Forbidden Moon


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The driver of the "Lunokhod-2" Ye Andrew P.
— We came upon something quite extraordinary. Although now I think that project managers always have guessed that the moon is inhabited. Otherwise, what was installed on Lunokhod coaxial machine gun? We, the drivers were perplexed, but not supposed to ask.
I led a "tractor" (as we called her Moonwalker), next was a partner. He first drew attention to a strange formation. Where and how we have decided not to go. Scientists. They conferred and decided that it should get closer. Driving a "tractor" — not an easy thing. The reduced gravity, and most importantly, three-second delay signal, forced to do everything with the utmost caution. Stopping every five minutes, and looked into the subject. It became obvious that this is a man-made structure. Most of all, it was like an Eskimo snow house — a hemispherical dome of about two meters in diameter.
Tractor stopped ten meters from the dome, and scientists began to argue fiercely — what to do next. We decided to tell the leaders of the project. Top order responded: wait and do nothing. After a few minutes it will be opened in the dome of the segment and it came insect creatures, perhaps a robot. He went to the moon rover — and in this connection was lost. And here and the authorities began to arrive. The film is scrolled a few dozen times. Rather, it was not even an insect and crustacean. Cancer the size of a meter.
We, of course, reminded of the subscription in silence. Attempts were made to revive the tractor a few days. On the fourth day with Lunokhod signal has been received, but very strange — it was not a picture and telemetry data. Signal decoding unit engaged in a variety of special services and even coders. It was coded in a dead language — Latin. We declared "persona non grant." Moon — the sovereign territory of "the People of the Sky". Any unauthorized landing on the moon would be considered an act of aggression.
The message was seen as a bad joke. However, careful inspection of all parts of communication has not identified a crazy prankster. Immediately began to prepare a new series of Lunokhod that were not tractors, tanks and more. It is not machine guns on them stood a much powerful weapon, it is still a mystery, because I will not spread. And the housing such that the ceremony is not vskroesh. We ran in them on the range, hitting the "potential enemy" at any distance. Prepared thoroughly for three years. Designers brought "tanks" to mind, and in the end the car was not — the god of war. Four cars were gospriemka. Getting ready for work, but, frankly, it was disturbing to the soul. In September, 1976. the project was canceled and we were given to understand that neither now, do not work in the future is expected. Taking finally another subscription, let us go on all four sides …
Of course, the story could be interpreted as Andrew bikes. But in the 1996 published book by one of the participants of the "Apollo" Dr. Edwin Rice "Lost space" in which Rice says, at the time of the expedition "Apollo 17" astronauts encounter with the inhabitants of the moon. Traveling to "Rover" on the surface of the moon, they met a small, about three yards, a dome-shaped structure, from which suddenly poured out about a dozen creatures crustaceans. The creatures did not attempt to attack the lunar rover, but the "Rover" has ceased to obey the astronauts. The situation was tense. And at this time on the short end, they heard a clear, sonorous voice, which was transferred to Houston, where she was transferred (the astronauts do not own the Latin language). Astronauts have said they invaded the other's territory and that they should now get out. Attempts to negotiate selenites rejected and only repeated his offer. After this, control over "Rover" recovered, and astronauts rushed to the lunar compartment.
The existence of civilization selenite immediately announced a state secret. Felt that the dissemination of information can lead to unpredictable consequences, including the collapse of the state apparatus. The news about a certain super-civilization, located very close, can cause panic, fear, and in any case — an inferiority complex. The return astronauts to Earth went well, but there was a question — what's next? Who, in fact, they met on the moon — with true serenity, with aliens from other worlds, in Russian? Recently, at first it seemed the most likely: Russian de created a secret colony on the moon machines. The analysis showed selenite treatment — said it is not a human larynx. Engine sound?
Urgent prepared intelligence apparatus "Lunar Scout", which started secretly to the moon in the spring of 1973. The lander station landed near the landing site "Apollo 17." Scout went to a famous place, watching the surface. But to a destination he did not reach — in a way communication with him was interrupted. The orbital module is transmitted to Earth coded signal: "Landing on the moon is prohibited. Evidence of force followed in 15:00 GMT »- and are the coordinates of one of the national parks. At the appointed time, expecting anything — fire, explosion, storm. But it happened quite different. On an area of four hectares of trees have lost all the small branches first, then large, and there were only bare trunks. The experts agreed that witnessed the use of gravity weapons. It was necessary to recognize the extraterrestrial origin of civilization selenite. And also the fact that this civilization can be themselves clearly hazardous to Earth. Analysts various agencies have begun to develop scenarios of interplanetary conflict — and all agreed on the opinion that the conflict should be avoided by all means possible. The behavior of selenite, suggesting that it is — the civilization of the closed type, is not seeking to establish contacts and ready to defend their territory. The pretext for ending the lunar program was found quickly — Luna de no interest and wasting taxpayers' money does not need it. Concurrently held with Russian contacts. It turned out that those facing problems selenite. Russian and witness evidence selenites forces in the South Atlantic: a huge iceberg, located in thirty cables from military intelligence ship them exactly at the specified time 15:40 in front of the team went to the bottom. Slowly, grandly, "as many goose bumps and the hair stand on end" (from eyewitnesses). Three days of waiting, but he popped up. What force was fascinated by such a machine to the bottom of what power and kept him there — is still a mystery.
Edwin Rice has a reputation for being serious and not prone to mystification. An indirect confirmation of his words is the fact that the U.S. and the USSR in the mid-70s actually closed the lunar program.


Kaleidoscope UFO number 36/2003. S.Naffert

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