Father and son met Sasquatch



Recently in the Society for the Study of anomalous phenomena of the Kirov region called one of the medical staff of the hospital Kotel'nich Kirov region. He said that while walking with his child saw Bigfoot.

Meeting with Bigfoot occurred in the village of Zaton. Man and son saw a strange animal-polucheloveka, the description is very similar to the yeti. A huge brown creature.

This beast abruptly crossed the road and disappeared behind a pile of debris. A father to the boy did not dare to approach the yeti and left.

Occur after the meeting with Bigfoot man reported it to the local research community of ufologists. Representatives of the organization on the following day arrived at the specified location.

However, no traces of the yeti were found — no trace of a foot, or some kinks in the trees. But local residents do not cease to say that has been repeatedly seen Bigfoot in the Kirov region.

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