Facebook — bubble bursts, not having to inflate.

Superraskruchennaya social network, the causative agent of the "Arab Spring" and "Moscow winter" fails its IPO. Two weeks after the placement of Facebook shares on the stock exchange have fallen by almost a third …

All of the current economy — it's the bubbles that burst and replaced by new ones. So, what's with Facebook'om snag: the most promising bubble failed to inflate — not sulking!

Facebook's annual profit amounted to one billion dollars. However, at the initial offering in the market value of the company reached 110 billion. After the collapse of quotations scandal. "Deceived investors" threaten courts: that Facebook hid some indicators. And banks, "JP Morgan" and "Goldman Sachs" play the market against Facebook's.

That is, the bad boy playing against the king, so it turns out! Because the bubble — it is a bubble. Can not the company with a profit of 100 billion billion cost. However, until now it was thought that the Interactive dot-com companies, hyped up cod, — this is the most promising field for blowing bubbles. Even after the stock market crash of 2000, when the market of Internet companies has fallen by almost half. And now — for you! Coveted bubble Zuckerberg was a one-time condom.

"It turned out that today even silly speculators are not willing to invest is not clear where, well, just not smart invested. If the bubble lasted at least 3 months, then one would have to hope for something from the point of view of the further development of the scheme. In reality, it lasted a few hours, and this means that the system existed several decades of development of financial markets effectively ended "- commented Michael Hazin.

That is, the process of expanded bubbling — the only way of being present financial system, which its advocates considered eternal, — plays out.

Mikhail Leontiev, however,

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