From the Philippines received a message about floods and landslides

September 24, 2013. An echo of the visit Typhoon Usagi Philippine islands were numerous reports of flooding and landslides, especially in the province of Zambales. According to unconfirmed reports, in the province of high water and mudslides killed at least 22 people. List of missing persons has more than a dozen people.

It is also known that about 18 Filipinos have been victims of two separate landslides in villages Vavandu and San Indro near the town of Subic. Landslides are completely isolated the region from the major roads that might come in the form of rescue aid. However, to Subic was sent two boats with crews experienced rescuers and search engines.

From the village of Santa Rita, a suburb of Olongapo, forcibly evacuated some 700 villagers. In the Olongapo September 22 announced a state of emergency due to the abnormally high rainfall. Assistance in the aftermath of the southwest monsoon province can only be expected from the federal government, as the local budget is already saddled with payments after Typhoon Usagi and previous floods.

In the near future, Zambales plan to upgrade all the existing defense mechanisms against natural disasters, especially floods, as older devices are worn out and no longer able to perform its function of protecting the population from rising water.


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