Fixtures OptoGaN achieved efficiency of 100 lm / W

The light output range of office lighting production company "OptoGaN" has reached the figure of 100 lumens / watt. Energy efficient office solutions are available for customers.

Two months later, after the company's laboratories index reached luminous efficiency of 160 lm / W at rated speed for odnovattnogo LED lights based on highly efficient light-emitting diodes put into production. The first models with a light output100 lm / Wwill light office line of "OptoGaN", which are the optimal solution for the design of lighting in offices and providing not only reduce energy consumption, but also the most comfortable visual work, which allows employees to reduce fatigue and enhance their ability to work.

"Improving the efficiency of LED products — one of the priorities for our company. Thanks to the continuous efforts of specialists' OptoGaN "Today we can offer lighting fixtures for office space with a luminous efficacy of 100 lm / watt. Already in April, customers' OptoGaN "can purchase energy-efficient office solutions with high luminous efficiency at the same cost, which will reduce the payback projects", — says Alexei Bucket, executive vice-president of "OptoGaN."

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