From the Italian saw and a Russian engine

The company "Interskol", a leading manufacturer of power tools, in September last year bought the Italian firm Felisatti, a global leader in professional tools for working wood. As a result of this transaction, the Russians have the newest fleet of production equipment, including a one-of-a-kind robotic machining center, design documentation for new models of woodworking machinery and patents on their key components.

Buying Felisatti initiated a major project that brought our toolmakers in the world market of hi-tech — a segment of professional power tools. Interskolovtsy now preparing to introduce a radical innovation, which will provide them with technology qualitative advantage over its competitors.

The project — a kind of master class "correct modernization", which provides an opportunity not just to change one "hardware" on the other, and get even with the world's leading players — so that is the next step ahead of them. "Interskol" showed what kind of technology is to borrow abroad and how to combine technology borrowed from domestic innovation to enter the number of the world's leading high-tech industry.

Get ready

Since its inception, "Interskol" worked in the segment of power for domestic purposes (in Russia and the CIS, which presents more than 120 brands, the company's share is 18%). A segment of the professional tool, where equipment is positioned with high added value, accumulating a high-tech, is firmly occupied by elite global brands — Bosch, Hitachi, Makita, DeWalt, and so on.

Professional Italian miter saw through the "INTERSKOL" became Russian
Photo: Alexander Zabrin

Grants helped push the financial crisis. Due to the high sales prices of Western brands decreased by 50-60%, and in the professional segment has opened a niche for a relatively inexpensive tool. Interskolovtsy saw this as his chance, but in their line of professional equipment was not. Then they decided to take the ready — to buy a business with a product held and shaped by the market. But not just any business, but certainly a niche leader. The choice fell on the Italian firm Felisatti, a recognized technology leader in the field of power tools for woodworking. Before the crisis, miter saws, orbital sanders and Chasers this brand occupy about 15% of the market in Europe and almost 80% in Israel and the countries of North Africa.

One hundred percent of the shares Felisatti, whose assets were estimated at 20-25 million euros, interskolovtsy purchased for $ 2.7 million. Under the deal, all of which passed to the Russians production equipment needed to promptly remove from the occupied areas. Q: Where to? By all accounts it appeared that it was to be transported to China — the factory Corporation Crown, partner "INTERSKOL" joint venture Interskol Crown Group. In China, there are all the conditions for the successful development of a new business: cooperation manufacturers of components is adjusted, the human resources in abundance, and bureaucratic arbitrariness and red tape to a minimum.

However, in the "INTERSKOL" decided in favor of Russia. "I realized that if we will transport it all in China, we are here in Russia, has never mastered the advanced Western technology, learn to work in a complex modern equipment" — that argument was decisive for Sergei Nazarov, Chairman of the Board of Directors. High-tech "hardware" set sail from Italy to Bykovskii elektroinstrumentalny Plant (BEZ) — Russia's production site "INTERSKOL." But it got there soon.

At the Russian customs goods detained under the pretext of the misfiled documents and held in temporary storage for over three months. During this time, it there pretty raskurochili. For example, two high-performance assembly conveyor interskolovtsy got back into a heap of twisted metal. In this case, the import ultra-modern high-tech equipment, which is unique in Russia is not in the foreseeable future is unlikely to be, the company paid a total of more than 700 thousand dollars. "We drove from Italy 56 trucks with equipment — more than a thousand tons, — says Sergey Nazarov. — All together with shipping, customs clearance, inspection and installation cost us five million euros. "

High-tech on the Chinese cost

The most valuable asset "INTERSKOL" — five-axis machining center. This exclusive, which even in Europe unit. It looks like a multi-module assembly space station. In the spacious hall of the shop he rises almost to the ceiling, and on the square is the same as a small cottage. Inside the "stations" organized a kind of roundabout: moving in a circle and rotate around its own axis eight platforms with frames, in a western — pallets. On pallets using special clamps are attached pieces of work, 16 to 32 pieces on a pallet.

The unique robotic machining center, having been removed from the plant interskolovtsami Italian firm Felisatti
Photo: Alexander Zabrin

Everything that happens with the details in the interior, "station", hidden from the eyes of blind metal walls. Look into possible only through a lattice window in the side module. There is a storage tool: the narrow shelves laid cutters, drills, milling cutters, reamers — a total of 256 names of tools, each in its nest. From time to time over the bay racking warehouse hangs main operating arm manipulator. Then comes alive warehouse manipulator moving strictly vertically and horizontally, it takes away from the "hand" tool that it is no longer needed, gently puts it into the appropriate slot, quickly finds another and inserts a special grip "hands". "The Hand" returns to the "carousel" with pallets perform another operation: drill, grind, bore or cut thread.

This industrial robot cost of 1.2 million euros specifically for manufactured Felisatti Italian firm IMS, the global leader in automated machining centers. She managed to gather in one unit several machining centers with different functions and make this robot is completely autonomous. Man he needs only to take a ready-made parts and download new ones.

