Found a way to combat global warming

Found a way to fight global warming to save the planet

International group of scientists discovered an effective and fast way to slow global warming, which will help save millions of lives from the polluted air. First of all, you need to stop paying so much attention to carbon dioxide.

The second step — is to reduce the emissions of the two strongest instigators of global warming, methane and soot. No one is denying the negative impact of CO2 on the environment, but the work to minimize the amount of soot and methane will produce results more quickly.

In addition, it will be possible to save from 700,000 to 4.7 million people a year, suffering from various associated with carbon black exposure conditions. Reduce the number of droughts in southern Europe and Africa, the problem will be solved monsoon floods in Asia.

In the study of 400 computer models of existing measures environmental scientists were chosen 14, the most appropriate in a battle with methane and soot. All of these methods (removal of methane from landfills and coal mines, waste cooking stoves and diesel engines, changing agricultural practices, etc.) have been tested in several regions of the planet, but have not yet received nationwide recognition.

Scientists argue that the active use of the developed measures can reduce the annual warming up to 0,7 º C by 2050, increasing the grain yield by almost 150 million tons. Otherwise, the temperature will rise to 2,2 º C in the next 40 years.

Large amount of methane emitted from landfills (20%), farms, places of natural gas and coal. Soot, or black carbon, is a product of burning wood and coal in home stoves in developing countries, as well as some types of diesel fuel around the world.

Still, while fighting the pollution of these dangerous elements, do not get carried away and completely ignore the negative effects of carbon dioxide, and now trying to develop a strategy to reduce its volume in the atmosphere. The plan of action is dictated by the fact that methane and soot in the air contains much less, but they do not linger so long in the air as CO2 that has caused the increase in the annual temperature in 48% of cases. Figure 16% black, 14% of methane. But if you take a period of 20 years, the molecule of methane or soot will have more harmful effect on the temperature of the atmosphere than carbon dioxide molecules.

The study determined the economic efficiency of pollution prevention methane and soot. It turned out that the results obtained in the application of the developed environmental measures may exceed ten times the material costs to them. Called the $ 6.5 trillion U.S. dollars, which the international community will be able to save in 2030.

In the U.S., 14,000 people over 30 years will be able to save their lives, and the air temperature in 2050 will decrease by 0,4 º C, if the above methods will be actively used. Even more important is improving the health of people in China and India, where exposure to carbon black is very large.

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