "orange" code of danger due to the high probability of a severe storm, the first signs of which are already disturbed the country. In some communities, Ile-de-France had to drop hail the size of a ball for ping-pong table, above Paris prosverkali spectacular lightning. Other cities and towns expect gusty winds and hail the next portion of a diameter up to 3 cm

In a number of villages in the emergency services have already begun to arrive disturbing calls and reports of flooding of basements of uprooted trees, inundated with visits from their homes, on damaged roofs. At about 13,000 people a few hours there was no electricity. This is not surprising, since the agency Meteo-France warned that the speed of wind gusts in some areas of the Normandy can reach 80 km / h

Warning of the danger will be very important for the south and south-west the next day. In this part of the country, especially in the department of Pyrenees, expected to be about 100 mm of rain. In the mountainous regions of south-west floods are possible, as soon as storms expected warming, and hail will melt quickly. The owners of houses standing in the lowlands, is to worry about the safety of their cellars and ground floors, as for them, the threat of flooding.


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