On the Italian BEZe complex replaced the whole shop — more than two dozen conventional turning, milling and drilling machines, stragglers from the Italian robot for several generations. "We have not just changed the old equipment with more modern. We have changed the very concept of production — emphasizes Vladimir Ivanov, General Director Baz. — We used on its machines worked on the principle of "one person — one machine — one operation." The Italian implemented complex, another principle of "one person — one machine — all the necessary operations. '"

Such robotic systems — masterpieces of Western Machine Tool. Customary good European factory equipment — a fully automated machining centers. The creation of such class of equipment developed countries was a response to two major challenges in 1990? X: shaft cheap Chinese equipment, gushing to all markets, and lack of engineers, who keenly felt even leading technological powers like Germany.

Performance of the center at least five times higher than that of conventional machines. Accuracy of processing an order of magnitude higher. A well-established marriage automated equipment does not produce at all (in China until recently, 20% of marriage was considered the norm). All of this allows
Europeans to produce high-tech product with a cost close to the cost of Chinese goods, and thus remain competitive in an aggressive expansion in China. "Making the European Chinese factory cost — a major achievement — emphasizes Sergey Okunev, deputy general director of" INTERSKOL. " — At the same time the level of quality and consumer properties European technique is different from the Chinese as the "Mercedes" of "Zaporozhets". "

Without this equipment, I'm sure Sergei Nazarov, to establish a Russian mass production of competitive high-tech products is almost impossible. "The Europeans have gone from us for many years to come. We need to bring in their high-performance equipment, their technology in Russia. So we quickly raise the technological level of many sectors of our industry — says Nazarov. — Moreover, all this can be taken in Europe for next to nothing. "

A breakthrough in the professionals

On the development of technologies borrowed from the West interskolovtsy spent a year — raskurochennye repaired at customs conveyors, learned from Italian specialists to make complex settings in the onboard computer and built a complex robotic cooperation.

Sergey Nazarov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company "Interskol" knows how to modernize the Russian machine-building
Photo: Alexander Zabrin

The most difficult thing was to find a Russian suppliers of blanks and components. While "Interskol" has agreed with only one small firm "Casting" from Kaluga, she will buy toolmakers cast aluminum billet. And all the parts including screws, washers, springs, wing nuts, and even rubber O-rings, was more profitable to buy in Europe, they cost three to four times cheaper than the Russian counterparts, and are superior in quality to their order. "Today, cooperation for the manufacturing of serious professional tools in Russia there is no" — is the conclusion interskolovtsy, sorting through dozens of potential suppliers. This means that the individual re even relatively large companies will not be able to raise the overall technological level of Russian industry. Need not an individual, and the massive modernization that covers all manufacturing sectors.

The debut of "INTERSKOL" in the global high-tech market in March this year. To date, the European market has already sold thousands made in Russia of professional saws and sanders. "For the first time in the history of our country, we began to export power to Western Europe — in France, Italy, Greece, — emphasizes Sergei Nazarov. — This was not in the era of the Soviet Union or in the post-Soviet era. " By 2012, the export volume interskolovskoy professional equipment should reach 40 million units, which is equivalent to 8,000,000 euros annually.

After a successful debut in front of interskolovtsami task was to gain a foothold in the professional segment. To do this, they bought another strong niche player — Spanish company Casals (professional power tools for woodworking this company is known worldwide under the brand Freud, for certain groups of products, its market share reached 30%). As is the case with Felisatti, a controlling stake Casals (51%), Russians got to the crisis discount. "Of the products we are interested Casals first professional milling and grinding machines — they complement the line of woodworking tools Felisatti, extending our offer on the market of professional equipment", — says Sergey Okunev, who became chairman of the board of directors Interskol Power Tools Spain (the so-called new legal entity) .

The deal with Russia Casals toolmakers also received a production site in Europe. Its advantages — the latest equipment and proximity to the European market, which interskolovtsy intend to develop in the first place.

Cheaper than the Europeans

In Spanish, there is no unique factory-integrated systems, such "space station" MSM, but there are 12 modern, fully automated machining centers. The operation of such a machine can not help admiring. The manipulator accurately selects from an impressive drum desired nozzle directs a stream of abundant coolant precisely at that face of the part, which processes the cutter, deftly turns the item, change the cutter, re-sharpening, cuts, polishes and makes it all so quickly, clearly and accurately, both homo Sapiens never dreamed of. Work is coming to the center-operated only occasionally to pick up the finished parts that are hand-arm gently puts on a moving belt. Therefore, at the Spanish plant in the same desert in the middle of the day, both on the Russian after the next change.

