Finnish patriot and anti-fascist: There is a war against the Eurasian Union. Russia should respond

Well-known public figure, leader of the anti-fascists in Finland, Member of the International Human Rights Movement "World without Nazism" Johan Beckman sure against the creation of the Eurasian Union is a war.


Eurasia is already a great political force, despite the fact that the Eurasian Union is not yet established. We live in the Eurasian political space. So what would be the Eurasian Union, we must determine today. Eurasians — that's us.

Recently, a new government of Russia. We noticed that the composition of the government — is already well-known, experienced, professional politicians — professionalism is respected around the world.

But it is interesting that there is no one more important ministerial post — Eurasian integration. Required and the Minister of Eurasian integration, and requires the ministry. Maybe at first it will not be the biggest group of people — and after 20 years …

I want to give you one good example about Eurasian integration. Recently — a few years ago — in "Helsingin Sanomat", the main newspaper in Finland, published an article with the question of why the Finns do not have the right to vote in the presidential elections in Russia. After all, the Russian president affects the lives of Finns more than our president! Such is our Eurasian integration, please.

On the eve of the presidential elections in Russia in 2012, we have witnessed an unprecedented attack against Russian democracy and the rights of the Russian people to choose their rulers. This attack was directed not only against Russia, but against democracy as a whole. It was anti-democratic aggression, the first in our history, which unfortunately determines our future. This means that we are living in a war. There is a war against Russia in the first place, against democracy.

There is a war against the Eurasian Union. It started already before the Union itself created. War has been going to destroy the Eurasian Union, although formally it is not there yet. The same enemies that destroyed the Russian Empire, which managed to destroy the Soviet Union, who work every day at the destruction of the Russian Federation — they are already dreaming of the destruction and disintegration of the Eurasian Union, because they know that it already exists.

Information and terrorist war against Syria, against the Syrian people and President Assad — it is a war against Eurasia. Russia and China have opposed this war, did not approve of military aggression against Assad. The entire West — against Eurasia issue of Syria.

Although in reality, the war against Syria — is a war against Russia, against Putin, against democracy, against the right of sovereign states and against the right of peoples to choose their rulers.

A good example of the Eurasian integration are Putin's announcement in Berlin, Paris and Beijing that each nation should have the right to express their will. A unique situation. Russian president defends democracy for the benefit of all mankind. Can a life he never thought of that when he became president. Surely he was confident that Russia's influence in the world is increasing, but the answer for all of humanity … For the Eurasian Union need a board that makes the decisions. This council, in 20-30 years, will be the most effective mechanism for the planet. For the Eurasian Union is also required anthem — the melody is already there, will have to invent new words.

Most importantly — require military exercises of the Eurasian Union. There is a big war between the West and Eurasia. This is evidenced by the information war against the Russian election against Syria. West is prepared to use their weapons against civilians at any time. West did in Yugoslavia, Libya, really wants to do it in Syria.

Syria — only one step in the blockade of Russia and Eurasia. Russia should respond until it is too late. Putin is the leader of the free world.

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