From the beginning, in the Leningrad region recovered nearly 13,000 hectares of forest

Since the beginning of 2012 in the Leningrad region recovered nearly 13,000 hectares. Of these, 7,743 hectares — is landing crops 5115 hectares — promoting natural regeneration and 122 hectares — combined. Including the area of 2789 ha carried out work in the areas affected by the windfall in 2010.

Recall that there are three types of work on forest restoration: landing of cultures, promoting natural regeneration and combined. In the first case, the young trees planted or seeded seeds portion. Pre was compulsory to prepare the ground. Then, about the maintenance of cultures. In the second — on the site of felling trees are left in such a way that their seeds have provided a natural reforestation. Combined same way, as the name implies — a combination of the first and second option.

In the Leningrad region has all the conditions for sustainable forest management: the region in its entirety provided planting material, its price is only 53 kopecks. per unit. An important event this year was the launch of the Luga area of modern breeding and seed production center. Its capacities are able to provide an annual supply of 8,000,000 units of planting conifers to plant on the site of logging.

Cultivation Technology with closed root system allows for almost one hundred percent survival rate, significantly reduces labor costs and increases the duration of the period of regeneration. If the planting of open ground can be planted in the forest in the spring and fall, then the new center — and even during the summer. There is also the equipment for automatic seeding in the drawer with the ground line for processing of seeds and watering system in the greenhouse. Next spring the first "fruits" will be planted in the forests of the region.

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