Features of the American political advertising

This time we will focus on political advertising leader of the free world. And we are not talking about large-scale patterns such as the ill-fated vinrarnyh Yes, we can!, And advertising poshiba smaller and much more common — the one with which the seats are filled with state governors, members of the Senate and the Congress. As in the British post, in this case, I will only consider videos as outdoor advertising in the United States is very traditional and largely reduced to banal colorful posters, leaflets yes.

And so. What do you think, what their political advertising is different, for example, from our own?

In fact, only two things: it is a much more professional from a technological point of view (see Hollywood) and at the same time far more frostbite. The Americans did not hesitate to pour their political opponents by shit literally and figuratively, and do it, savoring every little detail.

In general, all the American political videos can be divided into 3 categories:
1. Bydlopear — most banal category, in which rollers are available, in which the candidate is presented saint who walks on water like unto dry land, is an exemplary family man with a bunch of kids / geem-liberalom/self-made Hispanic woman (the right quality is selected depending on the level of conservatism of the state and demographic characteristics). All this was reported once in the forehead, allowing no halftones. If a saint — so holy in all.

Some also use a favorite method in Russia, when a candidate says "regular folk", "opinion leaders" or simply his colleagues and members of his family (the last — very often). In that case, of course, twelve labors of Hercules look childish pranks compared with the epic life by the candidate.

 2. A comparison of black and white — Americans are in love with everything to compare, as in commercial advertising (Compare proshok washing with detergent X Y. You do not see the difference? And it is!) and in political advertising. And as in the first case — no real difference between the candidates on the fact of not: if a liberal state — both are gay liberals, if conservative — gay-conservatives. But in advertising, of course, all will be shown otherwise, one candidate will be shown the "first honest politician ever» ™, and the second — a mixture of the Antichrist and the Marquis de Sade. Rollers candidates are perfectly mirrored that causes additional lulz.

 And that's about all of the same brand Devine mirror roller with the following choices:

3. Govnometanie — favorite and, in general, the fundamental genre in American advertising. It is, as I mentioned earlier, it is otvyaznyh and epic with only one, but an important "but". As you have probably noticed all the videos "signed" by the candidate that they released ("I'm John Doe and I approve this message»). This is a constraint mechanism by which the candidates still manages to avoid mutual accusations of pedophilia and coprophilia, but perhaps this is the only topic that does not slip into the rollers.

Or this:

Well, a couple notes in the margin:
The Americans have a very different attitude to the printing press — in commercials constantly quotes from federal and local newspapers, brazenly taken out of context. Just because voters somehow believe that most newspapers much more than television, the Internet, and even more so by the commercials of candidates (and do, of course, unforgivable mistake).
Another feature — it's clearly staged it all the candidates at any level, which is why it seems that all the time, says the same man, a little changing the timbre of his voice. In fact, due to this is very simple — any politician in the United States are trained in a heap of consultants who give it a voice, eyes and everything else, turning in a totally fat-free political cyborg, broadcasting exactly as it should, and nothing else. The content of course is also set, but other consultants.

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