For the Motherland, for Stalin, for Soviet power

The documentary film "To defend the truth: For the Motherland, for Stalin, for the Soviets!" Filmed Latvian communists, for discrediting the first anti-Soviet and anti-Communist, anti-Stalinist propaganda now widely replicated in Latvia, as nationalist elements and the local bourgeoisie. In the film, World War II veterans living in Latvia, tell what was real attitude to Joseph Stalin, the Soviet power. The film also shows newsreel tells about the atrocities of the Nazis in Latvia, about how to establish Soviet power in Latvia, also touched on the current situation in the country, clearly reflecting the oppression of the people of Latvia.

This documentary is an attempt to bring the truth to the Latvian people, which is not easy Latvian hear from local historians, journalists and politicians. The ban of the communist ideology in Latvia, the destruction of large factories and thereby weakening the influence of the working class on the processes, the progressive forces of Latvia has put in a very difficult position. When the opposite, in fact at the state level is thriving neo-Nazi propaganda. Thus, the filmmakers hope that many Latvian after watching this documentary take a look at what is going through different eyes — free from lies and Nonsense, which does not cease for the past desyatiletiy.PS The film has no relation to any of the official political forces in Latvia and created solely on the enthusiasm of the authors.

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