Sergey Okunev, Chairman of the Board of Directors Interskol Power Tools Spain — European asset of "Interskol"
Photo courtesy of "Interskol"

On the automated centers Casals, who, unlike the equipment Felisatti did not have anywhere to relocate, our toolmakers quickly began to produce their own drills — the most sophisticated and technically perfect their product. They were transferred to the plant Casals from China, where the production of several models interskolovskih drills were organized in 2008. Cost of the "Spanish" gun turned out to be higher than the "Chinese" with the enormous difference in the quality. Thus "Interskol" proved that Europe really really produce high-tech on the Chinese cost.

But in order to take the opened niche in the professional segment is not very expensive tool, it is necessary to further reduce its cost — now relative to Europe. To do this, our toolmakers are going to move some manufacturing operations from China to Spain and from Spain — to Russia. For example, in Russia will translate the whole high-tech treatment. "The whole process we engage in Russia, on the robotic complex MSM. Today, it is cheaper than in China and in Europe, because there is where the Chinese have to put twenty people, and five Europeans, we have employed one person — the operator of a complex MSM — explains Sergey Nazarov. — Our complex processes at the same time from 128 to 256 different parts. In China, the same thing will do in ten or fifteen looms in Europe — five to seven machines. And when you transfer you part with one machine to another, lost importantly — accuracy. In our complex, we can make any holes, boring and grinding with micron tolerances. A tilt angles miter saws withstand up to three to eight minutes, it is better than many recognized leaders in the market. " Due to the distribution of functions between the literate Chinese, European, and Russian assets interskolovtsy expect to reduce the cost of their professional tool by 10-15%. That is, do tech cheaper than the Europeans.

Thus, the "INTERSKOL" formed a broad range of relatively low-cost professional power tools for woodworking. Apart from the most successful models from a range of companies Felisatti Casals and it will include several new vehicles, the development of which our toolmakers booked the best Italian engineering firm Coledos. "We have to design a simple blade and prepare it to production can take up to two years, and the Italians will make us a very strong car in just six or seven months — said Sergey Nazarov advantage of specialized engineering. — This is a new model of miter saw with a unique node, the patent for which was owned by the company Felisatti, and now belongs to us. This is a swivel, which provides high precision machining of wood. These machines will not be none. "

Thus, the total for the year of the world has caught up with the Russian co
mpany giants that controlled the segment of professional equipment. And caught up on the range and technical parameters. But to dwell on this our toolmakers are not collected. They intend to take in the professional woodworking leading position. To do this, the fact is bought and developed abroad, you need to add some flavor, which is not easy to interskolovskuyu contributed technology to the other brands, and would provide a qualitative advantage over its competitors.

Gate Revolution

These advantages give innovation by strong domestic scientific and engineering schools. For "INTERSKOL" innovation-flavor developed by specialists of Izhevsk Mechanical Works (IMZ), together with scientists from the Novosibirsk State University. This team has maintained its jurisdiction since the major technology project in 1980?'s When IMZ was commissioned to create high-precision gyroscopes for defense. Three decades later, the school commissioned interskolovtsev developed valve engine (HP) — an alternative to conventional electric motors, which are equipped with all kinds of power tools.

The base valve engine — permanent magnets. They are good because unlike the conventional electrical circuit contacts never burn out the motor from overloading. The second advantage of HP — no gear wear and other mechanical components. The two-valve engine features provide an enviable vitality. "Conventional engines, which are now used in power tools, live long, only a maximum of three five hours. In comparison, the valve motor is practically eternal, its life of more than ten thousand hours ", — says Sergey bass.

The second life of dignity after VD — economy. "The power to weight in grams of the engine valve and a half times greater than the conventional collector. This will save 15-20 percent of electricity — says Sergey Nazarov. — And the efficiency of the new engine is significantly higher: 70-75 percent compared to a traditional 55 ". There is at high pressure and a third important advantage — it works absolutely silently.

Valve engines have long been used, particularly in stationary industrial machines. However, all attempts to create modifications for hand tools so far failed: the product was obtained uncompetitive. For example, HP for miter saws designed for the American company Black &Desker, was more expensive than the entire Saw with traditional motor. Russian engineers apparently managed to make innovation cheaper: according to Sergei Nazarov, the price will be higher than the price HP traditional maximum of 10-15%.

To integrate HP in hand tools, it took not only to minimize the size and weight of the engine, but also create its "brains" — an electronic control system that would have smoothed peaks at the entrance of the working item in the tree, picked up for each type of wood the optimum speed and etc. We can now say that the team of Izhevsk and Novosibirsk professionals cope with this task. Currently, engineers' INTERSKOL "carry out tests of prototypes valve engines. Exit innovations to market is scheduled for 2011. Across the industry it will be a real revolution.

The new engines will recruit up to 20% of all woodworking tools "INTERSKOL." The first will be from the line of miter saws Felisatti, HP will install them immediately after completion of the tests and sent for export. With this innovative product, "Interskol" will be released in the first place in the world in terms of sales professional miter saws.

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