Flooding in India: need to save tens of thousands of people. Photos from the

Indian officials acknowledge that the rescue efforts are not coordinated

June 22, 2013. In north India carried out large-scale operations to save tens of thousands of people cut off from the outside world by the floods. Element has already claimed nearly 600 lives.

Military rescue survivors in the mountainous state of Uttarakhand with helicopters. For evacuation also run special trains.

Indian authorities characterize the situation as a "national crisis". More than 40,000 people are in need of help.

Officials acknowledge that the rescue efforts are poorly coordinated.

Meteorologists meanwhile promise new rains.

This year, at the beginning of the season of monsoon rains fell a record for the last 60 years, the amount of precipitation.

Missing persons and victims

The head of the state government Vijay Bahuguna said on Friday that the army units involved in the rescue operation, found 556 bodies. The soldiers removed the body from the river Ganges or flood left mud.

According to the charity Action Aid, are considered missing about five thousand men. Rescuers believe that after the water finally subsided, they will find a lot more dead bodies.

"This disaster was not yet in the history of the Himalayas", — said Vijay Bahuguna.

The army has not yet reached the most remote villages. According to government estimates, cut off from the rest of the world there are still about 50,000 people.

According to authorities, the death toll could exceed one thousand people — the exact figures will be known only after the examination of the affected areas by lifeguards.

According to reports, the floods also killed people in the states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, as well as in neighboring Nepal.

Monsoon than usual

In India, now the rainy season. From June to September and October are always constant rain, but this year the rainfall in northern India and Nepal had more than usual.

Media reported that military helicopters and army forces largely assist in Kedarnath, which was partially washed away by water, the famous Hindu temple.

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It is known that there were many pilgrims and tourists. Authorities say of Kedarnath and the surrounding area were evacuated for about 33 thousand people.

Minister of Agriculture, State of Uttarakhand The character Singh Rawat, examined the area of Kedarnath, called the incident a "catastrophe Goals."

"Will take at least five years before we have recovered from this damage that occurred throughout the infrastructure in the affected area, near Kedarnath," — said the Minister.

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