Flooding in western Algeria

Flooding in western Algeria Natural Disasters

Heavy rains have caused flooding in the western part of one of the northern states of Africa. Dozens of roads were flooded national importance, because of the water stopped working a few tracks.

Tlemtsen province in 580 km from the capital of Algeria has been hit hard, there for a reason floods were completely inaccessible national roads 22 and 98. Reported on the fall of the bridge is part of the highway in the province of al-Bayda. The result halted traffic on three highways of the province.
Disrupted communications and the infrastructure in the western province of Sidi Bel Abeso in the south-western province of Naamah. Temporarily not work rail line connecting the city Ain Sefra and Beni Ouenif and towns of Oran and Behar, around the rails until the water subsides. But while the meteorological forecasts for the western Algeria disappointing — rain showers will last for most of these provinces, further complicating the situation.

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