France declared "orange" alert due to snowfall

France declared "orange" alert due to snowfall Weather and Climate

37 departments of France, including Rhone-Alpes, Ile-de-France, Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine and Burgundy are experiencing difficulties due to blizzards and heavy snowfall, do not stop for about a day. As the center of traffic information, the vast majority of road traffic very difficult to act warning about the dangers of the 2nd, and in areas with sleet third level, everywhere a limitation of maximum speed. Citizens are advised not to make avtoprogulok unnecessarily.

Due to the heavy snowfall in the Paris airport Roissy become very popular blowers services, and now the runways and surrounding areas are clearing 150 vehicles, and the same staff. Today there are an acquired two years ago, experience in similar actions snowy conditions, so as not to repeat the events of December 2010, when at the airport because of a snowstorm stranded thousands of travelers.

The snow cover is 20 cm in thickness, although the weather reports expected only 5-10 cm snow by the weekend, most likely, will weaken and move to the front side of the Alps. Over the English Channel snow may turn to rain as temperatures are expected to rise up to +6 ° C.

In Essonne prohibited the movement of cars weighing more than 3.5 tons to 201 national highway. In Ene indefinitely suspended intercity transportation by bus. This applies particularly to transport students. Representatives of the railway network Tali working with transportation between France and Blgiey turn to our passengers who already own the next flight, replace them for free flights, which will take place in a day.

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