Flooding in the northern Mexican state

July 23, 2013. Northern Mexican state of Chihuahua has suffered from flooding caused by the floods of the local rivers. After heavy rains the water in the rivers and Nogales Kakauateles exceeded safe levels and flooded coastal areas. Flood victim was a man, another Mexican managed to pull out of the bubbling stream by a rescue helicopter.

As reported by weather forecasters, three hours in Chihuahua had the annual, or even 1,5-annual rainfall. Therefore, the flood was a disaster for the Chihuahua International Airport, which was forced to close and cancel all departures from runways total immersion in water. As a result, about 2 thousand passengers were unable to take off, is experiencing great difficulties trucks and commercial aviation.

On the territory of the airport, several rooms of which also leaked water, and in the lowland towns of Chihuahua has arrived specialists for water pump along with the necessary pumping equipment. In the coming days, security forces try to take flood control, repair damaged river embankments and provide assistance to families whose houses have been affected by water. Airport will resume as soon as the water leaves the site and its serviceability of electronic equipment will be confirmed.

The July floods in Chihuahua recognized as the most ambitious in the last decade.


Source: EcoWars.tv

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