Floods threaten UK

Floods threaten UK Facts

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of the United Kingdom has published a list of 700 risk factors, including the threat of flooding to 3.6 million people, water shortages, soil erosion and destruction of flora and fauna.

Flooding that of climate change, pose the greatest threat to UK residents. By mid-century life from 1.7 to 3.6 million people will be at risk. Financial aspect can cost from 2 to 10 billion pounds, with the increase mortality from heat, and in large areas will experience water scarcity.

In assessing the 100 most immediate risks were allocated 4, can have the greatest impact in the next 10 years: floods caused by the destruction of their homes and buildings, indirect impact on the premiums, the mental health of the population. Most estimates agree that the government does not take any action to reduce or eliminate the risk, because even at the moment the budget allocated for flood protection have declined. Minister for the Environment, Caroline Shpelman, argues that the reduction of financial support by 6% does not affect the protection of homes from flooding. However, according to the shadow cabinet in 2010, invested 354 million pounds have been reduced by 27% to 259 million in the next 4 years.

All experts in agreement that the measures to prevent the risk of floods and their effects should be developed and implemented immediately.

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