Flooding in Jordan

Flooding in Jordan Natural Disasters

In Amman, the Jordanian capital, flooding occurred. Heavy rains caught the city by surprise, as well as the nearby town of Zarqa, which is 22 kilometers east of Amman. On the streets of this village were a lot of water, vehicles stopped traffic on the already congested streets.

The local people were in a panic, because the flood was a major in 10 minutes after the start of rainfall. To avoid accidents and drift cars with flooded streets, had to temporarily block traffic. Because water itself could not get off, even mine drainage were filled with water, its bilge pump. Despite the fact that the rain was over in less than an hour, the water kept coming into the city from the hills.
According to witnesses, in Zarqa was not such a strong and sudden floods since the 70s of last century. From the rain affected many small independent shops and mini-markets, but there were no human casualties. But the weather conditions will continue to be volatile, the temperature sometimes drops to +16 … +10 ° C due to the cyclone from the Red Sea. Such cyclones can visit the country several times this fall.

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