Every summer on the planet is getting hotter

September 16. New York. This summer, the temperature beat the record. People fled in a public pool and complained to each other that the heat is just unbearable.

However, climate researcher at Stanford University in California, said that every year the summer on the planet is getting hotter.

Today, climate models — a sophisticated computer programs that are based on historical data to predict the future. They show how much greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will appear in the coming years and how it will affect the temperature.

Noah Diffenbaugh, climate researcher: "We found that in large parts of the U.S., Europe, China, and the very large areas in the tropics is a change of temperature. Every year there getting hotter and hotter, and even in the cool summer months the temperature is still higher than in the hottest seasons in the past. "

Professor Noah Diffenbaugh said that the changes are already taking place, and after 30 years of "normal" summer temperatures will be much higher than today.

Climate models are usually hundreds of years. However, Noah Diffenbaugh decided to make a short-term outlook, which had surprised him.

Noah Diffenbaugh, climate researcher: "The appearance of this temperature range is fast and is rapidly that there is the aspect of irreversibility."

According to Dieffenbach, this means that even if greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced today, people put enough CO2 to permanently alter the climate system.

Brian Soden — Professor of Meteorology at the University of Miami. He had spent a lot of climate research findings and considers Dieffenbach accurate.

Brian Soden, climate researcher: "The climate in which to live our grandchildren will not depend on them, it depends on us. In the climate system, there is the principle of inertia and delay. The decisions we make today, in particular — how much energy we consume and how much gas is thrown out, that dictate how the climate will be in the future. "

The researchers themselves acknowledge, no model can not be 100% accurate, but that will become hotter, doubt no longer necessary.

Source: NTDRussian

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